Monday, 27 July 2015

Shi's Wedding Dinner

Attended the celebration of Kenneth's and Shi Hui's wedding ceremony about a week ago. My first secondary school classmate (among the chinese) who got her knot tied and her home-sweet-home ready! Time really flies~ How i wish i am still a growing child.. Anyway, the ceremony was all good.. lovely wedding photos and theme, wonderful live music too!

Food prepared at Peony Jade by Passion Banquet!..

Combination of Deluxe Platter

House Signature Sauteed Fresh Prawns with Salted Creamy Yolk

Braised Golden Pumpkin Broth with Seafood and Bird's Nest

Steamed Fish with Premium Light Soy

Braised Sliced Australian Abalone with Spinach

House Signature Roasted Crispy Chicken with Fragrant Salt

Braised 'Ee-fu' noodles and mushroom with Premier Abalone

Chilled Fresh Mango Puree with Pomelo Sacs and Sago Pearls

Thanks Sweetiex for most of the photos!

The girls i grew up with!! Memories~

Mr.Yao, best Chinese teacher of all!

and Mrs. Mah! Best english teacher of course!

Finally a photo with the pretty-in-pink princess!
Here wishing her a blissful marriage! =)

Group photos with the rest of class 5A.. =))

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Keep Cool with F&N NutriTea in Reduced Sugar!

With the sweltering weather shows no sign of letting up, beat the heat and perk yourself up with cooling and refreshing F&N NutriTea and enjoy the authentic home-brewed goodness with just the twist of a cap! We are all familiar with the concept of ‘heatiness’ that is caused when the body balance between ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ (hot/cold) is disrupted. While ‘heatiness’ can stem from multiple factors, the hot weather is a major contributing factor to upsetting this delicate balance.

Drinking traditional Asian brewed beverages may be one of the most simple ways to help the body maintain its natural balance. Brewed to perfection from carefully selected natural ingredients and without preservatives, F&N NutriTea is the convenient way to beat heatiness and keep our body cool in this hot weather, anytime, anywhere.

Every drink of F&N NutriTea comes from the well-known and quality assured brand, F&N. Even better, F&N NutriTea contains natural goodness with 25% less sugar and is certified as Healthier Choice product by Health Promotion Board. The F&N NutriTea range of familiar and comforting taste of home brews include:

F&N NutriTea Barley
Known for its ‘cooling’ properties, barley is also a good source of essential minerals like selenium, phosphorus, copper and manganese which the body cannot produce. F&N NutriTea Barley is brewed with dried winter melon for a pleasant hint of sweetness and to enhance its cooling properties. I personally love how sweet and cooling it taste!

F&N NutriTea Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry
For generations, brewed chrysanthemum has been widely acknowledged as a ‘cooling’ drink and prescribed as a relief for sore throat and fever – illnesses that are often associated with the hot weather. Refreshing, floral with a naturally sweet aroma and taste, it is also a popular drink among those residing in tropical climate. The addition of wolfberries packs a dosage of antioxidants and vitamins that aid in fortifying the immune system.

F&N NutriTea Water Chestnut and Sugar Cane
Made with water chestnuts, a good source of potassium, Chinese herbalists believe they help sweeten the breath and strengthen the lungs and stomach. Sugar cane juice is well loved for its taste and contains health boosting proteins that aid natural metabolism.

F&N NutriTea Lemongrass with Ginger
The gentle infusion of lemongrass and ginger is the perfect duo that soothes the mind and rejuvenates the senses, similar to a spa treatment. Lemongrass is the perfect cooler on hot days and the gentle infusion of ginger aids in dispelling toxins from the body.

F&N NutriTea is available at all leading supermarkets and retail stores at a recommended selling price of S$2.05 for a 1-litre pack, and a handy 475ml pack for S$1.40.

Beat the Heat with Home-Brewed Goodness!

Redeem these chic tote bags this July!
This July, consumers can redeem a stylish tote bag with every purchase of three F&N NutriTea or F&N NutriSoy 1-litre packs! Four different designs available and they can be redeemed at major supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets, while stocks last!

I have got mine, have you?

For more information on F&N, please visit

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Now in Convenient Tablets!

The new semester is either starting soon or already started for most students now.. Mental fatigue can make you feel like a light has been switched off in your head and for students and working adults, it will be hard for them to stay focus on their daily tasks..

Living in a fast pace society where there is so much to do and so little time, we need to keep our mental performance and energy levels up to get the most out of work and play!

While we all knew how BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken helps to boost mental concentration and alertness, we can now enjoy the robust formulation from BRAND’S® Research and Development in a convenient BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken in tablet format, fortified with Vitamin B Complex and Iron to fight fatigue and improve mental concentration and alertness!

Your Daily Dose of Energy and Mental Performance,

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is packed with Vitamin B Complex and Iron providing a complete range of Vitamin B Complex and easily-absorbed Iron. Vitamin B Complex aids energy production to support brain function for an efficient and alert nervous system.Iron is a required substance to support circulation of oxygen to the brain and whole body.

Getting through challenges is easier when you are sharp, so switch on with BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken which now comes in easy to swallow pill form with a recommended dosage of 2 tablets per day. It is a proficient supplement to our daily nutrient intake and is halal certified so it can be enjoyed by all.

