Monday, 28 July 2014

National Stadium Singapore

Agreed my friend to head over to the new Kallang Wave mall and the new National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub since its a PH. Met up with her at Paya Lebar train station and took circle line to Stadium MRT station (CC6), nearest station to Kallang Wave.
Location map details can be found/ downloaded here;

Kallang Wave is just located right outside the train station with altogether 3 levels and a basement.
Most of the shops isn't open for business though..

One of Kallang Wave Mall's highlight would probably be this, climbing walls with a height from the basement to the 3rd storey,

We were both hungry after shopping at H&M (which catergories into 3 sections - Men, Women and Sports Wear), so we walked pass this lane that seems to have station all the F&Bs..
and decided to settle at Aone Porridge House,
Full house and we had to wait in the queue..
Ordered Claypot Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom (S$17.90) and a bowl of white rice (S$1),
and Chicken & Mushroom Claypot Rice (S$9.90),

Not much selection to choose from and most dishes are priced $14.90 or $18.90 even for just a dish of assorted vege.
The food overall was okay, but we feel that it can be tastier and richer. 

We continued to shop around and bought clothes from Forever 21 before we went over to see the huge 55,000 seats and a state-of-the-art pitch... at Singapore's new National Stadium,
From the outside,
the view,

the entrance,

and from the inside!
All of a sudden, had flashback memories of the old National Stadium...

found this map from the web.. for a good overview,

More information can be found from this web link too,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

[Media Tasting] MEDZS @ Millenia Walk Adds Asian Kitchen!

On top of their wide range of mediterranean cuisines, featuring dishes from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France; MEDZS now went a little further.. introducing a new MEDZS Asian Kitchen! Dining at MEDZS is like embarking on a gourmet odyssey around the world. Their new addition of MEDZS Asian Kitchen available at MEDZS @ Millenia Walk completes the global dining experience, allowing gourmands to savour the East and the West under one roof, all at a time!

There are also two 2 new drinks added into the drinks menu; Melon and Mint. I like the Melon flavour, sweet and soothing for the throat but not the Minty one. Maybe some people like it?!

Mint flavoured drink,
Melon flavoured drink, 
Zoomed in my lens and took this shot to show you that there's melon cubes inside!

The Asian menu kicks off with interesting small bites (S$7.90 each) such as Crispy Fish Skin with Superior Broth and Crispy Peppered White Bait with Chili Mayo that are excellent for beer pairing, deep fried Thai Style Tofu with Shredded Green Mango, Papaya and Pineapple, and Szechuan Peppered Softshell Crab with Garlic Aioil.

Featuring here is the Crispy Fish Skin with Superior Broth.
The Fish Skin itself is crunchy but rather salty.. so dip it into the Superior Broth when you are having this for a nice blend and texture. I am quite surprise how these two goes so well together.

For those with a smaller appetite, can try their Superior Broth Pumpkin with Golden Mantou for just S$5.90.

Chef's recommendations include Braised Tiger Prawns in Superior Pumpkin Broth, Wok Fried Chilli Flower Crab and Seafood Mee Goreng!

Braised Tiger Prawns in Superior Pumpkin Broth at S$18.90. Choosing Pumpkin as the Broth is a great choice (i personally love Pumpkin sauce/ Pumpkin soup because of its sweetness), Prawns were yummy and well cooked!
Big, juicy prawns are immersed in a moreish superior broth, complemented by Pumpkins, highly recommend this to all of you!
Wok Fried Chilli Flower Crab with Golden Mantou at S$23.90,
irresistible taste from the sauce even though its damn spicy for me to handle.. A true delicacy here!
Shot from another view,
Seafood Mee Goreng, i see huge Prawns and Mussels (S$12.90),
Seafood Mee Goreng, the spicyness is really there!
"Kampung Style" Seafood Fried Rice, generous serving for a S$9.90 dish. Be sure to load up on carbohydrates and enjoy the potpourri of seafood that is tossed into the mix. This dish harks back to the early days of comfort food whipped up by kampong dwellers.

For heartier Asian dining, set menus (S$9.80 each) that feature classics such as Wok Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli and Cashew Nut. All selections in the set menu are served with a choice of Fragrant Rice or Golden Mantou, Lettuce Salad Tossed in Japanese Sesame Dressing and Soup of the day.

Wok Fried Chicken here,
and here's Soy Braised Beef Brisket with Raddish in it! 

At MEDZS, not only do they have a variety of drinks, beers and food,.. their Desserts are also spoilt for choices as well. They serve both cold and warm Dessert and Ice-cream too! Here's a few from the list..

Chocolate Brownie Sundae at S$7.90,
MEDZS Signature Rainbow Cake at S$6.90,
Pretty cakes brighten our day!
Earl Grey Creme Brulee at S$5.90,
Desserts at MEDZS are worth our wait and money as they are truly delicious, heavenly sweet ones!

Always feel very comfortable dining at MEDZS, i hope you feel the same way as i do too! =)
A big thank you to MEDZS for opening this session and serving all these nice foodies for us to try!

And because of such session, i get to meet these awesome people!

My partner, Fif Phan, 
Loving this sweet, young girl with big dreams!
Thanks for all these pictures of us!

MEDZS @ Millenia Walk
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-46/47/55/56, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596.
Contacts: 6337 7507 / 6799 8782
Operating Hours: 11:30am - 1:00am (Fri-Sat) / 11:30am - 12am (Sun-Thur)

Thanks for reading till the end, have a lovely week alright!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

18.07.2014 ,

Dear Dad,
Through the many lines and wrinkles on you are the the wisdom you've earned through your hardwork over years... 
All i wish for is you to be healthy and enjoy your life! Love ya!

Had Canton Paradise for Dad's birthday celebration, together with the family,
 the setting was good but the dishes were just okay.. except for their congee! Best congee ever tasted!

The Food,
(Sorry for the poor resolution, didn't have my camera with me that night)

It doesn't matter if the food is awesome or not, as long as we make time for one another and get to dine together!
Always Love Family Time!