Friday, 3 June 2016

[Beauty Sponsored] Castelle de Beauté, a Beauty Spa in the West

Just a short walking distance from Jurong East MRT station and JCube, award-winning Castelle de Beauté offers a range of beauty services for the face and body. Services include Facial, Massage, Slimming, Eye Treatment, Hair Removal, as well as Makeup Services. 

They have two storeys. Consultation will be done at level one while services will be at level two. I was invited over to try out their customized facial service where they will provide the treatment and techniques most suitable to my skin type.

The salon main product range uses ATACHE products, a globally renowned beauty and skincare brand from Spain.

On the second level, there is a nice locker room, a washroom, and 5 rooms for services. Clean and well-kept!

Like any other beauty salon, we will have to change into their robe or towel before the service starts. I had a customised facial treatment and it started with double cleansing and followed by facial scrub. The formula smells really calming for me and doesn't feel harsh on my skin. The beauty therapist then turned on the hot steam so as to open up the pores on my face before doing the extraction. I actually love extraction despite the little discomfort it can give, but is the best way to say goodbye to all whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples! Once done, she helped trimmed my eyebrows! Thank you!

Next, she did an ultrasonic on me using this special machine. This was done together with the application of face serum, penetrate into deeper layer of the skin.

I was also given a face and neck massage before applying the face masque. Too comfortable, i almost fell asleep during the 15-20mins masque period. Lastly, she applied toner, moistriser, and sunscreen on my face for me. The beauty therapist was very gentle and nice throughout the entire session.

Took a mirror selfie after the session, glad that my face feels hydrated and looking radiant! Thank you Castelle de Beauté for beautifying my skin!! =)

Castelle de Beauté is currently having a Spa Indulgence Promotion at just $48 for this Great Singapore Sales (GSS) ! This promotion includes a facial with eye and neck treatment (90 minutes) and a full body massage of your choice (60 minutes)! Altogether a total of 150 minutes of pure relaxation and pampering!! A really great deal not to be miss!

Bring your friend along and you both can enjoy their Jamu Tummy Detox treatment and Luxurious Facial with Eye and Neck Treatment together at just $85! Isn't it lovely?! =)

Address :
Block 133, Jurong Gateway Road, 01-301, Singapore (600133)

Opening Hours :
Monday – Friday 10AM - 8PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 10AM - 7PM

Contact :
+65 6563 1131

Website :

Facebook :