Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sisterhood Best friend

I can say i am fortunate to have a friend that i certainly know we will last a lifetime and that we can share with each other about everything and anything, both good and bad.. Sweetiex, we called ourselves is now 10th, with 13 years of friendship! Maybe we should really throw a party or something?! 

To my sweetest girl bestfriend, all these years wouldn't be better without you in believing in me, motivating me, encouraging me, understanding me and supporting me in whatever things i do or choices i make. Thanks for being the one who always stand by me and agreeing with me even when it may not turn out right. And those gifts, they never fail to give me surprises! Even the smallest things are filled with thoughtfulness.. =)

Thank U and Love Always! ^^

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

[Media Tasting] Insadong Korea Town - Resorts World Sentosa (Waterfront)

It has been a while since its opening, so here's a quick read if you have not been there yet! :)

The very first Insadong Korea Town in Singapore located at RWS, specialised in Korean food in Korean traditional setting. Spanning 6,000 sq ft with a capacity of over 300 diners, the place house over 200 types of authentic Korean, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Western, Korean-Japanese cuisine and a variety of street food.

Insadong Korea Town is designed to replicate the famous Insadong Korea Street, one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional cuisine, culture, and crafts. (Awww.. all the more i feel like flying over to Korea now!)

With a team of experienced chefs specialising in authentic Korean recipes brought in from Korea and food supplies air flown direct from Korea, Insadong Korea Town presents a unique dining experience for anyone expecting the best from the Korean culture.

Diners can even shop for Korean merchandise, accessories, and souvenirs at the retail carts. Truly an unique dining and shopping experience awaits.

Beautiful entrance (Instagram-worthy if you are there!),

Toppoki (Korean Rice Cake) that is nice but a little too spicy, 

Kimchi Pancake is appetising,

Large serving of Ginseng Chicken Soup with milk (self mix) at S$28 (about 4 to 5 pax to 1 pot),

Soup broth got tastier after adding in the milk,

Bossam (Kimchi and sliced cold pork) S$15,

Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup at S$13 in generous serving size. 
This is super delicious, loving the sweet and spicy soup base!

Pumpkin Spaghetti (in rich creamy sauce) is pretty good too, one of my favourite dish!

Savoury Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice, another favourite for me!

Another savoury dish - Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot. This came in a really huge serving, we couldn't finish everything (almost filling by now)!

Red Bean Pancake that is crispy on the outside at S$7.80,

Refreshing Watermelon Soju at S$30,

Watermelon Soju Cheers!

With the super friendly Damien (wishing him all the best in SP!),

Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice,

J-Cone with vanilla ice-cream in it (find it difficult to bite, cone was way too hard) at S$6,

Address: 26 SENTOSA GATEWAY, #01-­‐30/31/32/33 Singapore 098138

[Media Invite] Ricciotti (Italian Restaurant · Bar)

Found some old pictures in my folder and decided to post them up. A post throwback to last October when Jessie invited me over to Ricciotti's 10th Anniversary Media Party. How time flies and i kinda miss their pasta and desserts!

Established in 2004, Ricciotti is an authentic Italian restaurant and bar. The theme of the new re-opening is Benvenuti Casa which means 'Welcome Home'! The place is absolutely beautiful, situated at The Riverwalk (20 Upper Circular Road #B1-49).

First up was the appetizers - refreshing Carpaccio Di Polpo (sliced octopus, lemon, and fennel), Asparagi Alla Griglia (grilled asparagus parma ham), Polenta Herb Fries w Truffle Mushroom Sauce, Panzerotti (pizza dough stuffs with chef's creation) and Nizzarda Salad.

While the mains include Linguine Al Granchio (Crabmeat, Chilli and Tomato Cream Pasta), Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola (spinach gnocchi and gorgonzola cheese) and Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare (Soft rice with fresh seafood). 
Wish we had more pasta that night!

The mains also include Chicken Skewers, Grilled Pork Ribs, Cod Fillet, and Baked Potatoes!
(Their Cod Fillet is good! Fresh and tender white meat!)

Porcini Scamorza Pizza (Porcini mushroom and cow's milk cheese),

Al Tartufo Pizza or Truffle Pizza - of black truffle and quail egg.

Finished off well with Italian Desserts Platter - Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, Canella Sweet Pasta (Chef's secret recipe) and Soffiatto (Dark Chocolate Molten Cake paired with Vanilla Gelato). Very delicious desserts they have, especially their Canella Sweet Pasta and Soffiatto!

A collaboration with Italian artists with their art pieces showcase on the wall of the restaurant.
Here is Ms Kezia Terracciano doing some touch up to the drawing,

Sat in a table full of friendly people and got to the very smart and pretty Alethia!

Travelled back with Shu Qing and that's when i got to know she will be enrolled to UniSIM. 
Happy for her! We even became classmates in one of our module! =)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

[Launch Event] ReFa CARAT by MTG

We do come across various kinds of beauty devices for our skin, but nothing more chic than the one from MTG with their ReFa technology! Among all their collection, i had the ReFa CARAT electronic roller given by MTG Singapore. Find them at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MTGSingapore and Instagram @MTGsingapore

For more youthful, firm looking, beautiful skin

Beautifully designed and handy (weight: Approx. 190g), the ReFa CARAT’s unique massaging action works deep within your skin. The spherical drainage rollers help stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. The results are clear, leaving your skin feeling instantly refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful!

