Saturday, 30 May 2015

[Product Launch] Taste of Cauca Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee from Colombia by Cafédirect

Atención a todos los amantes del café! (Attention, all coffee lovers!)

Award winning UK hot beverage producer, Cafédirect, recently launched their latest creation in Singapore - Cafédirect’s Cauca Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee from Colombia

It is made of only the best Arabica beans hailing from the South Cauca region of Colombia. This highly-prized, medium-bodied 100% Arabica brew is silky smooth with natural bright, sweet, and tropical fruity notes. Distinguished by its stunning aroma, this gustatory delight is rated a refined strength 4 (on a scale of 1 to 5), perfectly balancing roasted notes with the full flavour of the beans yet neither overwhelms the other.

Cafédirect Cauca coffee beans are carefully cultivated 1,300 - 1,800m up where the three pristine mountain ranges of the Andes meet. The clean, cold altitude air, warm sunlight, fertile soil and the tireless dedication of the Colombian growers all harmonise perfectly to produce this much sought after high-altitude terroir coffee.

Q-Grader coffee expert and Procurement & Quality Manager at Cafédirect, Ms Joanna Lawson, said at the official Singapore launch of the coffee, “Colombia has always been known for its high quality coffee, but our Cauca product really is exceptional. What makes it so special is the combination of the delicate floral notes with the sweet caramel mouth-feel.  In recent tests, it was voted no.1 by both consumers and experts.” She also mentioned that Cafédirect Cauca coffee beans are selected from specific region for the wonderful flavour and delicate aroma.

Sales Director of Cafédirect UK, Julian Burnham said: “We bring to consumers our coffee beans directly from local small growers with whom we have established long-term sustainable relationships. Made the small way, direct sourcing ensures high quality standards and brings the authentic coffee character immediately to our drinkers. This way, the company is able to trace the origin of every bean. Through our dedication to bringing only the best to our consumers, Cafédirect has won 30 prestigious Great Taste Awards over the last 8 years with 7 products winning the coveted Gold Star in 2014 alone. Moreover, at least 50% of our profits are reinvested back into grower communities to build a better future for everyone.”

A 100% Fairtrade terroir coffee which comes directly from the growers, the epitome of high-altitude terroir Cafédirect Cauca Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee from South Cauca region of  Colombia is easy to drink and love. Loving the stunning aroma of the coffee bean as i opened up the pack, even my mum who never like coffee says it smells great!

Cafédirect Cauca Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee pairs well with something cheesy (savoury) or something sweet, or even meaty with caramelised BBQ flavours. Cheese and nuts goes well together for a earthy, savoury notes of both and the contrasting smooth mouth-feel of the cheese and the drier finish of the nuts. Cafédirect Cauca Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee has a similar representation with a smooth, juicy, creamy body reminiscent of a soft cheese, with a drier, nutty finish. A popular snack consumed by the colombians is the Pan de queso in Spanish (cheese bread), which is also a traditional pairing with Cauca coffee. Whereas, the sweetness of a dessert or the flavour of Caramel contrast really well with the acidity of the coffee.

Cafédirect Cauca Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee is priced at S$10.95 for a 227g pack. It is available at Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Jasons The Gourmet Grocer and Market Place.
Find out more information at

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

[Shout-Out] Celebrating A Nation's Greatness with 100PLUS #GoforGoldSG

Singapore's No.1 isotonic drink, 100PLUS aids in replenishing lost fluids, energy and electrolytes to combat the effects of dehydration, heat and exertion, enabling individuals to achieve peak performance in their daily lifestyles. The brand has been the prominent and ever-supportive isotonic drink of choice at many major sport events in Singapore and has worked closely with Singapore Sports Hub in support of sports development and the endorsement of active lifestyle.

Come June, Singapore will take centre stage as the host of the region's largest sporting event - 28th edition of Southeast Asia Games (SEA GAMES), after a 22-year long hiatus. 100PLUS celebrates this pivotal milestone with a commanding limited edition 100PLUS commemorative Gold Can in support and recognition of the greatness of our athletes as they outdo themselves in making Singapore proud. Each limited edition 100PLUS Gold Can embodies the nation's voice of support of Team Singapore as they strive for gold.

As a brand that has championed the cultivation of greatness among athletes and active individuals, 100PLUS is pleased to be the official isotonic drink of 28th SEA GAMES to rehydrate and empower all the athletes in the Games Village as they strive to outdo themselves.

