Sunday, 4 January 2015

[Movie Review] Bring Back the Dead 招魂

Opening in Singapore's cinemas this 8th January with special sneak previews from 1st to 4th January, local movie BRING BACK THE DEAD 《招魂》 is ready to spook viewers!

"Admittedly, the idea of bringing someone’s spirit back from the dead is not a unique concept, particularly to Asian horror films. However, what struck me about the story was the underlying emotional core – the bond between a parent and a child; a bond that is so strong, so permanent, that a parent would risk life, limb and even sanity to preserve it." - LEE THEAN-JEEN (李天仁), Director for BRING BACK THE DEAD 招魂

Scripted and directed by Lee Thean-jeen李天仁, BRING BACK THE DEAD marks his third full-length feature film after the release of his directorial debut HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 in 2011 and EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS 《人人有份》 in 2013. Coincidentally, this is also Jesseca Liu’s third feature film after UNTOLD BEAUTY 《还原》 and GREEDY GHOST 《贪心鬼见鬼》.

BRING BACK THE DEAD revolves around Jia En (Jesseca Liu), a doting mother who loses her seven-year-old son, Xiao Le (Shawn Tan) in a tragic road accident. Beyond grief over her son’s death, she seeks the help of her former caregiver, Mdm Seetoh (Liu Ling Ling), to bring back his soul so that he can be ‘by her side’. However, after several strange and deadly occurrences in the house, she begins to suspect that there is something amiss with the soul she has brought back. When she discovers the horrifying truth, it may be at the cost of her own life as well as those around her.

当她的独生子因遇车祸不幸丧命时,一个伤心欲绝的嘉恩(刘子绚 饰)因为沉浸于失子的悲伤,决定请小时候照顾她的保姆,司徒姐(刘玲玲 饰)协助她把儿子的灵魂招回她身边。

BRING BACK THE DEAD is produced by mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd, Weiyu Films and Clover Films; in association with Bert Pictures, Infinite Frameworks, JTeam Productions, 3VS1 Asia Growth Fund 2; supported by Singapore Film Commission; Official TV Channel – E City; Supporting TV Channel – Channel U; co-distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

Running Time: approx 90mins
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Language: Chinese, English
Production Budget: 1.1 million

Thank you Clover Films for these tickets, i got Herman who came back from the states to go with me..

Leading actors Jesseca Liu 刘子绚, Jacko Chiang 蒋伟文, Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲, and Director Lee Thean-jeen 李天仁 attended the Gala Premiere on 30th Dec.

A short yet well-scripted film that brings horror and also a story that touches many hearts about the love between mother and son. I like how the film started off with pictures of family protraits and happy moments. The music played in the scene is nice. The scary sound effect is great, sending chills up our spine and got even stronger towards the middle when horrifying things happened in the house. The flow made it easy to understand and viewers will be emotionally attached to the story very quickly. Having the most appearance in the screen, Jesseca Liu's good acting skill plays a big part in the movie. I think even if you aren't a fan of Jesseca Liu, you will start to admire her talent. A success film it is, a film worth watching for because its not just a horror movie, its has story that teaches us to love and cherish, and also able to learn to let go.. Support Singapore Film, support "Bring Back The Dead"!