Monday, 11 November 2013

[Media Invite] CHEEtSE Launch Party - CHEESY HEARTS

 Has anyone heard of CHEEtSE before?

It's a newly launched online shop selling Cheesy Hearts, made and owned by Tselyn. [Check out her blog at] Knowing her for the first time, i find that she's a very friendly, bubbly and full of enthusiastic girl!
Cheesy Hearts, made with love, is a 3-tier mini tart, filled with jelly, cream cheese, and biscuits.
Order comes in 2 unique flavours - Strawberry and Blueberry. Both taste great, i personally like the strawberry more than the other. The smart blend of cheese and biscuit underneath is really awesome. There is a minimum order of 2 boxes required;

Box of 4 pieces of either flavours will be selling at - $5
Box of 6 pieces of either flavours will be selling at - $8

As the online website is not ready yet, to order these lovely tarts from CHEEtSE
email your order request to TERRI_CADY28@HOTMAIL.COM

Tselyn's very kind as she said she can deliver it to you at your own convenience too!
Stawberry   |   Blueberry

Attended CHEEtSE's official launch party held at Studio Space some time ago.. There were photobooth, fun photo prints, karaoke system and all the sweet yummy treats prepared specially by Tselyn herself ! Thank you for the wonderful night! =)

Cute packs of welcome gifts, plenty of drinks and utensils.
 Folding of paper hearts session,

Dinner is taken care of.

The place,
Karaoke entertainment set from Sparkz Entertainment,
super awesome audio and equipments. Do check out their website at

Some other sweet treats were also prepared

From Whisk Treats,
Instagram: @whisk_treats / @_SYAFIIQAHH
Salted Caramel Chunky Nutty Brownies in a jar,
they look darn delicious!
Cookies n Cream brownies on top,
Salted caramel brownies at the bottom.

From Baked With Lorve,
 Instagram: @bakedwithlorve / @Lindiilorve
Rainbow cupcakes,
 lovely Red Velvet petite cakes,

You guys really really have to check out their instagram for more details, their gallery is super pretty! ^^
And if you are planning to have a christmas party at home or elsewhere, go for their tarts and cupcakes, there will surely make your guest happy and your table looking pretty! =)

Photo Collage that pretty sum up my photoshoot experience with them!
Once again, thank you Tselyn for the warm invites to your launch party and all the kind goodies!
 Got to know many nice people there and made some new friends too! =)

Outfit: Creamy yellow top with flora pants