Saturday, 31 October 2015

[Media Launch] Launch of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques - Face & Body Line!

Launched in 2009, LPG® Endermospa Day Spa concept is a centre dedicated to deliver the perfect performance of LPG®’s patented treatments which remain true to LPG®’s philosophy of natural healing, natural beauty and natural wellness. Today, over 50 LPG® Endermospa centres worldwide offer non-aggressive and non-invasive ultra-customised programmes for those seeking a slender body and radiant face. These expert centres are equipped with the latest Cellu M6® innovations (100% natural slimming and anti-ageing technology). LPG® Endermospa is synonymous with professionally trained personnel and offers an exclusively developed treatment menu and treatment protocols by LPG®’s expert specialists.

At the recent LPG® Endermospa official launch, its newest line - LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques - Face & Body Line was introduced! LPG® Endermospa showcased its flagship solutions at the launch with its Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum; LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure; and LPG® Gynoid Body Endermologie®. Do check them out for a full range of treatments and products they provide!

LPG® CEO and also the inventor of LPG® Endermologie® technique, Nelson Philippe from France, officiated the launch. Nelson Philippe who is the Grandson of Louis Paul Guitay, shared about his belief on how effective LPG® Systems can help people have access to and benefit from this unique cell stimulating technique. Nelson Philippe was actually a former IndyCar racer but his car-racing career stopped abruptly in 2009 when he was seriously injured during a race accident. He then underwent the Endermologie® therapy for a full recovery.

A demo session was then presented, showcasing LPG® latest anti-ageing beauty technique - New Endermolift™. LPG® has a proven skin expertise of nearly 30 years and is recognized as a world leader in the treatment of connective tissue with Mécano-Stimulation™. This technique naturally fights aging and sagging skin through a Multi-Dimensional Stimulation performed on the skin’s surface for an intense physiological awakening, thus reactivating cells that keep your skin young and healthy. It is a true skin fitness that is both 100% natural and effective!

LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure for Radiant Young-looking Skins
To achieve maximum results, LPG® combines LPG® Peel and Face Endermologie in a treatment. A treatment to target aging skin, dull complexion, and large pores. Applied to the face and neck, the LPG® Peel first exfoliate the skin then boost cellular regeneration. Suitable for all skin type, the superficial peel formula blends glycolic and mandelic acid for optimal anti-ageing results while reducing skin damage risks. Face Endermologie is the only technology capable of naturally reactivating the production of the skin substances that are essential for a young-looking skin: collagen for firmness (+23%*), elastin (+46%*) for suppleness and hyaluronic acid (+80%*) for hydration and re-plumping action.

LPG® Face Endermologie® Cosmétiques is developed specifically to stimulate the natural cellular activity of anti-aging functions: Collagen Synthesis (for preservation and firmness), Elastin synthesis (for suppleness) and Hyaluronic Acid (for volume and hydration). As each face is unique, this new line of skincare products by LPG® is tailored to the three main ageing types - sagging, hollowing and thickening.

Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum
Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum comprises 7% high-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid Complex, ideal for mature skins. When applied, it helps to boost the moisturising process and creates an instant smoothing effect. It also plumps the skin, evens out fine lines and wrinkles. The paraben-free, non-scented serum boasts a fluid texture, comfortable for the skin. It hydrates the skin to help you achieve soft and supple skin, a guarantee even during cold weathers (my new best travel essential!). This serum also helps in the formation of a skin protective film that combats external aggressions.

On the other hand, LPG® Body Endermologie® Cosmétiques helps stimulate the natural cellular activity of slimming (stimulating the natural release of stored fat and prevents new fat from accumulating) and anti-ageing functions (promoting natural synthesis of collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin); treating the three main expectations of a perfect body - cellulite, volume loss and anti-ageing.

LPG® Gynoid Body Endermologie® Helps You Achieve the Body You Want
This procedure combines three treatments: Glowing Revitalising Cream; Body Endermologie®; and Smoothing Anti-dimple Complex. The Glowing Revitalising Cream facilitates micro-peeling action to rejuvenate the skin. It also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and prevents their occurrence. The Body Endermologie® reactivates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin (MÉCANO-STIMULATION). The treatment is performed using CELLU M6 device. The treatment head gently stimulates the skin tissue and target different areas of the body and face using the 100% natural MÉCANO-STIMULATION technique. Such a mechanical stimulation sends a signal deep down to the fat cells and fibroblasts to provoke a physiological response. Collagen and elastin production as well as lipolysis are hence activated. Lastly, the Smoothing Anti-dimple Complex is applied. This product effectively helps to eliminate stored fat and smooth cellulite.

