Tuesday, 18 December 2018

[Media Invite] Launch of PONY X Swarovski 'Refraction' Collection

This Christmas holiday, Product Of New York, PONY releases its latest collection - entitled "REFRACTION", embellished with Crystals from Swarovski, where quintessence of street style meets the realm of luxe.


REFRACTION offers cooler than ever unisex street wear and in bold colours of Black, White and Red, classic pieces embellished with Crystals from Swarovski. Besides, who doesn't love blings? This collection got its name inspired from crystal's diffusion of light to emanate its exceptional state. It revolves around the idea that we all have a spark that lives in each one of us. However, just as any fire fuelled, we need help from people around us to kindle that light within. We need people who can refract our energy, so we can discover sides of ourselves we never knew existed. Ultimately, with the help from our family and friends, we can ignite that spark and discharge our light to the world. Through this light, we radiate our innate strength, our passion and our true essence – maximizing our fullest potential to become the best version of ourselves. This philosophy is what the collection aims to achieve as it fuses two distinct brands into one.

PONY - an American footwear industry veteran works with Swarovski to assemble classic pieces seamlessly infused with crystals. Through positioned at two opposite ends of the spectrum, these brands will project a unique disposition and a platform to illumine inner perfection.

Taken reference from the rugged yet jaunty streets of New York City, the collection features a bold and androgynous collection of oversized shirts, drop-crotch shorts, jackets and footwear ranging from $89.90 - $199.90. It embodies a carefree and laid-back attitude tempered with sophistication for a fresh take on street-style. With its clean silhouette and streamlined shape ornate with detailing, the collection brings certain glamour while retaining brand’s youthful energy. Every piece transcends time and trends – encapsulating the brand’s celebration of individuality and eccentricity. The PONY chevron continues to point forward, to the future.

(Photos credit to Pony Singapore)

REFRACTION collection held its first media launch event in Singapore on the 14th of December, 2018 and both Jasmine and myself were really thankful and delighted to be part of this launch event.

Event host, Daryn, gave a good introduction and welcome speech.  

Both representatives from PONY Singapore and Swarovski also shared their thoughts.

REFRACTION collection is available from 15th December 2018 and can be found at Robinsons The Heeren, as well as Metro department store, Paragon. New pieces will be introduced throughout 2019. For more information, you may check out PONY's page PONY SGP/, PONY Official and PONY Internation Brand Clips.

Also, really thankful to have Jasmine around for we get to catch-up abit and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together thereafter.