Sunday, 14 September 2014

[Food Tasting] Chong Qing Chicken Pot at Bugis Food Junction

Done with my Stats assignment and im back to blogging again! Today post is a throwback to what i ate at Bugis Food Junction some time back - Chong Qing Chicken Pot located at stall #11 (near Toast Junction).

Yes, the signature Chong Qing Chicken Pot made its first stall at Bugis Junction's Food Junction! So people who love spicy food can now get to enjoy these Sichun Cuisine from Chong Qing. Chong Qing is one of the city in China well known for its hot Sichun Cuisine. Here at the stall, dishes are cooked using fresh ingredients and unique blend of spices and flavours, all balanced in colour, smell, flavour and nutrition.

Their menu originated from a dish that was created by the legendary well known Ji Gong (otherwise known as the "crazy monk" Dao Ji). 

Here's a look at what they have in their menu,
Recommended dishes are: Chong Qing Chicken Pot, Seafood Pot, and Fennel Beef Pot
The signature Chon Qing Chicken Pot!

Signature Fennel Beef Pot!

Signature Seafood Pot!

Prices varies depending on your choice of serving size,

Got to know that their homemade special secret sauce were added to their dishes to compliment and bring out the flavours of the meat! I can smell the aroma fragrance of the pot of meat even a table away~

I had a taste of their signature Fennel Beef Pot which gained many likes from the table!
Still piping hot when its served! Strong aroma of the dish makes us hungry right away~
I like it tender and love the whole presentation of the dish. Not overly meaty, a good balance of the proportion between meat and vegetables.
Another image taken from the mobile phone (the actual colour),

Next, a unique dish - the Frog Legs pot. My first time trying frog meat in a dish! It actually taste like white chicken meat.. but the thought of eating frog meat is uncommon and feels weird in the throat, i still prefers chicken meat! =P
This is a slightly different dish, unlike the rest which served in a hot pot, the Frog Legs pot was served in a large bowl instead. The colours were beautiful but its super spicy i will have to eat them in small pieces. Great for people who love spicy food as it enliven the tastebud from the very first piece! 

and their signature Chong Qing Chicken Pot!
The spicyness is just right for me (Because i can't handle spicy food). There is a good blend of ingredients with a sweet fragrance altogether!
Tender chicken meat cut into sizes that are also easy for the palate.. My personal favourite dish!

Do not judge just by the above pictures. The chefs at Chong Qing Chicken Pot stall place heavy emphasis on quality food yet at the same time, served at affordable prices!!

Bugis Food Junction is located at #03-30. (+65 6334 0163)