Thank you LPG® Endermospa and i look forward to experience one of their treatment some time soon! =)


Thursday, 29 October 2015

[Media Invite] Selected contestant from The Voice of China (中国好声音) perform live at Live Stage music bar

Had a great time enjoying the live singing performance by 19 years old Liu Zhijia 刘至佳 at Live Stage last Thursday!!

Live Stage, Singapore’s latest live music bar, is bringing singers from the hugely popular music show The Voice of China (中国好声音) to perform in Singapore. Each week, one selected contestant from the Season 3 show will be scheduled to perform live at the Live Stage music bar in Central Mall at #01-01, 3, Magazine Road, and Liu Zhijia 刘至佳 was one of them.

If you would like a chance to the magic of The Voice of China up close and personal in Singapore, tickets can be booked via mobile phone at 90667104 (Rich) / 82989935 (Daniel) or email

Liu Zhijia 刘至佳 is a Chongqing girl, who shocked the audience with the English hit ‘Girl’s on fire’. She is currently studying at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, majoring in radio and television editing and scenic art design. Good vibe she got!!

I went with babe YQ.. She had beer and i had whisky sour.. i like it! =)

Thank you Live Stage for having us to your lovely place that night! A really enjoyable experience!

To date, Live Stage has hosted several singers from The Voice of China Season 3 including Maggie Mo 莫海婧 (25), Xu Jianqiu 徐剑秋 (21), Li Qi 李琪 (24) and Zhang Zhuohanwei 张卓含威 (23).

Come enjoy raw, incredible vocal talents supported by a live performing band in a beautiful, cosy venue. Don’t miss the rare chance to be up close and personal with the artistes from China’s most popular talent show – The Voice of China with more than 400 million viewers in this mini concert series. These concerts will let you experience their vocal power in an intimate environment with bubby champagne and delectable tapas.

Upcoming are Singers from Voice of China; Liu Chenxi 刘辰希, Li Wenqi 李文琦, and Zhao Qi 赵祺!
Liu Chenxi 刘辰希 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 29, 30, 31 October (8pm -10pm),
Li Wenqi 李文琦 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 5, 6,7 November (8pm -10pm),
Zhao Qi 赵祺 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 12,13,14 November (8pm -10pm). : 李文琦 - 流星 : 李琪 赵祺 - Make You Feel My Love

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

[Media Invite] Audio House 26th Anniversary Sale!

Good day everyone,

Audio House celebrates its 26th Anniversary with SALE on-going
from now till 7 December 2015!
(1st sale - 24th Oct to 2nd Nov)
(2nd sale - 3rd Nov to 7 Dec)

55" SMART TV at ONLY $999!! Super good deal!!

Known for its valuable products' price tags, Audio House is the first electronics chain in Singapore to offer money-back guarantee! Customers will be delighted to know that they are guaranteed the best prices at Audio House, be it for TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, small appliances, hi-fi systems and more. If customers can find prices lower elsewhere, Audio House will match those prices! Lowest price guaranteed, only at Audio House!!

Apart from matching competitors’ prices, Audio House is offering an additional S$26 rebate for every S$100 spent in store during the birthday celebration period! That means, with S$1,000 spent, customers will enjoy a rebate of S$260! The refunds are given in the form of Audio House vouchers valued at S$26 each. Each S$26 voucher can then be used for every S$100 spent on their following purchases.

Audio House at Liang Court has one of the widest arrays of UHD TVs on display, all at the best prices in town, and so consumers will be spoilt for choices. Do check out the longest Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV wall in Singapore there!

Air Fryer at ONLY S$98! (However, Mayer is not the participating brand to entitle for the S$26 rebate. Do check with the store which brand is under the promotion before making your purchase.)

Would love to buy an Air Purifier home..

Jessie and Shu Qing got themselves beauty tools for their hair!

While Jasmine and i picked a heavy-duty blender by Philips at S$139! Will share more about it when i got the chance to use it! =)

So fun shopping for home appliances together!! =)

After payment was made, we got our S$26 cash vouchers redeemed at a different counter before heading over to the collection point to collect our items! I like how easy the whole process flow was, making it a good shopping experience for customers. =)

Extremely happy with our buys!! =)

Happy Anniversary Audio House and thank you for the fabulous deal! 
All prices here are very attractive! 
Till our next visit!

Wait no further as all deals are on first-come, first-served basis, and purchases are limited to one set per customer! Have fun shopping!~

Pomotion date: 24 October to 7 December 2015
Audio House Liang Court
Address: 177 River Valley Road #04-01/15, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030

Audio House Bendemeer
Address: 72 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 339941

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm

Audio House's Facebook: