Friday, 27 September 2013

[Food] B'dae Celebration @ DOZO Singapore - Excellent Services

Classified as a fine modern Japanese cuisine.

Our first dining experience at DOZO was really awesome, everything from the ambience to the food and then the services was above satisfactory! A perfect birthday treat from my dear boyf and we both had a great time dining at DOZO, really love it a lot!

As we walk into the restaurant, friendly staffs welcome us with warm greetings (quite a number of them as the place were rather big). Me, who have never been to a fine dining restaurant like this before, feels that the place is really quite comfortable to dine in, with dim lights and candles on every table (Quite romantic de!).
I see most people came to enjoy not just their food, but also the wines in store. There's actually a lounge area and also various private rooms in different themes for those on business functions or certain occasions with large groups having some celebrations together.
 Table setting;
The Menu;
(Selection between 6 or 7 course set)
Welcome drinks served even before we start ordering;
 All DOZO's service crew seems to be well prepared, they know their Menu really well. Very pro-active and attentive towards their customers. They make the effort to explain to their customers on all dishes and what's best recommended to suit our tastebuds! Most importantly, they were very polite and friendly. It's like they gave their 101% efforts in their job, making sure that their customers eat well, dine well.

1. Starter
Chef's selection of the day;
Super love the scallop!
( i personally don't take scallop but i gave this a try and love the taste as well as the texture right away~)
Reason why i don't take scallop is because most of the time i ate were rubbery and i dislike any food that are rubbery in texture and takes forever to chew. and by the time i done chewing it, the taste is gone.. kinda disgusted la.
2. Cold Dish
My Pick: Here's my favourite dish among the rest! The Smoked Duck Breast! Heavenly taste, really!
I love those chilled thin slices of duck meat, so well cooked.
For him: Tuna with Crab Meat comes in a very unique presentation.
3. Side Dish
My Pick: Stewed Beef Tendon with Puff Pastry, the beef is yummy, soft meat with the right amount of layered fats. I love that part! The round ball-like think at the side was actually fried potato, yums again! =D
For him: Foie Gras Chanwanmushi with Black Truffle slice, another special dish!
4. Soup
For him: Infusion of Cepes Mushroom with Truffle. Very nice, i love it!
My Pick: Bacon Infused Pumpkin Soup, not bad but i had tasted a better one from elsewhere.
5. Main
For him: Herb Braised Lamb Shank - Super HUGE piece!
My Pick: Poached Salmon with Edamame-miso dip and butter vegetable!
Both of us actually loves Salmon a lot!
Personally think it was nicely done, nicely cut. =)
6. Drinks
(Drinks came last, after desserts actually.)
We ordered the Ice Rose Lemon Tea and the Dozo's Mocktail of Love.
We prefers the Ice Rose Lemon Tea than the other, very soothing for the throat. 
It also gives off that very aroma rosy smell.
Dozo's Mocktail of Love is a little too sour due to the plum added inside.
7. Desserts
Just when i thought we are done with our dinner and ready to make payments,
the waiter serves out a complimentary birthday cupcake for me so as to celebrate my birthday. I was surprised of course! The waiter even initiate to sing the birthday song together with my boyf for me. SO LOVELY!!

This is a part of DOZO's practice, they will ask their customers if there were any celebration going on.. so my boyf told the waiter it was for my birthday.. and so i got this! =D Nvm if my name were spelled wrongly, we are happy that night and that is all that matters!
I really love the presentation of all the dishes served!
 Thanks for the lovely night!
 We ate so much that night!
A BIG HUG to the boyf who found this wonderful place!

and Thank you DOZO for everything that happened!
For the great service you guys gave, we will come back to dine again for sure. =)

Do check out their cool and informative website. There's everything you need to find out!

491 River Valley Rd,  #02-02/03 Valley Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 248371

For reservation/ enquiries:
Tel: +65 6838 6966