Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore [21-24 November 2013]

Got a pair of tickets to the admission for the Affordable Art Fair Singapore held at the F1 pit.

And i would say it is quite a good walk-thru viewing the different pieces at the Affordable Art Fair.

Snap a few pictures from the art gallery;
(I know nothing about arts, just snap whenever i find it nice)

in the world of illusion; can you believe these two are actually from a single frame?


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

[Media Tasting] Cadbury "Joy of Giving" Campaign

Our all-time favourite chocolate brand, Cadbury, conducted a poll in October 2013, drawing a total of 496 respondents in Singapore. The poll results show that more than 90% of Singaporeans believe in the joy of giving and often engage in the gift giving, especially during occasions like birthdays and festive periods (e.g. Christmas Day).
The poll also reported that almost 50% of Singaporeans like making donations as an act of giving. In view of this, Cadbury launch a "Joy of Giving" campaign from 1st November to 31st December by donating S$1 for every S$15 purchase of Cadbury products. All proceeds (up to S$30,000) collected from this campaign will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF).
Having trouble finding the right christmas gifts this year, why not choose Cadbury's products?
Do check out some of the various key christmas products available in stores,

1. Cadbury Large Heart 180g - A heart-shaped package in pink containing Cadbury's heart shaped chocolates with hazelnut praline. Spread a little love in the world today!
2. Cadbury Large Flower 180g - Flower-shaped milk chocolates with smooth hazelnut praline.

3. Cadbury Milk Tray 200g - A luxurious assortment of delicious Cadbury chocolates. Perfect as a Christmas gift.

4. Cadbury Favourites 300g - A box filled with all the favourite Cadbury products like Crunchie, Picnic, Cherry Ripe and much more.

Like many, Cadbury strongly believes in the joy of giving and sharing to others. Through this campaign and partnership with SPMF, not only will they be able to spread the joy of Cadbury during this festivities, it is also a time for all of us to give back to the society!

What to look out for?

In the spirit of giving, the adorable Cadbury Joyrider Bus will be making its appearance to the public from 21st November 2013, beginning at the heart of Singapore's business district - Raffles Place! Be sure to hop on the Cadbury Joyrider Bus to catch a free ride which will bring you on a fun-filled journey into a mythical and joyful land of Cadbury - the Joyville.

Sneak peek of the Cadbury Joyrider Bus, all ready for Christmas!
Even the interior bus has got lots of Christmas decorations;
Each passenger will recieve a Joyrider ticket!
There were also be lots of christmas props for you to put on to play with or just for pictures.
I wore the shimmery christmas hat;
I brought a friend, Kiahgek, along with me that day!
Happily snapping photos with the props provided =)
and not forgetting to tag #Cadburysg and #Joyridersg on Instagram!
My instagram photos;
Expect lots of awaits and fun interactions with the bubbly, Cadbury Joyrider crews;

Cadbury Joyrider Bus - "Joy of Giving" experience as follows:
  • 21-22 November , 11am to 4pm at Raffles Place
  • 01 December , 11am to 3pm at SAFRA Open House
  • 14 December , 1pm to 5pm at Downtown East
Cadbury Joyrider Bus Routes:
Donations will also be collected on the Cadbury Joyrider Bus, and all proceeds will go directly to SPMF. Remember, the Joy we give to others, is the Joy that comes back to you~

A photo taken with the fabulous Cadbury team! (Mr. Nut Pad, Ms. Hazel nutty and Uncle Jo)
Seeing them makes people joyful as they will cheer you up with delicious Cadbury chocolates
Last but not least, a group photo with the Cadbury team and all the other passengers to end this post! =)
YAY!!! Dear Cadbury, Thank You so much for such a wonderful, magical, joyous journey! *Wide Smile*

Monday, 11 November 2013

[Media Invite] CHEEtSE Launch Party - CHEESY HEARTS

 Has anyone heard of CHEEtSE before?

It's a newly launched online shop selling Cheesy Hearts, made and owned by Tselyn. [Check out her blog at http://www.tsetsk.com.] Knowing her for the first time, i find that she's a very friendly, bubbly and full of enthusiastic girl!
Cheesy Hearts, made with love, is a 3-tier mini tart, filled with jelly, cream cheese, and biscuits.
Order comes in 2 unique flavours - Strawberry and Blueberry. Both taste great, i personally like the strawberry more than the other. The smart blend of cheese and biscuit underneath is really awesome. There is a minimum order of 2 boxes required;

Box of 4 pieces of either flavours will be selling at - $5
Box of 6 pieces of either flavours will be selling at - $8

As the online website is not ready yet, to order these lovely tarts from CHEEtSE
email your order request to TERRI_CADY28@HOTMAIL.COM

Tselyn's very kind as she said she can deliver it to you at your own convenience too!
Stawberry   |   Blueberry

Attended CHEEtSE's official launch party held at Studio Space some time ago.. There were photobooth, fun photo prints, karaoke system and all the sweet yummy treats prepared specially by Tselyn herself ! Thank you for the wonderful night! =)

Cute packs of welcome gifts, plenty of drinks and utensils.
 Folding of paper hearts session,

Dinner is taken care of.

The place,
Karaoke entertainment set from Sparkz Entertainment,
super awesome audio and equipments. Do check out their website at www.sparkz.com.sg

Some other sweet treats were also prepared

From Whisk Treats,
Instagram: @whisk_treats / @_SYAFIIQAHH
Salted Caramel Chunky Nutty Brownies in a jar,
they look darn delicious!
Cookies n Cream brownies on top,
Salted caramel brownies at the bottom.

From Baked With Lorve,
 Instagram: @bakedwithlorve / @Lindiilorve
Contact: bakedwithlorve@hotmail.com
Rainbow cupcakes,
 lovely Red Velvet petite cakes,

You guys really really have to check out their instagram for more details, their gallery is super pretty! ^^
And if you are planning to have a christmas party at home or elsewhere, go for their tarts and cupcakes, there will surely make your guest happy and your table looking pretty! =)

Photo Collage that pretty sum up my photoshoot experience with them!
Once again, thank you Tselyn for the warm invites to your launch party and all the kind goodies!
 Got to know many nice people there and made some new friends too! =)

Outfit: Creamy yellow top with flora pants

Friday, 1 November 2013

[Product Review] Hada Labo ‘Light’ Hydrating Lotion

I've always stick to Hada Labo SHA (Super Hyaluronic Acid)  hydrating lotion ever since it was first introduced into Singapore back in year 2010. Some of you might be wondering why so.. and its all simply because of its long-lasting super hydrating effect that provides abundant moisture for a healthy-looking, smooth skin!
Hada Labo's skincare philosophy, Perfect x Simple. Ultimate perfection with ultimate simplicity that is inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom - No More, No Less. Unnecessary additives such as colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that burden skin are omitted and only beneficial, essential ingredients are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness for our skin, a promising "One Drop Locks Up An Ocean". For this, I do not have to worry about having skin irritation or fear of applying too much with their pH balanced skincare products.

Just the other day, i received a surprise package from the SampleStore.com! It's the new Hada Labo range of SHA Hydrating Lotion! - Double cleansing (as a toner) and effective boost of hydration.
Known for its bestselling hydrating lotion in both Japan and Singapore, Hada Labo has now come up with their New Hada Labo 'Light' Hydrating Lotion, specially formulated for people with oily and combination skin. The word 'Light' in its name simply means lighter texture that is non-sticky and more refreshing! It moisturise deeply into all layers of skin. Containing 3 types of Hyaluronic acid, with different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules, moisturising skin from surface to deep within.
Per bottle size: 170ml
Price: $22.90
Available at: All Watsons store

Time to unwrap the product! Bottled-sized makes it super handy!
( I wish they comes in travel-sized too )
To unwrap the packaging, simply follow the "tear here?" line as circled in below picture.
So here we go~
Firstly, pour out a few drops of Hada Labo SHA 'Light' Hydrating Lotion either directly on clean hand or cotton pad. A few drops at a time, one bottle sure does last for a long time.
(Please pardon my tired face)
Then, apply it thoroughly to the face. I usually uses only my middle and forth fingers because they were more gentle.
Apply it in a circular motion and massage in to relax our facial muscles.
Lastly, do gentle pat onto skin until fully absorbed. It doesn't take long to see the lotion completely absorbed into the skin.
The after application is definitely smoother! Skin feels more supple and hydrated.
I've got very dry patches in some areas of my skin, you can spot from my "before" image.
Applying make-up after this is even more easy, giving a smooth finish! =)
Can be use on a daily basis, every morning and night after cleansing the face.

You too can enjoy beautiful skin, because SampleStore is giving out free sample from: http://www.samplestore.com/product/details/800/0/name-hada-labo-sha-hydrating-lotion
redemption starts from 29th Oct 2013

Turning to bed for a beauty sleep after applying it and 
waking up the next morning feeling refresh with bouncy, silky smooth skin! =)
 Thank you SampleStore and Hada Labo for this wonderful gift!