Wednesday, 8 November 2017

[Media Invite] Find the Right Property Agent at by ERA

ERA Realty Network, the largest international and only listed real estate agency in Singapore, has just launch a property agent search portal, and is offering a customised digitally engineered solution for property search.

This new property agent search portal will provide user experience with transparent and comprehensive sale/ rent listings, as well as the corresponding agents' track record in transactions and listings.

This portal will help streamline property search process and enhance the matching process by integrating all the key factors for consideration on a single platform, providing consumers with a customised search experience unique to their needs.

By utilising the smart filters function, clients can now choose their preferred agent based on genuine service rating and reviews, specialty, comprehensive property details such as price, psf and size. In addition, they will be able to access to detailed information such as agents' past transactions, current listings, awards and training to make more informed decisions. User can also check and make comparison on nearby properties and nearby past transactions with pricing with the up-to-date geolocation feature. Fast and reliable source!

All the listings and transactions will be updated real-time to provide users with the most current information. Existing listings will be automatically deleted after 90 days or sold, whichever is earlier.

In summary, this new property agent search portal offer nine key features:
1. Current Geolocation
2. Preferred criteria including property type, estate or district
3. Search by Agent Name
4. Overall Service Level Index Rating
5. Genuine customers' review
6. Specialty of the real estate agents (Number of Listings + Transactions)
7. Smart Filter (Price/Psf/Size)
8. Awards received by the agents
9. Training programmes attended by the agents

Designed with consumers in mind, this newly added portal is set to be one of the most comprehensive technological platforms for customised property search experience!

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