Monday, 10 March 2014

[Media Tasting] Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

With more and more ramen stores being introduced to us, this is one good ramen store not to be missed!

Just months ago, the famous, top ramen chain in Japan and over 290 outlets worldwide - Ramen Kagetsu Arashi "Kagetsu Ramen", opens business here in Singapore and within a short span of 6 months since its first opened, there are currently 3 outlets island-wide!

Established in 1992, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi takes pride in its dedication to serve quality ramen and its masterfully infused traditional and modern ramen flavours.

They are easily identified by their theme colours in black and orange with friendly, comfortable seating. I would say the seating capacity is of average so be there early (suggest before 7pm) if you are planning to have your dinner there or you may have to follow the queues..
Nicely arranged table setting on each table, with set of condiments and ice water. (Perfect ice water jar)

Well known for their signature add-ons, customers is free to enhance their ramen to suit each and every taste buds. Of these, there are four main add-ons which are highly recommended for a complete Kagetsu's experience;
     1. Freshly imported black pepper
     2. Kagetsu Ramen's secret recipe soy sauce, handed down through its many generations
     3. Special in-house seasoned chives made fresh daily (very appetising with a little spicy-ness)
     4. Freshly crushed garlic (hands-on experience with the unique garlic press tool)

Specially made in-house seasoned chives,
First time seeing this in a ramen store with a plate of garlic and tool served,
interesting idea!
   Their 2 newly launched exclusive items are a Must-try if you haven't;
        1. Ginjiro Ramen
        2. Itameshi dry curry rice

This is by far the best Dry Curry i have ever tasted! Probably because it doesn't taste like the usual Japanese Curry rice, kind of like a mix of western and chinese fried rice. The dry curry rice, at only sgd $12.90, includes a blend of spices (sweet with just a little spicy). The rice is slightly scorched to create a crispy texture and smoky aroma. Resting atop the rice is a wonderfully prepared egg, fragrant and cooked to perfection.

This dish is specially served with a crew preparing the mix of the rice on the spot!

  The Ginjiro Ramen at sgd $13.90, is a laborious dish where Pork bones are simmered over long hours till their natural sweetness can be extracted. Dried bonito, kelp and several other ingredients are then tossed in to achieve that flavoursome goodness. Highly addictive, this Kagetsu Ramen original is rich in collagen and a definite must-try.

Everything tasted just right in a bowl, broth is rich enough that my boyf and I feels that other add-ons is actually not necessary.
Texture of the ramen was good! Love their seaweed too!

Their Gyoza, sgd $6, is another in-house special! Encased in crispy pastry skin is juicy pork meat filling. The skin is specially imported from Japan and even after frying, it retains its crispiness and chewy texture (which explains why its thicker than what we usually had outside). We think that the Gyoza is best to have it with either Shoyu, Layu or Vinegar. Among these, i like the Layu most!


Store Locations:

Tampines 1
   10 Tampines Central 1, 
   #02-09/10, Tampines 1
   Singapore 539536
   Tel: +65 6854 0335
  Opening Hours: 11:30am - 10:00pm

The Star Vista
   1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-41
   Singapore 138617 (Buona Vista MRT)
   Tel: +65 6339 0335
   Opening Hours: 11:30am - 11:00pm (Fridays, Saturdays and eve of PH), 
                             11:30am - 10pm (Sundays to Thursdays)

The Cathay
   2 Handy Road,
   #B1-01/02/03, The Cathay
   Singapore 229233
   Tel: +65 6736 3055
   Opening Hours: 11:30am - 10:00pm