Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekend Trip to Batam! [Part 2]

From both Factory Outlet and BCS mall.. I bought these..
1. Pink Studded laced top (Cheapest, SGD$5)
2. Inverted skull black swing top
3. Green chiffon top (Fav piece, SGD$13)
 There's actually a lot of fashionable clothes that can be found in BCS Mall..
Given only 40mins of free time in the mall, Elaine and i only managed to clear the 1st level and then head down to B1 for cup corn (Super yummy pls).. There were a total of 5-6 level.. we wanted to explore all of them for the 1st level already an eye-opener for us but not enough time! =( 
Too many nice clothes.. for a moment.. it feels like we are in BKK.

Then, we went to a 60mins massage.. afraid that i couldn't take the heavy rub of the massage due to my thin-size, i wanted to change the package to body scrub instead, but they don't allow me to.. They said must stick to what's given in the package. So i no choice but to request the lady who served me to go light on me. It turns out pretty comfortable with no pain at all.. i almost fell asleep during the session till the lady ask me to tilt around to do my arms... =)

Last venue of the tour, visited the store selling local keropok - Prawn Crackers!
Elaine an i share the buys, end up with 2 full baskets, split into 4 carriers! HAPPY BUYERS!

Finally after so many stops, we are here checking into our hotel. Golden Gate Hotel, less than 5mins walk to DC Mall! =) Looking out of our window, it was DC Mall just across a carpark! Made us all feeling so excited! But BCS Mall is still our preferred shopping location so far! Didn't get to go Nagoya Mall though, too far away from our hotel.. Missed out the long-awaited A&W~ =(

No time to waste, went down to DC Mall for another round of shopping after we settled our baggage. Ate Best Fried Chicken for dinner, spent a total of SGD $15+ for 3 of us.
Overview of DC Mall; a few similar large departmental stores..
We love their supermart most; Diamond supermarket at DC Mall.
Fruits displayed neatly, looking fresh with vibrant colours!
Indo-mie of all flavours (Mee soto and mee goreng was said to be the top seller)
Amazing colours of hair dye can be found in supermarket too!
 Breakfast time in the hotel
 Settle our lunch at Coffee Town
End of the trip; in the coach on our way home..
Gonna miss this fun-filled short getaway.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekend Trip to Batam! [Part 1]

The Batam Island, 20km from Singapore and just 45mins ferry ride away from Harbourfront, is more insightful than we thought. Emerging from a "third world" look and feel to a now established downtown areas, it has become a great attraction to both tourists and businesses.

Together with my NHG friends, Elaine and Esther, we went on a 2D1N trip to Batam (18th & 19th May 2013). Due to some personnal reason, Pei See couldn't join us, so from 4pax down to 3pax...

My Baggage for the trip; going light and easy to carry...
As mentioned in my earlier post, our ferry was scheduled as early as 8:45am and we will have to check in by 7:15am.. so Elaine and i decided to meet up at 7am at Outram train station. Once arrived at the Harbourfront, we head over to the PacificFerry counter to redeem our boarding pass as instruct in the booking slip through Groupon. Last minute cancellation of one person was not allowed and the ferry tax of $20 is still applicable even if one of us couldn't make it. =(

Not long after, Esther came. Went over to Kopitiam for a quick bite before checking in.. I went over to buy McHarshbrown of course! Cannot resist the temptation one~ YUMS!
Because Batam time was 1hr behind Singapore time, the 45mins ferry ride do feels like it was only a few mins journey! Lols!

Like any other tour package, we had a half-day tour and then free&easy after that, our first stop which the agency prepared was going to the Chocolate factory. Over there, the outlet looks like what we all familiar with, Candy Empire... BUT with lesser varieties. Pricing wise, go for those items that is on promotion. They say, Come Batam Will Not Be Complete Without Chocolate!
Adorable liqueur chocolates
 Next destination was to a local POLO outlet, where products are of cheaper price, additional discount if you are under a tour package. Bought a men socks for boyf over there.

Then we went to their famous shop that sells natural Bird's Nest;
 And also, their one of the top five must have item if you visit Batam, their famous Layer Cake, kway Lapis! Here's a snap of the menu;
 After walking for quite some time, it was time for lunch! Lunch buffet was served at a Chinese restaurant where most of their local chinese held their weddings there.
The food tasted not bad at all, we all like the fish and the bee hoon!
 They served fried-banana too, super yummy!

After getting so filled up with food, we are then introduced to their traditional dance and extraordinary action.. (1) Man ripped out the husk of a fruit with just his teeth (2) Man who can swallow fire (3) Man who EATS GLASS! Is Crazy!!

Next, we went to Boutique, Factory Outlet and BCS mall.. Bought a few items from there!

Saw these flora shorts in Factory Outlet! So nice!
 And Figurines from a Boutique
Continue to next post for more updates.. ^^)