Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Delightful McDonald's All-Day Breakfast and First-ever Breakfast Pyjamas Party

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Too much had happened in year 2014 and to kick start a wonderful year ahead, McDonald's is offering its first-ever All Day Breakfast, from 1st to 4th January 2015 in time to bring New Year joy to McDonald's breakfast-lovers. Breakfast favourites such as Hotcakes Meal, Hotcakes with Sausage Meal and Breakfast Deluxe Meal will be available till 5pm over the four days in all McDonald's restaurants in Singapore except Nanyang Poly, Singapore Poly 2, Lido, Clifford Centre, KK Hospital, Tampines Kiosk, Singapore Science Centre, and National University of Singapore.

McDonald's understands well that the New Year is filled with festive parties, hence here they are offering us the option of waking up later in the day and still be able to enjoy their breakfast meals! (thanks to this promotion, my boyfriend and i had just finished our shares!) Dear McDonald's, please do more of this for future Public Holidays as I'm Lovin It!

In addition to this, McDonald's will also be creating its first All Day Sunrise video. The video will feature the sunrise shot and broadcast live from some of the most iconic cities around the world. Starting with Gisborne, New Zealand - the world's first city to witness sunrise in 2015! The video will then move westward all the way to San Francisco, following the sunrise over different cities throughout the day. Start a brand new year with McDonald's by watching the sunrise today at Video of Singapore's is out!

With this All-Day breakfast promotion coming, i attended their preview few days earlier - McDonald's First-ever Breakfast Pyjamas Party!!! The 2nd time we (with Fif) went there (Bishan Park), yet we still took the wrong route and ended up having to walk a longer distance. Even so, we had fun and McDonald's simply made our day!! We all love McDonald's since we were just kids, especially their hearty breakfast meals with hotcakes and golden harshbrown! Delicious!!

At the party, we are given the choice to pick a pyjama, snap a selfie or wefie in pyjamas and then upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #McDPJPARTY. Any customer with that instagram photo will be entitled to a breakfast treat from McDonald! They also provide customers with sleep acccessories and designed the place filled with comfortable customised bedroom areas themed after some of the all-time favourite McDonald's breakfast items.

All new PJs for all ages, for the whole family!

We saw families coming together to enjoy their favourite breakfast meals, really heartwarming!

Taken at the photo booth with Fif,

Met Jas,

Welfie with Fif,

There were also booths for children to get their customised balloons, face painting, and pretty glitters on their hands,

Hi young Spiderman!

Also, as part of the #McDPJPARTY, we can make donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Singapore at the event to bring love and support to seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families. All proceeds will go to the charity's initiatives including its "home-away-from-home" programme in which families with children who are hospitalised can stay close together. Since 1989, and through the many support of donations from the general public and well-wishers in Singapore, RMHC has helped numerous needy children in Singapore with their medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment cost amounting over S$5 million in grants and in 2014, they has also committed S$379,000 in its Grant Programme which funding is provided to support projects presented by various public hospitals and non-profit/ voluntary welfare organisations that align with their mission of creating, finding, and supporting programmes that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. For more information about RMHC, visit

Really love this place, McDonald's in AMK / Bishan Park!

BIG HUG to McDonald's for putting smiles on us!!!