Not everyone is comfortable with the rich taste of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken in liquid form.. I remember clearly how hard it was for me to drink them all up during my last study period. Thankfully, that now BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken are also sold in these easy to swallow pill form!!

Courtesy of BRAND’S® for the nice looking Pill Box for more convenience where i can eat them on-the-go. No more heavy bottles, no more trying hard to get all the liquid essence swallowed, and definitely so much easier to just go for pill intake!

Available at FairPrice, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Finest, Sheng Siong and at S$29.00 for a bottle with 60 tablets.

Generations have trusted BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with its 180-year tradition for its all-natural properties. Its 38 international research papers are a testament to its recognised integrity as an ingested solution to wellness for vibrant and energetic life.

For more information, please contact BRAND’S® Customer Care Line at 1800 732 4748 from 9am
to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays, or log on to

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bloom x Bioderma

Received RSVP invitation to Bloom x Bioderma event held last Friday. A short and quick 1 hour session hosted by beauty guru, Roseanne Tang from Bloom and fashion/lifestyle influencer Christabel @bellywellyjelly! They both look so gorgeous!!

Introduced to us during the session is one of Bioderma's best seller - Sensibio H2O, a cleansing and make-up removing water that respects the fragility of sensitive skin.

Product highlights:
- Even removes water-resistant make-up!
- One bottle of Sensibio H2O sold around the world every 5 seconds!

Smokey eye make-up demo by Roseanne Tang on Christabel!
It's amazing how different shades can be added to create a whole new look..

The finished make-up and her killer smile! ^^

Both Christabel and Roseanne Tang are so kind and lovely to spare us time for selfies!
Thank you for having us!! Thank you Joanne for joining too!!

Read more about Bioderma here;

Monday, 13 July 2015


Just the other day, I went for an interview with a company and I met a group of interns there at the same waiting area as me. They were all dressed smartly with smiles on their faces, all prepped up for this day. Even so, I can tell how nervous they actually are. I could understand how nervous they feel because an internship is more than just a grade reflected on the Academic Transcript.

An internship is an opportunity offered by the employer to a student in a given period of time with an emphasis on job training rather than just employment, a supervised learning experience that relate closely to one’s field of study.

Recalling back, I enjoyed a lot during the time when I was an intern with Yamaha Singapore, helping them with their internal website programming. Yes, I was an Information Technology student. Not everything but most of the things taught in the classroom finally make some sense to me after going through an internship. Based on my personal experience, I received well-structured Singapore internship program arranged by the school, Republic Polytechnic. They gave us a list of companies to choose from, provide us with guidelines, brief us on various process details, and ensuring that students are well prepared for internships in Singapore. With the guidance from the school’s facilitators back then, I created my first resume; I sent out my first formal email to the company of my choice for job application, and I had my first formal job interview. The overall internship experience went well. It was fun and insightful, and I am really glad to have such opportunity given to me.

An Internship allows student to decide if the industry is right for him or her
It is very common to find people feeling a sense of lost after completing their college, unsure of which career path best fit them and if their field of study is really what they want to work on. Therefore, having to go through an internship will give student the opportunity to understand the industry better and also to decide on the right career path.

Gain experience through an Internship
Students able to gain industry experience and can develop industry-focused skills which most employers are interested in (rather than just pure qualification), which can increase hiring decision for future career. Students can build up personal development, personal network and resume, an advantage for their future career goals.

Not only does participation in an internship make the student a more attractive candidate," says NACE Executive Director Marilyn Macke, "but it can also be an avenue to a job."

A learning opportunity in a real-world work environment and get paid
I guess one of the worries many tertiary students faced would probably be not having enough pocket allowances. So what is better than receiving an opportunity to learn your course-related skills in a real-world work environment and get paid? That extra $600 - $800 allowance for a few months can be saved up and go on a nice vacation after graduation!

Do not be afraid of making a step forward
It will definitely be a good practice for fresh undergraduates to seek internship Singapore and pursue job opportunities. Everyone will experience their first time and most internships help to guide students to reputable companies so that students can be well-trained. So do not be afraid to do approach your school tutors for help when you are unsure, do not afraid to face forthcoming challenges and have a positive mind when entering the chosen company to work in.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Fun Eye Make-up Workshop by Heroine Make

Won passes to attend Heroine Make's personalised eye make-up workshop held at The Hub Singapore on 4th of July. Thanks to my lucky friend, Jessie! (She said i was the lucky one because she put my name in the contest!^^ )

Heroine Make products from eye-shadows to eye-liners and mascara placed on the table for us..

Everyone seems to arrive on time despite the rain on a Saturday morning..

Some sharing from the experts before our hands-on.. where we were tasked to do make-up for our friend - the BFF make-up challenge! It was overall a very fun experience and a great bonding session!!


Super pretty instant film by Tagronauts live hashtag printing!

Is nice to have a friend like Jessie who will always remember me and showing care for me.. Never thought we can be this close.. =))

Each of us get to bag home with sweet goodies, specially prepared by Heroine Make!! I also get to purchase their liquid eyeliner at a good deal with their trade-in promotion. =)