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[Media Tasting] Weekend Brunch Special - MEDZS

Lovely weekends, everyone! I am back with new yummelicious food to share here!

I was first introduced to MEDZS at their first outlet at Orchard Central, Singapore and since then.. am loving it so much for its beautiful restaurant concept with wide varieties of great Mediterranean dishes. (Read my past post here.) Just the other day, i am here again for their brunch menu set!

2nd outlet at Millenia Walk with alfresco dining area,
MEDZS at Orchard Central and Millenia Walk houses over 100 labels of international & craft beers and great Mediterranean tapas like crispy pork belly, paprika chicken fritters, calamari fritters with aioli dip, and MORE! 
MEDZS prides itself on the open-kitchen concept where one can enjoy seeing the chefs at work, dishing up a piping hot seafood paella or grilling a line of gourmet kebabs. You can always ask our friendly servers for the recommendation of the day.
Customers enjoy a cashless electronic card system, which gives them the convenience of paying only at the end of the meal. There is also no service charge.

Apart from its usual outlets promotions, MEDZS came up with their latest creation, the brand new Weekend Brunch Menu, which will be available from Saturday, 22nd February 2014. This very special all-day Weekend Brunch Menu at MEDZS is a pastiche of authentic French, Spanish, Moroccan, Italian, Greek and Turkish cuisines. Diners will get to experience one of the largest range of brunch items, with crazily affordable prices from $12.90 to $14.90! Below pictures will show you why i find it so affordable.

There were two different set of menu which will be alternate on a weekly basis. So far, i have only tried their first set which i thought the dishes tasted really rich and nice! I believe the other set will definitely be as delicious too! =)

As there are a lot of different dishes in their menu, it will be possible for you getting a little lost especially so if you are new to the place.. Fret not, just look out for the Brunch Special notice board in front of each counter if you are planning to try out their new brunch menu too! Just like this,

Other usual items are still available, just adding more choices for you.. =)

Okay, so here are some of the items in their new weekend brunch menu;

1. Croque Monsieur or Le Jolly Monsieur

   A French connoisseur. Fluffy, thick toast with Ham, Cheese and B├ęchemel Sauce (White Sauce), pair with Bacon and Pork Bratwurst, and a cup of Scramble Egg at the side. This hearty dish melts in the mouth as i munch in. How can we not have Egg in a brunch menu right? Their Scramble Egg is super yummy with just the right amount of butter in it.. not too watery, not too dry. Everyone will love this dish for sure!

Look at that oh-so-good scramble egg! =D

2. Stacked Brunch Torte

   From Italy, layered Puff Pastry with Eggs, Ham, Mushroom, Spinach, Cheese and Bell Pepper along with Salad. Ingredients are well put together and the thickness seems just nice. The serving size isn't this small, there are actually two of this Puff Pastry in this dish which in fact, enough to fill one person's stomach!

3. Bouncy Benedict

   A MEDZS style item; Home-cured Salmon with Baked Tomato, Rosti Potato and English Muffin (at the bottom of the Egg Benedict) along with salad. Their Rosti Potato tastes really nice so does their salmon!

A closer look into the Egg Benedict when cut into halves, taste were pretty okay.

4. Toasty Tortilla

   From Spain, Chorizo and Brioche Toast with Scrambled Egg and warm Stewed Beans. Taste good with omelette-like texture. I love the way they present their dishes, each with different style.

5. Poseidon's Wrap

   From Greek, Wrap with Prawn, Fish, Squid, Tomato, Lettuce, Tzatziki and Greek Salad. A cup of Scrambled Egg as side.A healthy-looking meal, their wrap is done to the right texture and serving size and the ingredients are well put together. The Salad here is amazingly good! Love it!

6. Spicy Chicken Tagine

   A Morocco cuisine. Chicken with Tomatoes, Capsicum, Hard Boiled Egg and Potato Pancakes.
Its a rather huge portion and quite a heavy serving size for a brunch set, but since its a all-day brunch item.. consider having this for dinner, yes?! An appetising dish with spicy, sweet sauce. Kinda taste like a mix of Malay and Indian cuisine. Thumbs-up for its tender Chicken meat so soft i could just swallow it!

7. Egg-crowned Shakshouka

   Another Morocco dish. Lamb Kefta with Tomatoes, Eggs Tagine and Garlic Toast. Of similar sauce or gravy as the "Spicy Chicken Tagine", the lamb meat are presented in unique, meatball sizes. Love the eggs here!

8. A Berry Pancake Gala (Dessert)

   Fresh Berries, Summer Berries with Topping cream. ( Choice of Maple Syrup, Mango Sauce, Vanilla Sauce and Strawberry Sauce) A good match of berries and pancakes to end my meal! =D

In complement to the hearty range of brunch menu, the first 200 customers this month with purchase of every brunch item at each MEDZS outlet will receive a complimentary cup of premium coffee! =)

If you are not into coffee, there are wide varieties of other tasty drinks available as well.
Their fresh juices are one of the best choices to go with your meal!

Happy Dining!~



Store Locations:

   MEDZS at Orchard Central
   181 Orchard Road #B2-01, 
   Singapore 238896
   Tel: +65 6238 9028

   MEDZS at Millenia Walk,
   9 Raffles Boulevard #01-46, 
  Singapore 039596
  Tel: +65 6337 7507

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