Tuesday, 29 December 2015

[Media Invite] Revamped Gallery At Trick Eye Museum Singapore!

Made a visit to Trick Eye Museum Singapore with my friends the other night to check out its revamped gallery with New Themed Zones and Interactive 4-D concept! This is the first revamp conducted by the Korean-based gallery for its Singapore branch located at Resorts World Sentosa.

All works in Trick Eye museum create illusions, allowing visitors to perceive a three-dimensional object or scene. There is a good collection of 2D & 3D art and sculptures, specially designed for photo opportunities. Now, it is bringing even greater visitors' experience with its brand new art exhibits and themed zones, as well as never-before 4D elements!

It was my second time visit and I am still feeling pretty excited over all the exhibits when i arrived! Another night of fun experience trying to be creative with my dear friends! Such wonderful moments were made possible all thanks to the angels from Trick Eye Museum Singapore that bring so much joy and leaving good memories not just to us but also, to all its visitors!! =)

"How do i look when i dance? :) "

There are six new themed zones; ‘Mystery’, ‘Excitement’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Fairytale’, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Trick World’, which aims to awaken the five senses of the human body by evoking six different emotions stimulated by the zones. Also, more than half of the museum is updated with new exhibits!

If you are making a trip there, do look out for new sculptures at the museum which blend well with new illusion paintings to form picture-perfect settings. All new art exhibits are specially designed by Trick Eye Museum’s in-house team of designers from Korea and are painted by experienced Korean artists!

Among all exhibit, this large Skeleton Garden in Ghost Zone is my favourite! All in all, we had a great bonding time together! =)

Trick Eye Museum Singapore in its second year of operation now, and has already received tremendous support and achievements in the past year, having been featured in several travel shows, drama and variety show productions across the region. Trick Eye Museum was barely 6 months old in Singapore when the tourist attraction became one of the top 10 most visited and checked-in local attractions alongside established giants such as Universal Studios Singapore.

An exciting year it has been for Trick Eye Museum, supporters can look forward to its future promotions and activities following Trick Eye Museum Singapore’s renewal towards the end of the year.

For more information,

Website: www.trickeye.com/singapore

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TrickEyeSingapore

Instagram: @TrickEyeMuseumSG

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