Wednesday, 25 December 2013

[Food Tasting] Blisshouse Theme Restaurant at The Central, Clarke Quay

Few days ago.. right after my boyfriend's uni first semester last paper, i brought him out for a lovely dinner date at Blisshouse Theme restaurant, conveniently located at The Central, level 3 (Clarke Quay). With its huge "Blisshouse" sign outside the store, finding it wasn't difficult at all!

That was our first dining experience there, and we both agreed we had a very satisfying meal, and will definitely return to dine again! Before we go into the food, let me show you around!~

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant (named after a legendary love story) open its business early this year, with its whimsical, fairy-tale like interior design and a spectacular indoor garden; a beautiful Garden of Eden. Very often, the place is used to hold private events or celebrations like birthdays, ROM, wedding proposals, wedding solemnization and pre-wedding photoshoots.

Just drop them an email or call them up on your request and they will try their best to cater to how you want your dream celebrations to be! There can also arrange buffet style setup if you wish to. =)

The entrance; there's the flora gate, the swing, the fountain of Bliss and link bridge to secret garden;

 Every little details arranged nicely to make the place as lovely as possible..
Super adorable and lovely decors;
Saw this super pretty Bliss Carriage; 
i am sure everyone who came here will wanna take a picture with it!
because we did, couldn't resist not taking photos in this place;
The staff (from the bar counter) is super friendly and offer to help us with the photo taking!
The dessert and bar counter;
the ceilings;
Yes, everything is in flora theme.. and white flowers symbolizes pure love..

The dining area;
The above pictures are taken in it's indoor garden area,
with artificial grass carpet to make everything looks real like an outdoor garden of their bliss house!

Moving on next; entering the bliss house;
 A very comforting place.
B.L.I.S.S + H.O.U.S.E
Beautiful details;
The grand sofas;
A tray full of party masks to play with;
There's even wedding dresses and matching accessories for diners, feel free to try on any of these!
A private room that caters up to 12 seaters;
and if you are feeling that all these area are a little too bright, be sure to reserve their Bliss Gazebo!
A private corner with the nicest window view. I love this concept a lot, so pretty at night!

Alright now, here's the food that everyone has been waiting for!~

Blisshouse recently revamped their menu, and were told that the price range will marked down which means more young people are able to enjoy great meals in such a beautiful wonderland without worrying much on their food bills! =D
BLISS Drinks:
There are 3 types ($12 sgd each) - (1) Oreo Bless; (2) Yogurt Perfume; (3) Vanilla Happiness

I had the Bliss Amaretto Oreo Bless - Ice blended with oreo sweetness and ends with almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur. Very interesting taste indeed!
(I wanna go for their Bliss Espresso Oreo Bless next time!! *Always a coffee lover*)
For him, Bliss Yogurt Perfume - A lasting sweet refreshing smoothie with mile yogurt taste. He love it a lot!
For a healthier choice, go for their added fruity Bliss Yogurt Perfume like the banana, strawberry, passionfruit and mango!
We didn't try the Vanilla Happiness, i believe is similar blends with vanilla as the main. My mum will love it for she's a big vanilla lover!

There are also soft drinks, juices (bottled or fresh blend), coffee, tea and hot chocolates available in the menu. ( I suggest to go for the juices instead of soft drinks because both prices are about the same)

Other drinks in the menu includes MARTINIs; MOJITOs; MARGARITAs; DAIQUIRIs; COCKTAILS; BEERs and WHISKYs; COGNAC; LIQUERs (Balley/ Campari/ Kahlua); GINs; RUMs; TEQUILAs; VODKAs; and HOUSE WINES, that price ranges from $7 sgd - $20 sgd.

Loving this picture of us;

Starters ($10 sgd - $22 sgd):

We had the Quesadillas (Mexican Pancakes) as recommended at $12 sgd - Oven-baked flour tortilla spreaded with aioli, corlander, cumin, chili sauce, spanish onion, roasted chicken and shredded mozzarella cheese. This is one of the dish i think everyone Must-Order, four pieces of light tortilla as a starter and tasted so heavenly to our tastebuds! The cheesy taste wasn't too strong, just lightly spread. If you like ham and cheese pancakes, you will definitely love this a lot!!!

Soups ($6 sgd - $10 sgd):

I ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup at $8 sgd - Sauteed wild mushroom puree topped with truffle oil droplets served with crostini. Light base soup (I personally feels that it will be nicer if the base is thicker and creamier) and gets stronger after some time due to the truffle oil droplets. Their crispy thin-cut crostini is good!
While he had the Soup De Pesce (Seafood Soup) at $10 sgd - Includes assorted clams, mussels, prawn, and squid simmered in tomato base soup with a slight touch of cream served with crostini. This is another Must-Order dish! I don't eat clams, mussels or squid but i love the sweet taste of this soup very much! We love its yummy rich flavours with everything in a bowl, i think we found fish meat inside as well. Highly recommended and value for money! We keep the soup with us throughout the whole dining experience, it was so good we didn't bare to drink it all up. HAHA!
Salads ($8 sgd - $16 sgd):
We skipped the salad and go on to the mains but i believe their salads are nice too! =)

Kid's Menu ($5 sgd - $7 sgd): 
Family-friendly restaurant with 5 different dishes to choose from for your kids!

PIZZAs ($15 sgd - $22 sgd):

We ordered the Blisshouse Supremo at $22 sgd - In house made tomato sauce with pork salami, smoked chicken, olives, pineapple and roasted vegetables topped with mixture of mozzarella & cheddar cheese and chilli.

The texture and size of the pizza crust was just right. However, probably due to the olives and the roasted vegetables, this pizza taste a little bitter. There wasn't really a well mix in this dish. 

There are quite a few other interesting pizzas in the menu such as the Funghi Pizza ($16), Cheesy Fantasy Pizza ($17), Wasabi Pizza ($18) and the Seafood Pizza ($22) that you may wanna try out!

Pastas ($18 sgd - $25 sgd):

We picked the Pork Belly Confit with Latte Tagliatelle at $20 sgd - Slow braised 230g pork belly in bacon, sage and cream till tender served on buttered tagliatelle.
3 thick slices of pork belly on top of the buttered tagliatelle which has got rather hard pork skin but very tender tasty meat! The serving size of this dish was rather huge - generous amount of buttered tagliatelle. I seriously love the taste and smoothness of this buttered tagliatelle, buttered yet doesn't feels too oily or too over. Well-cooked pasta!

Fish ($19 sgd - $38 sgd): 

We had the Tomato Pesto oven Baked Cod Fish as recommended at $38 sgd - Oven baked cod fish coated with sundried tomato pesto on white mornay sauce, served with roasted potatoes, baby asparagus topped with light carrot and cucumber slaw. This is by far the most expensive dish we ordered that night and thankfully it didn't disappoint us. In fact, we love it! 

Tasty skin with delicious tender fresh white meat and a good mix with the light cream sauce at the bottom. Love the roasted potatoes as well, so appetising to munch on! Feels that the size of this dish is just right for one even though it seems small in the picture.

(Please pardon my poor flash light shot)

Meats ($19 sgd - $32 sgd): 

Somersby Beef Short Rib Stew at $30 sgd - Beef short ribs slow braised with Somersby Cider and veal jus surrounded by boiled carrots with truffle mash potatoes. This is yet another heavy dish..
He said it was nice, but i find it a little bitter and the meat is rather hard to chew on. People who knows how to eat this will find its a nice dish. Generous amount of mash potatoes, i will probably finish up all the mash potatoes if it wasn't soaked in the sauce.

Other dishes includes Chicken Roulade, Breaded Stuffed Pork, Lamb Shank, Duck Confit and Rib-Eye Steak.

Desserts ($8 sgd - $12 sgd):

Bacon & Eggs Creme Brulee at $9 sgd - Bacon infused cream made into velvetie custard slow baked topped with caramel crust. Nice presentation and sweet crispy caramel crust. While for the egg custard, we didn't really like the taste..

Tiramisu $11 sgd - Traditional Italian tiramisu with kahlua liquor served with dark chocolate coco powder. This is a sweet treat to end the night, a thin layer of tasty coco powder on top, and yummy creamy tiramisu that melts in the mouth right away! With the added kahlua liquor, there's this awakening sensation after tasting it. Though it doesn't look as fanciful as the rest, we still love it!

Thank you Blisshouse Theme Restaurant Singapore for such a wonderful, lovely dining experience!

Everywhere is so beautiful here! And over here, i find that the staffs here are very friendly towards us. Food were also served in time one course after another.

Checkout this Christmas Promo (valid for December 2013):
Weekday Set Lunch at $12.50++
Christmas Set Dinner at $60.00++
Christmas Feast (for 8 paxs) at $400.00++

Every Wednesday Somersby Ladies Night:
Free flow for all ladies from 7pm to 9pm 

 Do check out their official webpage for other on-going promotions!
Blisshouse Theme Restaurant Singapore   (15% off ala carte menu when you like their FB page)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21, The Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: (65) 6225 5532
Fax: (65) 6225 5833
Opening Hours: Daily 12noon to 11pm (Closed between 3pm to 5pm)