Friday, 27 September 2013

[Food] B'dae Celebration @ DOZO Singapore - Excellent Services

Classified as a fine modern Japanese cuisine.

Our first dining experience at DOZO was really awesome, everything from the ambience to the food and then the services was above satisfactory! A perfect birthday treat from boyf and we both had a great time dining at DOZO, really love it a lot!

As we walk into the restaurant, friendly staffs welcome us with warm greetings (quite a number of them as the place were rather big). Me, who have never been to a fine dining restaurant like this before, feels that the place is really quite comfortable to dine in, with dim lights and candles on every table.

I see most people came to enjoy not just their food, but also the wines in store. There's actually a lounge area and also various private rooms in different themes for those on business functions or certain occasions with large groups having some celebrations together.

The Menu;
(Selection between 6 or 7 course set)

Welcome drinks served even before we start ordering;

All DOZO's service crew seems to be well prepared, they know their Menu really well. Very pro-active and attentive towards their customers. They make the effort to explain to their customers on all dishes and what's best recommended to suit our tastebuds! Most importantly, they were very polite and friendly. It's like they gave their 101% efforts in their job, making sure that their customers eat well, dine well.

1. Starter
Chef's selection of the day;
Super love the scallop!
( i personally don't take scallop but i gave this a try and love the taste as well as the texture right away~)
2. Cold Dish
My Pick: Here's my favourite dish among the rest! The Smoked Duck Breast! Heavenly taste, really!
I love those chilled thin slices of duck meat, so well cooked.

For him: Tuna with Crab Meat comes in a very unique presentation.

3. Side Dish
My Pick: Stewed Beef Tendon with Puff Pastry, the beef is yummy, soft meat with the right amount of layered fats. I love that part! The round ball-like think at the side was actually fried potato, yums again! =D

For him: Foie Gras Chanwanmushi with Black Truffle slice, another special dish!

4. Soup
For him: Infusion of Cepes Mushroom with Truffle. Very nice, i love it!

My Pick: Bacon Infused Pumpkin Soup, not bad but i had tasted a better one from elsewhere.

5. Main
For him: Herb Braised Lamb Shank - Super HUGE piece!

My Pick: Poached Salmon with Edamame-miso dip and butter vegetable!

Personally think it was nicely done, nicely cut. =)

6. Drinks
(Drinks came last, after desserts actually.)
We ordered the Ice Rose Lemon Tea and the Dozo's Mocktail of Love.
We prefers the Ice Rose Lemon Tea than the other, very soothing for the throat. 
It also gives off that very aroma rosy smell.

Dozo's Mocktail of Love is a little too sour due to the plum added inside.

7. Desserts

Just when i thought we are done with our dinner and ready to make payments,
the waiter serves out a complimentary birthday cupcake for me so as to celebrate my birthday. The waiter even initiate to sing the birthday song for me. LOVELY!!

I really love the presentation of all the dishes served!

Do check out their cool and informative website. There's everything you need to find out!

491 River Valley Rd,  #02-02/03 Valley Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 248371

For reservation/ enquiries:
Tel: +65 6838 6966

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

[Media Invite] New Look Fashion - Autumn/ Winter 2013 + Discount Promo

Attended the New Look Fashion workshop held in one of their outlet, at Suntec City Mall last Saturday with some other girls. It was truly an enjoyable fashion sharing workshop! I've always been loving New Look's fashion and it's collection, own a few pieces myself and am still loving them.. So i'm really glad i had the opportunity to learn and work with them!

New Look delivers irresistible fashion at brilliant prices which means more fashion excitement, value and newness for their customers. They cater all trendy and fashionable apparel and accessories for both women and men. So be sure to try out their weekly new designs arriving in stores.

Excitedly waiting outside the store just in time to see the store open!
 light refreshments were provided for all of us

The workshop started off with the introduction to New Look Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection follow by some of the basic styling tips for Autumn as well as a team challenge at the end of it.

Firstly, The New Look New Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection comprises of 3 different categories;

(1) Baboushka - Folkish flair and rustic Russian charm

Rich in colours, sumptuous fabrics and decadent of prints within this 'Baboushka' collection! Faux fur coats are worn over delicate, embroidered blouses and are seem teamed with ripped denim and a colour-block beanie for a snug and stylish look.
Burgundy, teal and navy are the key tones of their cosy, wintry collection. Prints and textures are layered up with accessories to create an opulent look that is rich in autumnal colours, luxurious textures and statement jewels.

Above are the few mix and match suggested to us during the workshop and how we can make use of a coat, accessories and matching shoes to bring out the sexiness of the collection.

Aztec designs are so hit today, i went to try it out myself right after the workshop ends, love how it brings out the curves in every girl;
 Easily matches my boots right? =)

The Tapestry Dress is one of the Must-Have piece in this collection!
Such an elegant piece.

(2) New Model Army - Casual off duty style, with a premium edge

Clear lines, structured shapes and classic cuts are the unique characteristics of this 'New Model Army' collection. Fabrics are luxe, silhouettes are clean and colours are powerful and bold. Delicate sheer sleeves with a hint of shimmer add a feminine twist, whilst faux-leather on coats and jackets give an alternative edgy look.
Monochrome is the key tone and provides a neutral base that works to make the accent colours, scarlet and cobalt, hyper pop. Prints such as leopard and graphic cheeks are used as a statement.

When i see this 'New Model Army', i think of all the high-end fashionista, sophisticated and edgy!

and in this collection, the Asymmetrical leather skirt is one of the Must-Have piece!

(3) Grunge - Feminine twist to the rebel style of the 90's

Made with a mash-up of hard-edged embellishment, bold print and tough texture, which reflects a cool, carefree confidence look. Leather pencil skirts, fishnet tights and distressed biker jackets give a harsh twist to feminine ditsy print dresses and oversized check shirts.
Focuses on checks with studs, chains and spikes that toughen up an outfit. This 'Grunge' collection contrasts the Tough and Rough with pretty. Ultra-feminine highlights to capture the true spirit of 90's Grunge.

The Must-Have piece will be this Tartan Wrap Top in red for this collection!
Good to go along with skin-tight jeans and black bold accessories.

Warm weather doesn't mean we can't wear trendy outfit for Autumn, the pretty stylist, Melissa suggest that we can;
1) Lose the bulk
2) Layer with thin garments (which are commonly seen nowadays)
3) Go for sleeveless items

Some photos to share during the mini team challenge;
I get to team up with Zoe and Estella
 Dressing Estelle up with New Look's latest Grunge collection!

The winning team - looking great
Not forgetting the group photos, cheers!

After the dismissal, i stayed on to check out what's in store and took some photos,
 Crazy sales are everywhere!
Clothes cater for men as well! =)

 Are you already eyeing on something and busily adding onto your to-buy-list? Here's a great deal for you,
Simply quote "omy bloggers" at any New Look store to receive a 10% discount on all regular-priced items,
this promotion is valid from 14th to 30th of September 2013!
Do check out their webpage,