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[Food Tasting] South East Asia Flavours by River Wok

Newly opened restaurant River Wok offers flavours from Indochina under one roof with an electic menu created by Executive Chef Kantha Chookiat, focusing on Southeast Asian cuisines from countries like Laos, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

As soon as i arrived, I went all awe by how beautiful this reastaurant is. I love the big space, the huge bar area with long white countertops in the middle, and the many decors that reflects Southeast Asian cultures. It has both indoor and outdoor sitting area, overlooking the Singapore River. Lovely, isn't it?

Loving those tiles on the counter wall!!

Such a beautiful restaurant! Suitable for both dinner date with loved ones or with group of friends.

Flexibility that caters for bigger groups of customers.

Loving the table and the settings.

The design on the wall kinda reminds me of the days in Hawaii.

A unique drink, Coco Bay, is a concoction of Lime, Coriander, Coconut cream and Gin served in a young Coconut! Refreshing with a hint of alcohol!

The restaurant do serve a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. My friends ordered the Craneberry Juice, something icy and sweet to have.

Chef Chookiat grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he develop his knowledge and familiarity with the myriad of herbs and spices synonymous with the Indochina region. Along with over 30 years of culinary experience, Chef Chookiat specializes in Indochina cuisine where he is able to re-create dishes with authenticity while giving his own unique spin to traditional favourites without the need for preservatives or artificial colouring.

Traditional Thai Salad, Yam Tuapoo Goong Sod (S$16). This consists of Wing Beans, Tiger Prawns and shredded Chicken mixed with a lovely tangy and spicy dressing made with Fish sauce, Lime juice, Coconut cream, Chilli paste and topped with crispy fried Shallots and roasted grated Coconut.

Great for sharing due to its generous portion as a starter! A dish bursting with flavours is sure to increase anyone's appetite! I honestly couldn't stop eating this after having my first taste of it.

Vietnamese-style hand rolled rice paper with minced chicken and roasted rice crumbles, Nam Khao Hor (S$10 - veg / S$14). The lemon-marinated chicken with crispy rice crumbles really goes well together and will keep diners reaching out for more after every bite. This is another dish that is good for sharing too if you are keeping your stomach for the mains.

Pho and Beer pairing session - Pho that paired perfectly with Hoegaarden beer.

The classic Vietnamese staple, Pho Bo (S$26) is served the traditional way in a fragrant beef broth but with the added richness of premium sliced Wagyu beef accompanied with the freshness of crunchy bean sprouts and other herbs, presented on the side when served.

Diners can also go for the Chicken Pho instead and i really love how surprisingly flavourful the chicken broth is! 

All smiles and excited to dig in on Jessie's and CF's faces!

Savoury gravy or curry, both great dishes to go with rice!

Enjoy traditional Indonesian Ayam Buah Keluak (S$24) with just the right hint of nuttiness paired with the spiciness of the gravy (not very spicy). The buah keluak is stuffed with minced chicken so diners can enjoy a nice surprise when digging into the nut.

Another best seller dish, the decadent Gaeng Phed Ped Yang (S$22), is a roasted duck in rich Thai red curry (perfectly paired with Stella Artois Pilsner). Chef Chookiat adds a creative twist to this traditional dish with grapes and pineapple giving a wonderful hint of sweetness with spice.

Here's a snap of one of the duck meat in the curry.

Post Meal sweet Tooth indulgence .. 

After the mains come desserts and we were introduced to crowd favourite - traditional Thai Khao Neow Ma Muang (S$10), a sweet sticky rice pudding paired with sliced sweet mango and coconut cream!

Another crowd favourite - the Banana Fritters and Black Sesame Ice-cream, Banh Chuoi (S$12), is simply delicious!

Nice to see CK again and so glad we met a few years back! Thank you Jessie and CK for asking me along for this tasting!!

Nestled among restaurants and the romantic riverside of Robertson Quay, River Wok serves modern Indochina cuisine, pulling together dishes from Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand that has a shared love of robust flavours, heat and contrasting textures.

As part of the new menu, 
River Wok will launch local seafood favourites such as the Singapore Chilli Crab (S$78 per kg). Patrons can also get their hands dirty with the Black Pepper and Salted Egg crabs that are packed with rich gravy and shreds of crab!

Location: 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, The Pier, #01-12, Singapore 239013
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays from 12pm to 11pm
Contact: (65) 6732 1126 for enquiries and reservations
Facebook page: 

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