Sunday, 14 December 2014

[Media Invite] d'Skin Trailblazing Technology Helps Track Skin's pH Level

Thanks to the media invitation to the opening event of d’skin, one of the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore! Opened its first outlet at Kovan, d’skin is bringing its arsenal of top-grade equipment and tailored services to the heartlands, offering skincare treatments that run the gamut, from anti-ageing to skin tightening, pigmentation disorder, acne and pore reduction. Other outlets are also coming up over the next year.

d’skin focuses on using high tech medical-grade equipment to achieve desirable results, which are safe and effective. Combined with the expert techniques and healing touch of their therapists, d’skin is the place for a total skin rejuvenation, and to start a journey of maintaining long-term fitness for our skin. With a wealth of experience in treating different skin concerns, d’skin is an expert in hyper-pigmentation therapy and premature ageing control, and have earned the indisputable trust of their customers for effective treatments; especially for acne-prone, sensitive skin. The prices begin at reasonable prices from S$68.

d’skin has brought in Soft Plus, a standalone PC-powered skin assessment system which are able to track the skin’s pH level on top of tracking other important indicators like hydration, sebum, elasticity and melanin. Maintaining a balanced pH level is of utmost importance as it can help one achieve healthy skin and eliminate woes such as acne, wrinkles and inflammation.

With the addition of Soft Plus, d’skin continues to stand at the forefront of skincare technology. Soft Plus joins an array of high-end equipment d’skin has invested, which are endorsed and used by medical clinics and doctors. They include Lovely from Alma Lasers, LPG and eStyle & Velashape from Syneron; the world leader in medical graded beauty equipment. These solutions lend the skin treatment centre the ability to treat a variety of skin conditions. For every customer, the skin therapist will conduct a thorough skin diagnosis and generate a report, which is then used to track the client’s skin age as well as progress following every treatment.

“Soft Plus goes a long way in enabling us to uphold our mission of helping customers achieve optimum skin health. After determining the skin’s detailed profile, our skincare therapists are able to recommend very effective treatments. To ensure better results, we couple the treatments with our own array of skincare products under the d’skin brand of Japan and Europe formulation. After 13 years of research and treating countless clients with pigmentation, sensitivity, premature aging and acne skin conditions, we realise that it’s not just the machines alone or the product alone that helps the clients; it’s the knowledge and combination of handwork, machines, products, and that is what d’skin brings to all its clients.” says Joyce Chu, D’Skin’s Deputy General Manager.

I feel really pampered in the gentle hands of one of their sweet therapist who ensure i feel comfortable at all times and also explain to me about the various steps and functions she is going to take throughout the session. =) 

My skin's hydration level is really bad..

Checking on skin's Keratin (type of protein) level,

A final report will be shown after all the respective examines,

Following after is a slip of the personal skin test report printed out. The good thing about it was having the system to tell us the areas that we have to improve on or things that we should avoid doing in our daily lifestyle.

This whole procedure only takes about a few mins and results are out instantly after! Very impressive technology!

Was given CO2 Gel masks (suitable for all skin types) to try out and each box comes with a mousse. The mousse works amazingly that dries up the mask for easy peeling after 20-30mins.

"CO2 gel mask is an effective mask treatment for refining skin texture, face slimming and brightening."

The beautiful range of d’skin products,

Very happy to be here at the opening event and i have learnt a lot about taking care of our skin, thank you so much d’skin!

As for treatments,

Key treatments include:

Oxygenating Treatment (O2) ($198): Perfect for the everyday busy woman with dehydrated and tired skin, this oxygen therapy helps to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish pores, and is clinically proven to increase hydration level up to 40%. This treatment hydrates, plumps and renews the skin in an instant!

Soft Light / Cold Light Therapy ($498): Light of specific wavelengths is delivered to the skin to stimulate and activate cellular processes deep within the skin layers. A patented an innovative method to stimulate the biological functions at cellular level in a completely non-invasive and painless way: the cellular photo bio-stimulation.This process triggers the production of collagen and elastin. This relaxing and enjoyable treatment can help to reverse the effects of environmental damage and visible signs of ageing. It is completely safe and does not cause thermal damage, discomfort or scarring.

Photo Rejuvenation ($348): This is a unique combination of light and heat technologies, specially developed to unveil natural healthy skin. Also known as Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy, this non-evasive treatment uses the different wavelengths of light to penetrate and treat different layers of the skin. Photo facial rejuvenation treatments are extremely effective in treating a host of skincare issues such as acne, skin damage from sun, visible broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, etc. A safe and effective treatment clinically proven by dermatologists.

Supreme CO2 Phototheraphy ($468): The signs of an aging face include lines, wrinkles, age spots and a downward drooping of facial features, and this treatment visibly minimise eyebags and dark circles. For those with medium to deep wrinkling who wish to avoid surgical procedures but desire a youthful, refreshed skin tone, Supreme CO2 Phototheraphy is the ideal choice, best news is – it has no downtime. The treatment is enhanced with our unique techniques to detox the cell and increase blood circulation followed by the selected light and heat therapy. It further accelerates cell regeneration and metabolic action of cells by boosting oxygen supply through the introduction of CO2.

MiraWhite treatment: An upcoming treatment that is set to wow everyone with its pigmentation reduction effects. Since its ongoing trials on more than 50 customers, 100% are satisfied with the results, 85% see immediate effects for pigmentation reduction and more than 90% have made the commitment to continue this treatment.


Location of D’Skin clinics:

1. Kovan Outlet (Heartland Mall)
205 Hougang St 21
#02-133/135, Singapore 530205
Tel: 6282 7388 SMS: 8181 7388

2. Novena Square Outlet (branded under “Su Beau Derma Clinik”, will be re-branded to “D’Skin”)
238 Thomson Rd
Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Tel: 6252 5822 SMS: 9456 9533

3. Toa Payoh Outlet (branded under “D’Faceworks”, will be re-branded to “D’Skin”)
520 Toa Payoh Central
#01-54, Singapore 310520
Tel: 6258 9388 SMS: 8181 9388