Saturday, 27 June 2015

Penang, I'm coming to You!

Even though Penang wasn't on my wishlist but i am still pretty excited about flying over.. I am always on for new exploration and am HAPPY because finally im getting myself a trip!.. My personal things aren't going well since the start of this year.. Pray hard this trip will be an enjoyable one for my travelling buddy and i without any hiccup!

Today met up with Tselyn, my travelling buddy for lunch and also to discuss about our Penang Trip.. Had MK at 313@Somerset.. ordered their lunch set menu! Went Triumph for fitting at Orchard Getway after lunch.. Then, continued to shop around in town before we went up to the beautiful ION Sky! :)

Level 55 and 56,

Loving this relaxing space with 360 degree view,

Happy sipping our cup of Boost smoothie! Thanks Tselyn for these pictures!!

So.. tomorrow is our flight and im just done with my last packing! It's late now.. Before i turn in to bed, here are pictures of the place we will be staying in, with daily breakfast included.. Will share more when we are back~ :)

The pink pods (female dormitory) we gonna be staying in,..

The Cafe,..

May we have a wonderful, safe trip..
I'll be back soon.. :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

[Media Invite] OMY X Panasonic Singapore Cooking Session

In line with the Singapore Blog Awards 2015's fringe activity, OMY and Panasonic Singapore worked together to arrange a cooking demo and invited all of us. =))

It is always very enjoyable to attend Mdm Wong's cooking demonstration thanks to her many years of experience in cooking and working under Panasonic Singapore.. Like many other previous classes, she shared a lot of tips and economic-friendly options on ingredients and cooking methods!

Today's session was held in a spacious convention room, with live streaming shown on screen in all four corners, all prepped up nicely for the cooking demo!

Introducing Panasonic Bread Maker (SD-P104) that works wonder - automatically mixes, kneads, rises and bakes! Retailing at S$329 (includes a guide book with recipes!). Highly recommended to people who love cooking, especially baking!!! This product till date have also received many happy consumers! =)

The different segment of compartments that store yeast and additional ingredients separately is then automatically dispense, bringing much convenience and better bread texture..

There are up to 13 preset menus and user-friendly buttons, enabling consumers to easily create their own different kinds of Bread, Dough, as well as Desserts like Chocolates and Cakes.

Bread making, kneading in process..

The use of Hand-blender to create the final smooth texture..

Homemade Kaya has never been easier! It took a total of 1.5 hours, using mode no.12 for the whole process. In this cooking demo, we witnessed how simple it is to prepare local dishes from the comfort of our own kitchen!

The next half of the session, she made several food such as Herbal Emperor Chicken, Yam and Pumpkin Kueh, Tapioca Cake, and Dried Shrimp with Panasonic microwave oven (NNCS894), 32L, including 100% Pure Turbo Steam function for delicious and healthy food choices and is retailing at S$1499.

With this modern microwave oven, consumer can steam, grill, bake or just microwaving their food. It also help saves 10% or more energy and cooking time with their Econavi technology. A 45% more cooking space with their Flat & Wide innovative design compared to conventional turntable models!

Feeling fortunate we get to taste all the yummy food Mdm Wong prepared that day!

Thank you Mdm Wong for this hearty gift to bring home!!! =)

Also, if you have not voted for your favourite Beauty and Cooking blogs, kindly do so now via!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Yoga at Ubin with TSL and MND, Ubin Day 2015!

It's UBIN DAY 2015! Feeling super happy when i received call from The Smart Local about the confirmation on the trip to Ubin for an hour of Yoga session! Many thanks to Tselyn for this sign up!!

Photos with Tselyn!! Really enjoy having this bubbly girl around! 
May our Penang trip this Weekend be a fun and memorable one! =))

It rain all night and was still drizzling in the morning.. but thank god the weather was perfect when we are about to sail over to Ubin! YAYYY!!!

