Saturday, 2 January 2016

Wonderful Closure of 2015 - (1) KenYing's

Happy New Year 2016 everyone! I am feeling very thankful for the wonderful closure of 2015 to witness good friend getting hitched and ushering the new year at the Marina Bay's Floating Platform where the MediaCorp Celebrate 2016 Countdown Party was held! 2016, please better be good!

BIG LOVE to dear girl, Si Ying, for not forgetting me even though we didn't contact each other for a long while and allowing me to be part of her special moments in life!! =)

The proposal plan went really really successful!! Manli and i arranged to meet Si Ying for catchup over brunch at Spruce. As we are just about to finish, Si Ying's family showed up as surprised appearance, carrying board of lovely messages from Kelvin to Si Ying. Kelvin then walked in from her back and kneeled down to propose to her. The girl got all surprised and teared! =))

Spruce Big Brekkie ($19),  Spruce Chicken Benny ($21), and Smoked Norwegian Salmon ($6).

So Sweet together!! =)) 

Solemnization on 31 Dec at Village Hotel

With the bridemaids (Sharon, PeiXuan, Deevi, Manli),

Blissful Marriage to you both, KenYing!! =))

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