In line with Singapore's golden jubilee year, Singaporean athletes are gearing up to outdo themselves in attaining at least 50 gold medals as a gift to the nation. 100PLUS SEA GAMES campaign therefore aims to celebrate their spirit and sportsmanship of athletes. 100PLUS believes that greatness is not made only on game day, it manifests in these athletes the moment they show commitment, hard work and dedication to bring pride to the nation during their trainings prior to the games. In light of this, the campaign underscores that Greatness starts today!

Let's show your support for Team Singapore by simply upload a picture of yourself with the limited edition 100PLUS Gold Can on Instagram with hashtag #GoforGoldSG and leave words of encouragement for the Team.

Members of the public are also in for a treat at the 100PLUS Roadshows on the weekends leading up to the Games where there's a sure-win lucky draw for consumers who purchase $8 worth of participating products. Catch Nila, the 28th SEA GAMES Mascot at these roadshows too!

For more information, visit 100PLUS Singapore Facebook page;

The commemorative gold cans are now available for a limited period and quantity at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, participating convenience stores and provision shops. Each gold can (325ml) retails at a recommended selling price (RSP) of S$0.80.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

[Media Event] LG shares its Latest Home Innovations

Attended the media preview on LG's latest home appliances with Jessie the other night, where they revealed quite a number of new innovative products in various catergories - Refrigerators; washing machines; and vacuum cleaners. Boasting state-of-the-art technology and designs that are as sophisticated as they are functional with better efficiency. :)

LG Refrigerators with Door-In-Door Innovation
Of all the many features in a refrigerator, LG highlighted to us their unique Door-in-Door™ feature. This innovation enables users to easily organise items with LG's Smart Storage System hence quickly and conveniently access to their favourite treats and commonly used ingredients with a simple push of a button (rather than having to open the main refrigerator compartment). This feature also reduces the escape of cold air by up to 41% compared to opening the usual fridge door. Most importantly, temperature rising (in the main compartment) is also cut by up to 47.8%, ensuring greater efficiency and allowing food to be kept fresher for a longer period of time. Quality guaranteed with a 10-year warranty.

Top Freezer with Door-In-Door


The one on the left - GF-D6011LB, while the white one on the right is yet to release.

The new Extra Space, a recessed area at the bottom of the main compartment, opens up new space in the fridge ideal for storing eggs and small food items such as cheese and sliced deli meats among others. It also incorporates the Folding Shelf, which conveniently folds away to make room for larger items like tall bottles or soup tureens. LG's compregensive organization system also extends to the freezer section's Multi Drawer Freezer and Sliding Shelf. On top of providing plenty of storage, the Sliding Shelf is easy to open and can safely support heavy items.

Built in with a linear piston drive instead of the conventional reciprocating drive, LG's advanced Inverter Linear Compressor generates less internal friction resulting in lower energy requirements and noise. Greater reliability and durability are achieved due to the reduction of friction points. On top of that, food stay fresher with an optimal temperature balance. The new top freezers employ LG's Inverter Compressor, which helps to lower energy comsumption by 36% and noise levels by 2dB.

The Upgraded HYGIENE FRESH+™ air purification system employs multi-layer filters and a proprietary fan to help sterilize and remove bacteria, viruses, mold spores and odors from the fridge's interior. The double photocatalyst and UV LED help to eliminate 99.999% bacteria while the double carbon deodorizers reduce the presence of acidic and alkaline odors. Their filters have a longer lifespan, and would not need replacement for several years which means more convenience and less maintenance cost for the consumer.

The top freezer Fresh 0 Zone is an enclosed space that prevents the smell of strongly scented foods from mingling with other items. Relatively cooler temperature than other compartments in the fridge minimizes temperature fluctuations, enabling food to retain its freshness for a longer period. The sealed section maintains a temperature of around 0°C - cold enough to keep food perfectly preserved without requiring the need for defrosting before cooking. In addition, the Multi Air Flow feature distributes cool air evenly throughout the fridge to further ensure food is kept fresh longer.

Compact on the outside but roomy inside. LG’s energy efficient refrigerators feature sleek and slender designs that give your kitchen an instant upgrade – and the space you need to store more!

Award Winning LG CORDZERO™ Vacuum Cleaner
LG's CordZero™ Canister, the CordZero™ Handstick, and the previously launched CordZero™ Bedding Cleaner and HOM-BOT SQUARE are the first premium cordless vacuum cleaner collection in the World.

