Saturday, 2 April 2016

Binggrae Melona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar

MELONA recently releases its latest flavour to our local stores; 
Melona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar!
First introduced in 1992, Melona Ice Bar has captivated the taste buds of South Koreans, earning its reputation as the nation's most favoured ice-cream bar, its signature velvety texture with bursting fruitilicious flavours is the perfect frozen treat to stave off the sweltering weather or to end any meal on a decadent note. Manfactured by Binggrae, the firm which pioneered Korea's iconic banana milk beverages, each bar of Melona Ice Bar is concocted with the assured quality Binggrae is famous for.

The latest flavour to hit our local stores is Melona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar. Velvety smooth in texture with a tinge of bright golden hue, this creamsicle is an alluring pairing of milky goodness with rich banana delight that is sure to leave anyone wanting for more. The Melona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar is also the newest addition to F&N Creameries' extensive offerings of icy goodness that delights the senses. Melona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar is directly imported from South Korea by F&N Creameries and has been certified as a Halal food.

Each box of refreshing Melona Banana Flavoured Ice Bar multipack contains eight creamsicle bars (80ml each) at a recommended selling price (RSP) of S$7.65 per box from selected FairPrice, Sheng Siong outlets as well as from Melona Ice Bar is also available in other signature and ever-popular Melon, Stawberry and Mango flavours.

H A V E   A   H A P P Y   ,   B A N A N A   D A Y   ! ! !