Sunday, 7 September 2014

[Review] Mordecai Skin - Facial Skin Care Treatment

Visited Mordecai Skin 2 weeks+ ago for a sponsored facial treatment by Mordecai Skin, special thanks to Street DirectoryVisiting a facial has never been this carefree!

Branching out from Face of Men, Mordecai Skin (pronounced as Mor-d-kai) specialize in facial treatment for men. Although their target customer are male, females are welcome too! Many other facial parlour that we have heard or seen of are meant to design for ladies, Mordecai Skin on the other hand created a place for guys to enjoy relaxing facial treatment, where guys no longer feel uneasy going for facial to have their skin checked on and treated for.

Situated at Ang Mo Kio central, Mordecai Skin is right at the far corner away from Courts. Notice there are many other beauty salon nearby.. In fact, lots of them across the stretch of shophouses and many esthetician were seen standing outside their shops distributing flyers and approaching people (No, not anyone from Mordecai Skin). Currently in its 3rd year, Mordecai Skin offers a fair price, at a pricing system understandable to man. There are definitely no hard selling rule simply because they care and understand people who came by for their services. Different from the rest, Mordecai Skin has a clear and bright layout with wooden flooring that gives a homey feel.

It feels more like a friendly clinic to me..

Mordecai Skin offers a list of facial treatment for all skin types, from Fruit Acid Peel, Diamond Peel, Purification and Brightening to Aroma Soothing Therapy. I feel safe taking up my first session at Mordecai Skin knowing that they uses products that are organic and comes in a wide range to suit different skin conditions. Products at Mordecai Skin are from Eve Talor, a high quality, all natural aromatherapy product in the market for over 40 years. Eve Taylor products do not contain Lancolin, Mineral Oil Artificial fragrance, or SC alcohol. Nothing harmful to the skin, only gentle.

I was being greeted by two beautiful Aestheticians - Josie and Aiko, who are both super friendly and nice. I wasn't feel pressured at all throughout the whole session. In fact, was chatting away happily with Josie when she share with me how the company started out and also her working experiences..

They examined my face condition and concluded that my skin type was dry with a little sensitive around my cheek area. They suggested using one of their skin treatment on me, the High Vitaliont treatment. "High Vitaliont is a machine that helps to penetrate products into the inner layers of the skin, for more effective absorption of products by the skin. This is a non-invasive treatment which relies on active transportation within an electric field and may be used in combination with other treatments".

Changed into slippers before the session starts..

The beautiful corridor to the rooms...
The room..

As usual, starting the session by cleansing.. My skin feels good after cleansing!

1. Facial Cleanse
2. Facial Scrub

3. Steam (to open up the pores and soften plug of hardened sebum)
4. Extraction

Mordecai Skin focus a lot on facial extraction as we all know extraction helps in the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, acene and skin congestion of any kind.

Extraction to many is consider to be the most scary part of the facial, even for myself. I was scared because the previous extraction done elsewhere was a painful one.

However, to my surprise, Aiko's skill is superb! The pain were close to 0 and for once, i am really comfortable with it!!

With her help, stubborn area is treated. 
The more obvious one - in the yellow ring.  

Next, detoxifying and killing germs after extraction.
5. High Frequency

This procedure isn't pain at all. She told me that there will be tingling feeling while she zap around my face with the handheld machine. But there wasn't much feeling.

Realise all or most of the redness is gone now,

6. High Vitaliont with Serum

No pain feeling at all for this step. Using the tool, she did circling motion around my face with serum added on. I was about to fall asleep when she was doing this. It lasted for about 15mins if i remember correctly, and no longer than that (same logic as putting on a face mask).

Feeling thankful for her graceful hands that makes this whole session so comfortable!!

7. Face / Point Massage (also include a head massage)
8. Facial Masque

Last step, putting on facial Masque.

A chilled facial Masque was placed and will let it rest on my face for about 20mins.
(Lights off and a bit of nap time for me)
Very cooling!

Face after the session with Mordecai Skin
(No filtering of picture)
No sign of itchness or redness or being pushed to hard.
My skin feels tightened, toned and hydrated now! 

This is their restroom, super nice ambience!

A cup of soothing tea is served,

I had a pleasant experience here at Mordecai Skin and am very pleased with both their super friendly service and profession!

Here's a photo with Josie, wanted to ask Aiko too, but she was too shy for the camera that day.
Mordecai team is made up of such sweet and lovely people. Check out their facebook page and website, you can see that not only they care for one another like a family, they also care for the society.

The following day,.. happy with a clean face on me! Thank you Mordecai Skin!!

Is so good i actually asked my brother to go have for their facial treatment!
It was his first try, so he was telling me the extraction on him was super painful but its all good and will visit Mordecai Skin again! Everyone's skin condition is different, if one has too many clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads or acnes, there will be a certain level of pain during extraction. In my opinion, Mordecai Skin handles extraction well, leaving no scar, cause redness or sensitivity.

Mordecai Skin is currently having a promotion. 
For first time clients, facial treatment is priced at only S$48.

Also on promotion till Oct-2014 is their HAPPY-WEDNESDAY!! No package required. 

Mordecai Skin received many return male clients, and was told that their clients ranges from youth to old. Many of their clients were in their NS too! Couples too, with female bringing their partner along to enjoy facial treatment together!

All appointments have to be booked in advance, no walk-in allowed.

Address: Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #01-4214 Singapore 560728
Contact No.: +65 6456 0900 , +65 9186 6098
Email: ,