Thursday, 29 May 2014

[Media Invite] Tang Music Box - Brings Out The Superstar In You

What's one of the best way for weekend gatherings with family and friends without having to stay under the hot sun or afraid of making too much noise outside? Karaoke of course! Set in the heart of Clarke Quay's party district (where the water fountain is), the all-new Tang Music Box brings karaoke experience to a whole new level!

Located at the upper level, Tang Music Box's exterior is of vibrant yellow and sweet blue windows, as well as big signage that easily draws people's attention!

Take the lift up to level 2 and 'Open Sesame' to the most adorable KTV i've ever been to.
First thing that greet us are these super kawaii speakers as decors,

This is the front counter, not the usual plain black desk but neat and clean, with small decors under bright lights which make it suitable for families and with children.. ( No cover charge for kids below the age of 12 and they even get to snack for free on Sundays! *Selected snacks only )

Lively place, bright and clean,

When walk further in, there is a mini supermarket - known affectionately as The Meeting Place, where it is part of the interesting way it charges its patrons. Beautiful concept, stocks with a variety of craft beers, shelves of hard liquor and Champagne, chilled beverages and tasty snacks such as biscuits and chips!

Wide variety of beverages and snacks, placed neatly on shelves,

Nacho Cheese dip is one of the popular pick!
I like how they provide rare snacks in.. A very interesting concept!

They even have seaweeds, marshmallows and packed popcorns in different flavours,

Sweet girl, Tselyn who arranged and organised this event.
Thank you so much to our dear girl!! 

So basically, just grab your food and drinks choice (Baskets for your convenience) and then go to their counter and tell the friendly staff your designated room number. They will do the rest of the preparations and send it to your room.
At any point of time during the K-session, we can always come out to The Market Place to pick another drinks and snacks if hunger and thirst strike. The whole idea here is to build connections and socialize between customers.

While waiting at their front counter, comfortable french style arm chairs are available. 
Really love their setting and the thoughtfulness of the shop owner!
A picture with Noelle Mikazuki while waiting for our room's sound system to be ready!

Check out these details too; city skyline wallpaper, elegant Chandelier, and retro floorings..

We also went on to check out their restroom, too cute!!

Offering over 25 karaoke rooms, each room is uniquely decorated with a Chinois-theme in mind, with elements drawn from Hong Kong, Old Shanghai, Tokyo and New York. Having high bar stools encourage people to mingle around. All rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art KOD sound systems and HD song hits and the latest BMB sound system, one of the best so far. A total of 25 rooms can hold up to 300 people.

This is the 2nd largest room, able to contain up to 25 pax,

Some other various types of rooms, each with its own unique style!

and this is their mini room caters for 1-3 pax, 

Having walk through the various rooms, this is my preferred choice. I think room size is suitable for either small group parties or big family gatherings.

Large 17 inch flat TV screen,

Club room is the largest, about 30 pax and there are 3 LCD screens. It also consist of a personal pool table and a private toilet. For event above 30 pax, catering service can also be arranged!

Concept here is such that there's a cover charge per pax, and a minimum spend which varies depending on the type of room selected. Extending of hours requires to double spend on minimum spending.
2 sessions to choose from, either 2-7pm or 7pm to closing (between 3am to 6am).
Do check out their website for daily promotions and rates before heading down. 
Alternatively, these posters are available at their front counter;
If you like what they offer, join in as a member of Tang Music Box!
One of the best thing as a member is that you get to redeem your own personalised microphone in various colours when you collate 3000 points! 

Glad to have met this super friendly girl, Vivian! =)

Lively and vibrant ambiance it is, making it great for both family outings and special events or crazy parties like hens nights or birthday gigs!

Thanks for reading till the end! =D

3B River Valley Road #02-03/04, The Foundry, Block B, Clarke Quay.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu 2pm - 4am;
Fri-Sat 2pm - 6am;
Sun 1pm - 3am.

Contact number: 6338 6659