Build with 5 Key Features:

1. Micro-current - Natural and immediate effect. Current-carrying bearings within the rollers transfer microcurrent to skin that stimulate muscles and cells so blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and skin texture is improved while minimising pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Also for better absorption of skincare products.

2. Aesthetic Technique - with double spherical drainage rollers creates multiple pressure points to gently tone up delicate female skin. Act as massage strokes, works by kneading fat molecules to break them down.

3. Platinum Coating - Everlasting sheen. Durable against acid and sweat, and metallic allergies are unlikely to occur. Waterproof design, for easy cleaning and suitable for bathroom use or almost anywhere.

4. Solar Panel - Harness solar energy to generate micro-current. A hassle-free beauty device as it works on its own.

5. Total Body Treatment - 360 degree multi-angle design lets you control the intensity of your massage. Curved handle is designed to provide a firm comfortable grip. Use the roller along jawline and cheekbones or even other body parts for just about a minute a day to obtain a more defined facial and body contours in a week.

Award winning

• Over 1 million units sold in Japan over 1 year

• No 1 Sales in professional market, online beauty websites i.e. @Cosme, beauty exhibitions, Mail order catalogues, largest beauty exhibition in Japan and No. 1 Christmas gift for the past 2 years

The ReFa CARAT is awarded Good Design Award 2012; reddot award 2014; and Style: Beauty Best Buy 2014!

Promotion Code

A 10% e-storewide discount is now available with my unique promo code: MTGmeryl

Promo valid till 15 Feb 2015. http://www.mtg-sg.com/en/content/35-refa-carat

May this promotion comes in time for us all to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Have a wonderful year 2015, and be beautiful for CNY! =)

For more information about ReFa technologyhttp://www.mtg-sg.com/en/

It was fun attending the product launch and Christmas party for MTG.
Thank you for the Christmas feast with lots of food and drinks. Lastly, thank you so much for lovely Christmas gift which i can even share it with the people i love!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

[Movie Review] Bring Back the Dead 招魂

Opening in Singapore's cinemas this 8th January with special sneak previews from 1st to 4th January, local movie BRING BACK THE DEAD 《招魂》 is ready to spook viewers!

"Admittedly, the idea of bringing someone’s spirit back from the dead is not a unique concept, particularly to Asian horror films. However, what struck me about the story was the underlying emotional core – the bond between a parent and a child; a bond that is so strong, so permanent, that a parent would risk life, limb and even sanity to preserve it." - LEE THEAN-JEEN (李天仁), Director for BRING BACK THE DEAD 招魂

Scripted and directed by Lee Thean-jeen李天仁, BRING BACK THE DEAD marks his third full-length feature film after the release of his directorial debut HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 in 2011 and EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS 《人人有份》 in 2013. Coincidentally, this is also Jesseca Liu’s third feature film after UNTOLD BEAUTY 《还原》 and GREEDY GHOST 《贪心鬼见鬼》.

BRING BACK THE DEAD revolves around Jia En (Jesseca Liu), a doting mother who loses her seven-year-old son, Xiao Le (Shawn Tan) in a tragic road accident. Beyond grief over her son’s death, she seeks the help of her former caregiver, Mdm Seetoh (Liu Ling Ling), to bring back his soul so that he can be ‘by her side’. However, after several strange and deadly occurrences in the house, she begins to suspect that there is something amiss with the soul she has brought back. When she discovers the horrifying truth, it may be at the cost of her own life as well as those around her.

当她的独生子因遇车祸不幸丧命时,一个伤心欲绝的嘉恩(刘子绚 饰)因为沉浸于失子的悲伤,决定请小时候照顾她的保姆,司徒姐(刘玲玲 饰)协助她把儿子的灵魂招回她身边。

BRING BACK THE DEAD is produced by mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, Weiyu Films and Clover Films; in association with Bert Pictures, Infinite Frameworks, JTeam Productions, 3VS1 Asia Growth Fund 2; supported by Singapore Film Commission; Official TV Channel – E City; Supporting TV Channel – Channel U; co-distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

Running Time: approx 90mins
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Language: Chinese, English
Production Budget: 1.1 million

Thank you Clover Films for these tickets, i got Herman who came back from the states to go with me..

Leading actors Jesseca Liu 刘子绚, Jacko Chiang 蒋伟文, Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲, and Director Lee Thean-jeen 李天仁 attended the Gala Premiere on 30th Dec.

A short yet well-scripted film that brings horror and also a story that touches many hearts about the love between mother and son. I like how the film started off with pictures of family protraits and happy moments. The music played in the scene is nice. The scary sound effect is great, sending chills up our spine and got even stronger towards the middle when horrifying things happened in the house. The flow made it easy to understand and viewers will be emotionally attached to the story very quickly. Having the most appearance in the screen, Jesseca Liu's good acting skill plays a big part in the movie. I think even if you aren't a fan of Jesseca Liu, you will start to admire her talent. A success film it is, a film worth watching for because its not just a horror movie, its has story that teaches us to love and cherish, and also able to learn to let go.. Support Singapore Film, support "Bring Back The Dead"!