Sunday, 30 June 2013

[Media Tasting] Domino's Pizza Party!

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Taken with Domino's team members, they were super friendly!

I had an enjoyable evening at the Domino's Pizza Party the other night, get to know about Dominos Pizza and its great offer, and also able to meet new people!
Standing there was Ms. Chrissie Robyn Chong doing the introduction,
i think she speaks well with a lot of confidence and passion towards her job!

Sitting beside me was Tiffani a.k.a Orange, i really like her smile!
Not long after, different types of pizza were served, and the first thing bloggers did - was to snap as many photos of the food as we can before it was all being eaten up. (HAHA! Pardon us, we are just doing our job.)

We had the Diavola Beef - Ground beef, red capsicum, onions, red pepper flakes and oregano with Napolitano sauce! Im sure beef lovers will definitely love this! It's very addictive to me, got me wanting to have a 2nd piece!

Next was Hawaiian Paradise - top with Mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken breast, chicken ham and juicy pineapples! This is good because they added chicken breast and ham, adding more flavours to just plain pineapples..

Not quite sure whats the exact name of this pizza but there is mushrooms, onions and a lot of cheese! Anything with a mix of mushrooms and cheese is yummy to me! =)

Meatasaurus with generous amount of the all time favourite beef pepperoni, ground beef, fresh mushrooms in blended smoky BBQ sauce! They've got really tast beef pepperoni!

Basilico Chicken - Roasted Chicken, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, onions with pesto sauce! This one is quite nice too! :)

Here's the last one we had, and is my favourite among all, The Portofino Prawn! It consists of prawns, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, Belgian Spinach, onions with napolitana sauce! There's a saying "Love at first sight", it was Love At First Bite for me on this Portofino Prawn! The amount of ingredients were just right! YUMS~

Dominos Pizza also have a lot more varieties other than the above 6, from their Classic pizza range, then First class pizza range, to the Mesmerizingly Mediterranean pizza range. You can even choose to have a half-half pizza with your choice of 2 different pizzas in one, or best, to have it your own way by customising your own pizza. You can even get to choose the pizza crust, i love it on New York Crust!!

So how do you go about ordering?! Here's a few ways;

(1) Through phone call - The easiest way, that is if you already know what you want.

(2) Login to their website for online ordering - a clear glimpse of what's in store with ongoing promo. Select "Redeem Coupons" to enter my unique code = BLG92, before the website brings you to the pizzas selection. (Promo code exclude Mediterranean Pizza)

(3) Via iPhone App - with the hectic life in Singapore, you can now order your pizza on the go using the Dominos Pizza iPhone application! With every order via the iphone app, FREE sides will be given too!

We also tried their onions rings, chicken chunks and Chicken wings! All taste great, personally love their chicken wings most (with a little spicy)!

After all the crazy pizza and snacks fest, it's dessert time! We get to try either the Caramel sticky dessert or the NEW Chocolate Lava Cake. I had the chocolate Lava Cake - Served hot and taste really awesome! ^^

Had photo session before we bid goodbyes;
With the very young girl, kiahgek
With the organising team =)
Thank you Domino's Pizza for all the delicious treats! =D
We had a great evening dining at your place!

Having said this much, please remember to support me by using my unique coupon code = BLG92 when ordering okay?! By using this code entitles you to a 50% off all Domino's Pizza (promo code exclude Mediterranean Pizza)! This is definitely a great idea to enjoy Domino's Pizza with a group of colleagues at work, friends gathering or family bonding!

A little about Domino's Pizza;
Domino's Pizza started with just one store called "DomiNick's" bought by brothers Tom and James Monaghan for $500 in 1960. James traded his half of the business to Tom in 1965, and as sole owner Tom renamed the business Domino's Pizza Inc. In 1978 the 200th Domino's store opened, and things really began to cook.

By 1983 there were 1,000 Domino's stores, and in the same year Domino's opened its first international store in Winnipeg, Canada, followed by its first store on the Australasian continent in Queensland, Australia in the same year. By 1989 Domino's had 5,000 stores in operation, making it the fastest-growing pizza company in the world, with stores in the UK, Japan, and South America.

Today, Domino's Pizza operates a network of more than 9,000 owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and more than 65 international markets. Domino's is the world's leading pizza delivery company committed to leading the industry in product quality and operational excellence.

In Singapore, the first Domino's Pizza store was officially re-launched in 2009 by Mr. Steven Pizziol, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, Domino’s Pizza International and Mr. Ba-U Shan-Ting, Chief Operating Officer, Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia. There are currently 13 outlets operating in Singapore and growing aggressively.

A passionate team in pursuit of becoming The Unrivaled No. 1 Pizza Company in Singapore!

Delivery Hotline: 6222 6333
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 11:00 pm
Also available on iPhone now, download app here: