Monday, 9 November 2015

[Media Invite] Wu Qiong Solo Exhibition - Here and Now (在这里) at Ode To Art Gallery

Attended the private opening of Wu Qiong Solo Exhibition - Here and Now (在这里) at Ode To Art Gallery last night together with Jasmine. This exhibition is an invitation to the state of mind replete with luscious dreamscapes, whimsical characters and compositions.

“Here and Now represents an entry point into a state of mind or being, with no single definition or explanation as to where ‘here’ is. I want to engage in a dialogue with viewers, introducing scenarios that would provoke thought or trigger memories and experiences. I want to highlight the wealth of emotions contained within my characters. They are a manifestation of common emotions and considerations of society; hopefully these feelings will resonate with viewers even if the situations and contexts, which I present them in, do not,” says Wu.

Wu Qiong, an internationally acclaimed Beijing-born sculptor and painter, spent a year of preparation for this exhibtion - Here and Now. An exhibition which marks his transition to sculpting in bronze.

His newer masterpieces are more subtle, allowing more open-ended interpretations and portraying more powerful emotions and feelings. These visceral feelings are communicated through postures, facial expressions and depiction of characters in paintings and sculptures. This also allows for more emphasis on individual characters and development of their emotions.

In his current young age of 34, Wu Qiong's paintings have been acquired by the Beijing Poly International Auction, the biggest auction house in China.

Artist Wu Qiong standing smartly in front of his painting, 寻找平安 Seeking peace amidst the chaos 2015.

Many local celebrities also come forth to support Wu Qiong's Solo Exhibition - Here and Now (在这里) during the opening!

From Left to Right: Mark Lee, Vivian, Wu Qiong, Addy Lee, Guo Liang, and Jeremy.

Award-winning host, Quan Yi Fong along with her gorgeous daughter, Eleanor, arrived in style!

Ben Yeo also came down, arrived in time for a group photo! A starstruck evening to have met all of them in a single event!
Thank you Jasmine for this image!! =)

Not only does Ms Eleanor has a pretty face, she's got talent in paintings too! One of the paintings presented in this exhibition, <Boundless skies, endless visions>, is a collaboration between both artist Wu Qiong and herself, an artwork painted together.

Ms Eleanor describing her painting in her lovely, gentle voice.

Mark Lee shared about how much he admires Wu Qiong's artworks that he had already owned two of his paintings, currently hanging at home.

A proud mum to her daughter, Quan Yi Fong also shared her view on her daughter's passion towards art.

Lovely daughters of Vivian's and Mark Lee's stood together for photo-taking.

Wu Qiong's distinctive cartoon style is obvious, and it resonates with the aesthetic of a generation absorbed with graphic novels, comics, digital worlds, animation and gaming. In his artworks, the characters have their eyes closed and mouths agape with upturned faces which depicts living in dreams where havoc unfold. Wu Qiong hopes to tap upon this notion through the recurring use of this facial expression, allowing viewers to draw their own associations with the different scenarios presented in his works.

武侠浮云 Divine warrior 2015 - A whimsical and thought-provoking scene.

展翅高飞 Escaping into the infinite 2015 - A celebration of freedom and renewal.

Left: 开放 Open to the elements 2015 - Resolute in solidarity and companionship in a strange and desolate landscape.
Right: 望日出 (Want to See the Sunrise) 2015 - Alone waiting for sunrise.

Right: 永远 Always and forever 2015 - Assurance in a relationship.

梦幻 In the clouds of our dreams 2015 - Peace and bliss.

在这里 (In Here) 2015 painting.

在这里 (In Here) sculpture.

Top: Wind (風) 2015 in print.
Bottom: I will Guard You Silently (守) 2015 in print.

Thank you Ode To Art for having both Jasmine and me to this exclusive opening of Wu Qiong Solo Exhibition - Here and Now (在这里)!

A picture with the Artist Wu Qiong and his pretty girlfriend. Thank you Jan Jee for this image!! =)

For full gallery view, visit Wu Qiong Solo Exhibition - Here and Now (在这里)

Ode To Art Gallery @ Raffles City

November 8 - 14, 2015 (Free Admission, open to public)

252, North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-36E/F, Singapore 197103