Thursday, 12 June 2014

[Media Invite] Health and Beauty Workshop

Attended a health and beauty workshop last Friday night at The Studio Bar where i get to learn about Oh's Farm Catering, Health Can be Fun, OpenRice and their mobile app, and TheFaceShop beauty products.

The Studio Bar, along North Bridge Road, provides a cosy and friendly space suitable for birthday parties, corporate events, product launches or networking nights.
Adorable wall art spotted,

The workshop started off with the first speaker, Jia Hui, who first introduce us to Oh's Farm Catering where they don't just provide food catering services but with quality and style. They uphold to their mission statement - of Substance, Service and Style , making every catering occasion a unique, memorable experience for their clients.

Next, Health Can be Fun (HCF) team make a short introduction but an interesting one. HCF consists of natural fun makers and health consultants who empowers the environment in which we live in by creating opportunities for everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle, mainly in three aspects of our lives - Work, Family and Individuals!

One example shown are these colourful coasters created by HCF
Very meaningful messages and health benefits stated on coasters are some of their ideas that are simple yet creative!

Following after is Mr Kenett Wong, Country Manager of OpenRice who talks about OpenRice and their latest launch of mobile application - OpenSnap. OpenRice provides an online dining guide for people written by local people. It has a comprehensive restaurant search engine and a platform for users to write reviews and ratings of the restaurants they have visited. Today, they has further established its presence in major cities across China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore!

Their newly launch OpenSnap is truly a must-have mobile app for food lovers and seekers! Here's a good read on the 7 reasons why -
Stand to win a REDMI phone daily until 14th of June when you submit five food pictures and hashtag #dontsayibojio with OpenSnap mobile app. Check their Facebook page for the winners' announcement -

Not long after, its feasting time!! All prepared and set up by Oh's Farm Catering
Food were delicious and of great quality. On top of that, they also focus on serving healthy food, Low in Fat and Sugar!
*Good Job and two thumbs-up from me!* 
Above pic: Cream of Mushroom soup (Fat Free Milk)

Mesclun Salad with Roasted Walnut dressed in Balsamic Vinaigrette,

Sauteed Pasta with Chicken & Trio Capsicum,

Baked Salmon with Dill in Lemon Dressing,

Tomato Whole Prawns, (Personally Love this dish!)

Grilled Chicken with Black Peppercorn,

Low Fat Cheese Eggplant (Personally Love this dish too!), 

Fruits platter,

They specialised in creating unique, wonderful fine-dining experiences and have work with many great companies for corporate events.
Here are a few examples.. Do check their website or contact them for more details.

Shrimp cocktail,

Truffle cake,

The next half of the session were conducted by The FaceShop. We were introduced to their new range of skin care products, SMIM Fermentation Line, providing a full spectrum for daily skincare regime! 
Do check out their website to find out more!

A demo was shown..
A little help is needed for comparison so Hong Peng was asked to volunteer;
Continue watching the demo..and from here i got to learn that whenever we apply skincare product on our face, we apply it in a upwards direction. However, when we apply them on our neck and we are standing upright, it should be downwards instead. That is why we see beautician applying them in a upwards direction on our neck during facial treatments because we are lying down.

The wide range of SMIM fermentation Concentration;

as well as TheFaceShop Make-up line;

Thank you TheFaceShop for all the sampling and pampering! 

and Thank You all for reading till the end! =)