LG’s CordZero™ collection offers a powerful and convenient cleaning experience with zero obstacles, zero limits and zero time wasted. A synthesis of excellent performance and design, LG’s CordZero™ recently received the 2015 Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award. LG’s superior cordless model makes cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as stairways and balconies a cinch. As outlet access is no longer needed, the vacuum can be used outdoors, and will even come in useful for cleaning the interior of a car.

The CordZero™ Canister makes cleaning so much easier, providing a strong, efficient and hassle-free performance. It has an innovative built-in lithium-ion battery PowerPack™ 80V, a high-efficiency battery offering powerful suction that can last for up to 40 minutes in regular mode. It also built-in with one-of-a-kind RoboSense™ technology, an Automatic Location Recognition technology and Active Following Wheel technology incorporate four interconnected sensors on the body and a handle to monitor and maintain a distance of 100cm from the user. Equipped with LG’s proprietary KOMPRESSOR™ technology, the world’s first motorized dust compression system that is able to suck up dust and dirt, compressing the collected debris into easy-to-manage wedges inside the vacuum’s bagless bin. These wedges can then be easily and hygienically disposed of. Also, CordZero™ Canister implements a HEPA 14 filter that traps 99.999% of potentially harmful dust particles and expels clean air to help keep the indoor environment clean. The HEPA 14 filter has a 5-star rating by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, a German certification and testing institute, and is also certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF). Backed by a 10-year warranty which is also applied in the CordZero™ Handstick giving the vacuum cleaner a pick-up rate of more than 96% (including pet food and lentil beans).

The CORDZERO™ Handstick provides convenient cleaning and long lasting suction power thanks to the Dual PowerPack™ (up to 60 mins runtime and comes with a replaceable lithium-ion dual battery pack), Smart Inverter Motor™ and Anti-Tangle Brush™ (Hassle-free cleaning with LG's motorized nozzle that prevents hairs from becoming tangled on the brush). Dual functionality means customers can use it as a stick-type cleaner with a full length handle or as a more portable hand-held unit. With its slim design, easy 180-degree swivel head and built-in crevice and brush tool, CordZero™ Handstick helps make cleaning small and tight spaces less of a chore.

The Smart Inverter Motor™ has a 9.3% better cleaning performance  than that of a conventional 2000 watt corded vacuum cleaner and on average 28% smaller, 22% lighter and 13% more efficient than conventional vacuum motors in canister models. It operates on frictionless magnetic power and has an extended operational lifespan of 1,000 hours. - Maximum suction, high efficiency and durability all into a compact size.

LG's Washing Machines now with Larger Capacity
LG's washing machine 2015 collection include Top Load, Front Load, Washer-Dryer combo, and Dryer only machines, with improved effectiveness and efficiency.

LG's Top Load Warm Wash Machine (WFT1571DD) comes with Warm Wash function (the flexibility of washing with either cold or warm water where warm water cycle will results in a 95% increase in removal of allergens), Full Stainless Tub Clean (up to 99.99% tub sterilization with the press of a button and is unlikely to rust), Auto Lint Clean System (removes lint and prevents bacteria from building up), and 6 Motion Direct Drive (a combination of six different motions which emulates hand-washing techniques, combines optimized motions for each fabric type and delivers a powerful customized washing performance for a wide variety of fabrics). The Direct Drive motor also provides greater durability backed by a 10-year warranty.

LG's Front Load Washing Machine with TurboWash™ technology (WD-1410TS) is the perfect solution for households who prefer to do their laundry on the daily basis without sacrificing too much time, with speed and performance all packed into one. A complete load of laundry can be completed in just 59 minutes. Impressive time and energy saving performance. The TurboWash™, a feature based on 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, boasts an A+++ energy rating and the ability to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%. It also integrates with the powerful Jet Spray™ feature, which cleans clothes at a faster speed. Spraying water directly onto the load for a period of 120 seconds, Jet Spray™ enables TurboWash™ to fast forward an entire rinse cycle. With Jet Spray™, the WD-1410TS is able to bypass the lengthy rinsing stage that conventional machines rely on to get the job done. With TurboWash™ engaged, the WD-1410TS consumes 15% less energy and 40% less water.

LG large capacity 12/8 kilogram washer-dryer (WD-1628RDS) is an all-in-one laundry solutions to cater to Singaporeans’ shifting demands. Choices like the washer-dryer combination are ideal for consumers in Singapore, who are often subject to the vagaries of weather.

