Monday, 14 July 2014

[Media Tasting] McDonald’s launching new Singaporean flavour – Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers!

All NEW in town launching in celebration of the upcoming National Day, and will be available in stores from 15th July, Tuesday onwards, while stocks last !!!
Photo credits to McDonald's Singapore 

Went over to McDonald's Tanjong Pagar outlet for a taste of their upcoming new Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers last friday after work! McDonald got us all excited as we were not told in advance on what we'll be tasting until the very last moment..
Even when we are all settled down.. Still no idea of what's their new burgers were despite props of a Satay fan as hint were given to each of us. I was guessing Kampong style or something related to spicy, LOL!

A cup of their refreshing Strawberry McFizz were first served to all of us. Available from just S$2.70 (launching together with the Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers' menu), this fruity strawberry-flavoured delight is guaranteed to put the cool in your day! Bits of real strawberries can also be found in it. The first few sip was just okay.. but i ended up drinking it all up because it goes really well with the Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers!

Not long after, comes the arrival of their new Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers to our table! Took a few pictures before i start giving it a try..

Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger - 
Bite into a true meaty sesation! With fresh onion slivers, cucumber slices and perfectly blended peanut sauce crown a pair of the juicy 100% beef patties - all housed between fluffy toasted buns!

Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger - 
Enjoy tender skinless chicken patty, topped with crunchy onion slivers, cucumber slices, and tantalising peanut sauce, as sesame seed buns sandwich this savoury combination for a satisfying finish!

At the end of our meal, dessert were also served to us! Its actually my first time trying it and i am loving it!
Loved by many, the Banana Pie is back with its luscious mashed banana filling enclosed in a crispy pie crust, available at only S$1,

Met Fif,

and took a group photo before the session ends..

Overall was a nice dining experience with the rest and i love the Satay theme, where Satay is said to be one of the most famous Malay dish in Singapore. So feast in at McDonald with your family and loved ones during this occasion, celebrating National Day and reminiscing the good old days together!
Photo credits to McDonald's Singapore 
The ala carte new Shiok Shiok Chicken Satay Burger and Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger is available from S$5.50 each while their Extra Value meal which includes a Medium French Fries and Small Coke is available S$6.60 each.

You may also wish to add McDonald's Smokey Drumlets (2pc) available from S$2, that will surely fire up your tastebuds with succulent chicken drumlets marinated with smokey spices like black pepper and paprika that will add an irresistible spicy kick!