Tuesday, 4 June 2013

TinAlan, Getting the Knot tied ♥

Lovely invitation to be Tina's bridesmaid. So excited because this is my very first time being one!
It's such a sweet note thinking the fact that both of us only know each other for less than a year,
yet she's already putting her trust on me. Thank you for choosing me, Tina! =)

All of us were up early to prepare for Alan & Tina's big day; their R.O.M!! 
So nice to see so many of their friends giving their full support!

Ceremony held at Lakeshore Apartment at Lakeside,
started decorating the place once we've settled down
 (All DIY stuffs were personally picked by Tina herself)

 Then went outdoor for some photo-taking session
(Hillary, YaTing, Joycelyn and myself)

 And also had group photos for the photographer and videographer,
all frames turn out pretty nice, we had fun!
Here's some of the pictures that are ready!
Credits to team from One Sweet Affair Production ;

 All the girls / Bridesmaids
Tina expression full of happiness, so blissful!

Prepare to shower the newly wed with flower petals for their march in!

 Here they come~ Congratulations!!!

All of us

and some fun shots with the props;

Happy occasion with nice people and sweet stuffs at the right place, right time!
Weather was extremely good that day!
Once again, Congratulations to both Alan & Tina, Mr. & Mrs.Tan!!~
May happiness continues..
<3 <3 <3