Monday, 29 February 2016

My first Art Jamming at Arteatistiq Boutique Tea House

Went to try out Art Jamming (social painting) in a beautiful cafĂ© @ Arteatistiq Boutique Tea House, Mandarin Gallery with my girlfriend, Fif, some time back and we had such an enjoyable time doing so together! A wonderful experience overall. =)

We registered under student at a special rate S$29 (U.P S$50) for a 3hr session with instructor included (From 10am to 1pm). The session comes with a 50x50cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, paint brushes, a wet paint canvas box for take away, and a non-alcoholic Arteastiq Lite Specialty Beverage! Oh, and one adorable apron too!

We started out doing sketches using the pencils provided by them..

I ordered a cup of warm floral tea for myself and she had Ice tea i think..

Focus on our work..

Time to paint after sketching! This is where the fun comes! I personally enjoys painting, so relaxing and therapatic for the soul..

The instructor guided us through very patiently.. We were told to paint the background first so we did.. =)

And we managed to finish everything within the given time! (Achievement unlocked!) Yayyy!! =)

Nicely packaged and ready to bring it home! =)

As we worked on our canvases, we can't help but paused to admire some other people's work! So perfectly drawn!

All in all, the session was great and i thank Fif for being such a great company in doing this together!

If you too are interested in doing some free painting, Arteatistiq Boutique Tea House is located at 333A Orchard Rd, Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15! Have fun~

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