Both LG’s WD-1410TS and WD-1628RDS incorporate TrueSteam™ technology, which enables Steam Refresh, Allergy Care, and the new Steam Softener feature. These functions faciliate a deep clean, remove wrinkles and odors from delicate clothes, an effective alternative to conventional fabric softeners, resulting in softer laundry without the use of harsh chemicals, and also works to eliminate allergens, mites and residual detergent.

LG’s Eco-Hybrid Dryer (TD-H9055E) features an Eco mode and a Speed mode, letting the owner choose between optimal energy and time savings. Using sophisticated heat pump technology, Eco mode achieves A++ energy efficiency. Speed mode also provides great energy efficiency, with an A grade while taking 30 percent less time* to complete a cycle. An ideal solution for delicate items, LG’s Eco-Hybrid dryers can dry clothes even at low temperatures, reducing fabric damage and shrinkage. These advanced dryers are also equipped with LG’s unique Auto Cleaning System, which cleans the dryer’s condenser up to seven times per cycle. Built to stand up to repeated usage, this durable system optimizes energy efficiency as well as drying performance. Moreover, any build-up of lint in the condenser over time is also minimized. *Compared to LG energy A-rated 9kg dryer on ECO mode (LG lab tested).

LG Door-in-Door™ refrigerators, washing machines, Hom-Bot Square and Bedding Cleaner are available at Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store, and other LG authoried retailers.

For more information, check out their website

Surprise sweet treats from the event! So Lovely~ :)

Friday, 22 May 2015

[Shout-Out] La Vieille Ferme Instagram Contest

Shout Out to all Wine Lovers!

Many of us appreciate the simple pleasures of a good hawker dish. It's not unusual to now spot individuals enjoying their favourite hawker dish with a fine bottle of wine. Taste of Tradition is rewarding food lovers with a chance to win La Vieille Ferme best described as one of the world’s greatest wine values by a renowned U.S wine critic.

Taste of Tradition is having a weekly La Vieille Ferme Instagram contest, organized by Taste of Tradition!

All entries to the Contest are to be made as follows in order to qualify for a chance to win a Weekly Prize.

Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: FOLLOW the Instagram account (@TasteofTradition)
Step 2:

Category 1:
Post a picture of your favourite Singapore hawker dish (This gives you a chance to win a (750ml) bottle of La Vieille Ferme Rouge or Blanc.)


Category 2:
A picture of your favourite Singapore hawker dish with a bottle of La Vieille Ferme (for those who have discovered La Vieille Ferme, best described as ‘one of the world’s greatest wine values’ by a renowned U.S wine critic.) (This gives you a chance to win a MAGNUM size (1.5L) bottle of La Vieille Ferme)

Step 3: Tag @tasteoftradition in the photo and hashtag: #TasteofTraditionSG and #LVFermeSG

One winner will be picked randomly per week for each category! Good Luck!~

Terms and Conditions apply (

La Vieille Ferme is available for sale at the following supermarkets:
Cold Storage, Marketplace, Jasons, Meidi-Ya, Isetan

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

[Launch Event] Mophie Releases Highly-anticipated Mobile Accessories in Singapore

Mophie - the number 1 selling mobile battery case manufacturer in North America, an innovator of power and storage solutions for mobile devices with awardwinning designer and manufacturer that empowers the mobile world to do more, has finally releases the highly-anticipated Juice Pack® for iphone 6 and 6 Plus in Singapore!

Widely acclaimed for innovative mobile solutions, Mophie is the proud developer of the Juice Pack®, the first ever mobile battery case certified by Apple Inc. Mophie products are recognized for style and engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design. Mophie products are available in more than 130 countries, and is solely distributed by Hwee Seng Electronics in Singapore.

The new release include their protective battery cases;
juice pack air® for iPhone® 6 (more than 100% extra battery),
juice pack plus® for iPhone® 6 (more than 120% extra battery),
juice pack® for iPhone 6® Plus (more than 60% extra battery).

Users can now get up to 17 more hours of talk time, up to 12 more hours of web browsing, up to 13 more hours of video playback, and up to 60 more hours of music playback.

Featuring a thinner, lightweight yet durable frame, the full lineup delivers edge-to-edge protection. The juice pack air® for iPhone® 6 and the juice pack® for iPhone® 6 Plus boast high-impact protection, which includes rubberized support points inside the case to guard your phone from everyday drops and falls. The juice pack plus® for iPhone® 6 is designed with mophie’s proprietary Impact Isolation System - an increased level of protection - which features shock-absorbing bumpers that provide protection against the most brutal impacts.

