Friday, 7 August 2015

[Media Invite] GO60 where Everything GOes at $60

It surprises me much when i heard that all services at Go60 was priced at $60! Go60 is Singapore’s only fixed-price lifestyle spa boutique concept located conveniently at Esplanade Xchange (nearest mrt station: Esplanade MRT station) by Mary Chia Holdings Limited.

About Go60
Go60 is all about creating an enjoyable and pampering experience for you. Expect high-quality treatments at a price tag you will love. There are no prepaid packages or price uncertainty. Go60 aspires to make facial, massage and slimming services an alternative form of lifestyle. For busy executives who need a quick pick-me-up, GO60 offers effective, affordable and fuss-free options — be it a facial, a much-needed massage or a detox wellness session to kickstart a sluggish metabolism or to alleviate water-retention problems.
(Photo credit to Go60)

Its true, Go60 offers 60-minute luxurious facial, massage and slimming treatments all at an unrivalled price point in the market: S$60 nett!

It caters to the busy, on-the-go yuppies who deserve a respite from their busy schedules. What's better way to pamper yourself from the busy and tiring work than a facial and massage treatment! A quick fix and 60-minute recharge!

As part of its new MU Essential Treatment Series, Go60 has launched its latest facial treatment: Most Advanced Hydrating Facial Treatment (MU Essential Treatment Series) - a hydrating facial treatment that incorporates the Seven-step Spanish Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique.

The MU Essential Treatment Series follows a daily routine that includes:
- Essential cleanse
- Enzyme peel
- Essential toning lotion spray
- Essential serum
- Seven-step Spanish Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique
- Customised mask
- Essential moisturiser and UV defence mist spray

Benefits of the MLD Massage:
The MLD massage is a gentle massage that uses light, rhythmical and precise technique that helps to remove toxins and keeps the cells healthy. The lymph system is part of the body’s natural defence
system. Massaging it will help the lymph system deliver nutrients to the cells as well as carry away cellular waste, bacteria and toxins.

The massage also reduces facial puffiness — it alleviates fatigue as well as aids in all types of swelling from surgery to injury recovery. The lymph system carries water away, and with a facial lymphatic massage, you can experience a less swollen-looking appearance.

Finally, the massage invigorates the skin, tissues and nerves to unveil an ageless appearance. It relieves stress in the body and awakens a more vibrant you!

Gems in coloured bottles are skincare ampoules for effective results to the skin!

Attended their launch some time ago and had the chance to know more about MLD Massage that focuses on the lymph system. With many years of experience, staff at GO60 explained us the benefits of MLD Massage. I never knew there were as many as seven lymph nodes just on our face till they showed us using the green post-it (below image).

For this MLD Massage, she uses the appropriate 'qi' and the control of magnetic fields in the technique.

We were also given a chance to try a 15mins session of MLD face Massage. It was so soothing i almost fell asleep!

Loving how clean and calming the place is. There's even a shower facility available!

Also availabe in store are The Most Advanced & Complete MU Hydrating series;

1) MU Essential Facial Wash (50ml) $98 - with moisturizing botanicals to keep skin supple and hydrate all day!

2) MU Essential Refining Lotion (100ml) $98 - a light facial toner spray for hydration and feeling refresh!

3) MU Essential Moisturizer (50ml) $118 - contains high potency moisturizer in lightweight, silky soft cream texture.

4) MU Essential All-Day UV Defense mist spray (50ml) $138 - alcohol-free, skin hydrating mist. Perfect from hot days, long fligts or long hours in an air-conditioned environment!

Lovely red velvet cupcakes and refreshing cold pressed juices served during the launch! =)

Thank you GO60 for all of these hydrating essences and giving us the chance to experience an actual 60-minutes MU Essential Hydrating Facial treatment! The treatment was really really comfortable and soothing for me while enjoying my favourite Kpop music being played! The massage pressure was nice too!

I was given a MLD massage, followed by facial cleansing, facial scrub with ginseng face massage, facial treatment masque, facial toner, facial moisturizer and lastly, sunblock for the full treatment! =)

A great power nap during the treatment to help me stay refreshed for the rest of the day! =))

Below image without make-up on.. Attended another event with just brows and eye make-up on thereafter where someone came up to me saying i got prettier! ^^ Thank you so much to GO60 for the pampering treatment and for giving my skin an instant glow!! Shall bring my parents here next time for the MLD treatment!!

Address: 90 Bras Basah Road, Esplanade Xchange #B1-24
Instagram: @Go60_SG  #go60

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