Thanks to both TSL and MND for their wonderful planning and coordination!! They prepared goodie bags and even solid yoga mats for each and every participants.. Everything went so well that day! =))

The group - 6 of us,

Our class booked at 2pm, great yoga session with Ms Georgina Poh! Her Instagram: @sugarrandspice..

Had so much fun doing Yoga.. Don't ask me why,.. i just love doing it since many years ago!!

As mentioned on my Instagram @meryllpy.. So much love to these beautiful ladies who have been really nice to be with and constantly putting smiles on my face again.. because of them, there's always something for me to look forward to.. Just like coming to Ubin for Yoga. Some thoughts and life's lesson, "you don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends that you can be certain of!" (Of course, i still have my bestfriend, Sweetiex, to turn to!)..

Ubin is a really nice place.. with a lot of good memories.. Each time i came here, i gained a different experience. If you've never step foot in this beautiful place, you are missing out a lot!

As much as i would love to stay longer.. some of them had to leave for another place.. Thanks for all the wonderful memories thus far!! Took the bumboat back at S$2.50 per person.

Goodnight lovelies..

Sunday, 21 June 2015

[Blog Invite] Summer's Eve - #Say Yes To Sexy

Thanks to Summer's Eve #‎SayYesToSEXY‬ campaignwe got to know a lovely place - My Cozy Room Boutique SpaThis award-winning sanctuary spa is located in town, 56A Cairnhill Road s(229667).. Just a short walk up from The Heeren to this hidden gem!

Surprisingly spacious inside, filled with beautiful flowers..
making the whole place looking so sweet and dreamy!

Moments with Jessie, the girl with a big heart!

More sweet treats specially prepared for the day's event,

This is for all the Ladies! No matter how busy our schedules are, it is important that we should not forget to take care of our intimate area down there. Hence, Summer's Eve came about. Summer's Eve is no stranger to many of us.. In fact, it is the No.1 selling feminine hygiene brand in the USA, and a trusted brand in over 40 countries worldwide! Summer's Eve best understands, anticipates and meets women's needs with clinically-proven safe and mild products ranging from feminine washes, wipes and deodorant sprays, to cleansing mist, douches and hydrating jelly. Feel assured to use Summer's Eve because their products are safe for daily use with pH-balanced, gynecologist and dermatologist tested. Treat your V area well if you want to feel good and stay confident throughout!

The non-soap cleansing mist and alcohol-free wipes (Individually-packed for hygiene purpose) are great for travel and i am definitely bringing them with me to my upcoming short trip to Penang! =)

The disposable Douche is premixed, pre-measured and ready-to-use with no assembly required. Made of comfortable nozzle and flexible neck for convenience and comfort, it cleanse from within. It is also formulated with pharmaceutical grade water for purity so as to maintain optimum pH levels for a healthy V environment! (May use it after menstrual period or for usual cleansing.)

At the session, we had the privilege to watch the preview of Summer's Eve latest 'Say Yes to Sexy' video, made up of pretty female influencers & bloggers! Check out their webpage or Facebook page to find out more,

Having attended the session at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa, we were given the opportunity to try out their spa treatment. Jessie and myself did the relaxing back massage.. A pampering afternoon it was!!

My Cozy Room provide one-stop beauty services and wellness for our Face ($68 onwards), Body ($48 onwards), and Nails (18 onwards)!

Apart from their whole list of facial treatment (using Dr Babor series) and body massage/ scrub, they also provide hair removal services ($20 onwards) with the use of No. 1 wax from France - Perron Rigot.

An exclusive treatment that can be found here at My Cozy Room is their Ovarian wellness therapy in helping ladies to maintain health of the womb and ovaries, using 100% botanical ingredients with special massage techniques and hotstones.

Private cozy rooms for different spa treatments,

Experienced a good, relaxing Hotstone Back Massage from them here,

Feeling very thankful for all goodies and the lovely pampering session in this lovely, cozy room!

My Cozy Room Operating Hours,
Mon to Fri: 11am - 9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am - 8pm

For Reservation at My Cozy Room,
call 6732 0030

For more information on My Cozy Room,