Incorporating quick-charge and pass-through technology within each model, users can charge and sync their phone simultaneously and at a rapid rate. To enhance audio quality, forward-ported speakers are strategically positioned while the exterior includes pass-through volume, mute and power buttons to seamlessly blend the design of the case with your iPhone.

Device Specifications:

The Mophie's juice pack® is available in 3 colors – black, white, and gold in Takashimaya S.C., Elush iStudio, EpiCentre, EpiLife, Infinite, Challenger and Digivue retailing at;
- S$139.00 for juice pack® air for iPhone® 6,
- S$169.00 for juice pack® plus for iPhone® 6,
- S$139.00 for juice pack® for iPhone® 6 Plus.


Also introduced at the launch event is Mophie's Powerstation Plus - a universal, portable charger with built-in cables to easily charge and sync your iOS and Android Devices - making powering up on-the-go easier than ever.

Designed with an aerospace aluminum casing with anodized satin finish, soft touch housing, and laser-etched branding on a hinged top plate.

Delivering 2.4 amps of power, the powerstation plus line consists of four different battery size options letting you extend the battery life of your mobile device by up to 8 times, while smart charging circuitry provides the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge.

The built-in micro USB or Lightning cables are housed in a discreet hideaway compartment. When connected to a computer or wall outlet, these cables allow users to simultaneously charge both the powerstation plus and their device. With an extra USB port for the higher capacity models, users can quickly charge up to two devices at the same time at 2.4A each.

Device Specifications:

“mophie continues to aggressively develop innovative power solutions for the latest in mobile technology,” said Daniel Huang, mophie CEO and Co-Founder. “Our new powerstation plus allows you to not only extend use of your mobile device anytime, anywhere, but it ushers in a higher level of convenience thanks to integrated cables, making it an ‘all-in-one’ answer to mobile charging.”

Now available in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, EpiCentre, EpiLife, Infinite, Challenger and Digivue retailing at;
- S$119 for mophie powerstation 2X,
- S$149 for mophie powerstation 3X.

Special Promotion for the month of May:
In celebration of mophie’s launch in Singapore, as well as its 10th year anniversary, all mophie iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus products will be available at a special 10% OFF. This offer is only valid from 1 to 31 May 2015. Check out the authorized retailers mentioned above for more details.

Follow Mophie on Facebook for more updates:

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

[Shout-Out] McDonald’s Singapore - Create Your Taste Menu

Today (5 May, 2015), McDonald’s Raffles City Singapore launches Create Your Taste menu - a new customisable premium burger experience from which customers can build their own burgers from scratch, choosing from 26 fresh and delicious ingredients including Grilled Pineapple Ring, Guacamole and Tortilla Strips.

Create Your Taste menu was first launched at McDonald’s JEM on 27 March, 2015 and the second launch at McDonald’s Yishun SAFRA on 27 April, 2015.

Signature Creations
For customers who wish to try burgers specially pre-created by McDonald’s, the Create Your Taste menu also offers three premium Signature Creation burgers including Classic Cheese, Tropical Homestyle and Spicy Tortilla.

McDonald’s Singapore is the first Quick Service Restaurant in the country to offer a build-your-own burger option and the first among McDonald’s in Asia to launch the new dining experience in stores.

For the first time ever, Singaporeans can enjoy a 100% Angus Quarter Pound Beef Patty in McDonald’s restaurants. Also unique to Singapore is a Creamy Black Pepper Sauce on the Create Your Taste menu. Other ingredients in the menu include: Caramelised Onions, Grilled Mushrooms and Tomato Jalapeno Relish.

Create Your Taste comes with table service, which means customers can sit down and wait for their creation to be made fresh off the grill and brought to their table. Their premium burgers will be served on wooden boards, accompanied by French Fries served in metal baskets.

The Create Your Taste digital touchscreen kiosks leverage Dual Point technology which allows customers to order their food at one point and collect it at another. This creates a fuss-free experience for customers and cashless payment can be made at the self-ordering kiosks.

“We know our customers want choice and customisation and, we are evolving with them – innovating as their needs, tastes and preferences change. Whether customers want the iconic Big Mac and fast convenience McDonald’s is famous for or a premium burger in a more relaxed dining environment, customers now have more options than ever before,” said Robert Hunghanfoo, Managing Director, McDonald’s Singapore.

Check out their website on how to create your unique creation in 6 simple steps:

[Media Invite] Triumph Celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic

The World's leading, most trusted lingerie brand, Triumph, marks yet another milestone after 129 years of its founding, with its latest innovation - the Magic Wire bra.

A revolutionary breakthrough, the Magic Wire bra is a Maximizer designed with a soft flexible shield to provide support instead of traditional metal wire, offering all the support of a wire with the comfort of none (an incredible "no wire" sensation)! The ultra-light, super-soft integrated shields are totally flexible, offering easy freedom of movement and uninhibited comfort, with all the firm support, lift and shape of more rigid under-wired bras which so often dig and irritate. Within months of its introduction, the Magic Wire bra won one of the most prestigious and competitive design awards amongst 5,000 other nominees from 56 countries - the Red Dot "Product Design 2015" Award.

The award-winning design, Magic Wire bra, together with the two other signatures Aqua and Sexy Cushion sold 220,000 pieces within two months of their debut in Asia, ascertaining Maximizer as the best-selling product in Triumph's history.

On 29 April 2015, Triumph invited over 400 guests to MoCA@Loewen, celebrating 20 years of its iconic Maximizer with the launch of its exciting new Magic Wire bra and a showcase of sexy lingerie catwalk. Loving the enchanting ambience with the additional decorations and romantic notions of MoCA@Loewen!

"We are very proud of our heritage," says Doy Teo, Managing Director of Triumph Singapore and Malaysia. "Triumph constantly innovates and develops products that are designed and catered to the modern women who values quality and style. We are always improving on the fit, comfort and style because we, the maker of lingerie, understand women and what women want."

The Maximizer, a term coined by corset maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer, was Triumph's first bra with removable bra padding and was introduced exclusively to Asia in 1995. Back then, 14,000 Maximizers were sold in under two weeks in Singapore alone! The push-up bra flourished as it enables the user to "customise" the boost of the cleavage by inserting or removing the paddings. Variations of the Maximizer bra soon followed and in no time, became the World's top favourite push-up bra as it was a great non-invasive and instant way to boost the cleavage.

Over the years, the Maximizer has brilliantly evolved since 1995 - the first T-shirt Maximizer bra made with lightweight or diaphanous material in 1997; the first 3D cream pad Maximizer that bestowed a more "bouncy" yet natural-looking cleavage in 2003; the Cleavage-on-Demand Maximizer that gives flexibility to insert additional paddings in 2008; the Sexy Cushion collection with memory cushion foam (bra that "remember" breast contours, resulting in a superbly comfortable and zero-gap snug fit) in 2011; the Touch Cool collection (with fabric that reduces one's body temperature by 1.27 degree celsius) which won the Top 100 Innovation Award in Taiwan in 2011; the Aqua Collection (the use of gel padding) that gives a natural and dramatic boosts of two cup sizes in 2009; the evergreen collections; and the Body Make-Up in 2013, a seamless Maximizer collection that almost blends into one's skin.

Arrived at the event with Jessie and Jo.

All glitz and glamour, the place was set up beautifully as it sound! A wonderful, magical night!

The dress code: Enchanted Glamour

Pictures for keepsake,

At the Triumph C'est Magique Lingerie Runway Show
pretty Jade Seah wowed the crowd as she showed up as the host for the night.

The show began with four encanting dancers, 
followed by Asian supermodel, Amber Chia taking the lead catwalk.
Photo taken from Triumph's official Facebook page

Sweet floral theme in pastel pink, blue and violet,

Ancient Egypt look,

The mermaids (the ocean blue colour looks great!),

And fiery gothic,

Asian Supermodels Amber Chia and Sheila Sim looking stunning at the runway during the finale,
Photo taken from Triumph's official Facebook page

Thank you Triumph for such an extravaganza lingerie fashion show! 
Cheers to many more great years of Maximizer, continue to enable less well-endowed women to re-discover their confidence in simple, yet cutting edge, piece of fashion!

Catch the filmed lingerie show on TV at Channel U on 30 May, 10.30pm – 11.00pm or
Channel 5 on 31 May, 10.30pm – 11.00pm.

FYI, Lingerie pieces presented during the night were made available in real time at

This is my 2nd year attending their fashion show and am loving every moment of it!
Once again, thank you Triumph for sharing your joy with us!! **Hearts**