Monday, 31 August 2015

[Media Invite] Rhône Wines and La Vieille Ferme

Very often, wine is associated to luxury which has earned its place in the beverage world as the scene-setter to any sumptuous culinary experience. Since there were so many different kinds of wine on the shelves, one common question many of us have in mind would probably be, "Is it true that expensive wines posess better taste and quality?"

Few days ago.. expert, Mr Emil Noel Teo from Taste of Tradition shares with the invited media and guest over a small session at Cold Storage (Plaza Singapura) on choosing a great bottle of wine at the supermarket.

Little did i know.. Factors such as location of the vineyard and winery, the brand image, scores and ratings and even celebrity associations can push prices on the upward trend without impacting the quality of the wine. However, there are less well-known facts in the wine universe which deserve attention. Wines produced from lesser known grapes, vineyards, wineries and producers, even from France; can offer exceptionally notable quality at affordable prices.

One can actually acquire a good bottle of wine at an affordable price conveniently from the supermarket and one such recommendation is the range from La Vieille Ferme! Their wines are also very easy to store and keep thanks to their modern Screw-cap bottle design! Screw-cap makes the best closure for wine as it is easy to use, requires no tools, is airtight and resealable, and most importantly.. no more taint and oxidation!

Since 1970, La Vieille Ferme has been producing authentic, honest and tasty wines vintage after vintage. In some of the world’s best restaurants and bars, La Vieille Ferme has been acknowledged as one of the best value for money wines in the world.

Apart from their vintage La Vieille Ferme Rouge (Red), here's a glass of La Vieille Ferme Blanc (White) which many would also enjoy drinking it as it has a fruity, crisp and soft taste!

My pick among the three is this Rose Wine from La Vieille Ferme. Not only is the bottle in pretty pink, the drink has a fresh and fruity note! This is also sweeter compared to the other two. =)

They say cheese pair well with wines.. I must say, these cheese were very addictive to consume!

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Pictures taken from last Sunday's SINGAPORE AIRLINES LIGHT UP THE NIGHT CARNIVAL 2015 at F1 Pit Building. Met up with Jasmine and Jessie in the afternoon. I brought Herman along while Jasmine brought her brother, Teck. (Admission is free.)

Supercars showcase!

With the Singapore Girls..

Watched kids painting.. so adorable!

Just want to join in the fun too! I think i wouldn't mind doing this all day!~

Thank you girls for the day!! =)

Thank you bro for coming along too! =)

Lunch with Herman before heading back home..

Sunday, 30 August 2015

BRAND’S® Hope In A Bottle Campaign

BRAND’S® has always been a part in many of our lives, helping in maintain wellness. In celebration of its 180th anniversary, BRAND’S® has partnered World Vision International and aims to raise S$180,000 and sponsor 180 kids across the region including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China in 2015. This regional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative marks BRAND’S® 180 years of commitment in providing overall wellness and in helping people to unlock their potential for a greater life.

In Singapore, BRAND’S® encourages the public to join the cause by participating in their Hope In A Bottle campaign being set up at The Star Vista Atrium from Friday, 28 August to Sunday, 30 August 2015 (11am to 8pm).

I brought my little girlfriend, Fif, along to this meaningful event!

The Hope In A Bottle Event helps to create a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged children and unlock their potential for a greater life! A line-up of exciting activities for all to enjoy! Children can enrol in fun workshops where they can paint their very own BRAND’S® bottles or learn how to transform them into mini terrariums. There will be a booth where customers can personalize their very own BRAND’S® bottles as a keepsake and a Photo Wall where visitors can capture the fun moments at the event. The proceeds made from the event will all be donated to the World Vision.

BRAND’S® Coin Slot Caps at S$2 each, which will be donated to World Vision. The Coin Slot Caps turns used BRAND’S® bottles into coin banks, which can be filled and donated back to World Vision or kept as a collector’s item. The funds raised will support 20 underprivileged children; leadership training for nearly 1000 humanitarian-minded local youths in Singapore through World Vision's 30-hour Famine programme who advocate for disadvantaged regional children.

With the recycled BRAND’S® bottles as a coin bank, customers can start giving hope to others a dollar at a time. Each bottle can store as many as 45 $1 coins, and this is the amount to cover the basic needs of one needy child for a month and hope to live a better life.

Take some time to read things put up on the board.. BRAND’S® has always been very committed in social responsibility, creating positive impact on the community..

By giving a S$10 donation to World Vision, you can have your very own customised name on BRAND’S® bottle at one of the station!

Or design your own bottle in "Bottle Art" using the art kit provided by donating S$10.

Isn't this adorable?!! So simple yet meaningful and all for a good cause!

The New Paper Team have also come forward and created art works on the bottles and these unique bottles are open for bid to the public, from S$50.

Thank you BRAND’S® for this campaign and here's my very own customised BRAND’S® bottle!! =)

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