Thursday, 12 April 2018

[Media Invite] Compass One Goes Green

In support of Earth Hour which was on the 24th of March, Compass One rolled out a number of green campaigns over the entire month of March. These green campaigns include welcoming shoppers to sign up for recycling and craft workshops, as well as participating in winning exciting vouchers and lucky draws.

Ms Sharon Tan, Centre General Manager of Compass One, hope that the mall's green initiative would bring awareness to the shoppers about recycling. She also highlighted that this was the first time the mall is doing such activities.

Clothes collection drive, "Don't Bin It, Bring It Here" encourages shoppers to donate their pre-loved clothes to a good cause instead of throwing them away into general bin.

This was the amount of clothes donated by shoppers as soon as the campaign started.

Shoppers get to gain more knowledge on recycleable items and can challenge themselves at a game booth - "Recycle Smart, Recycle Right".

Colouring craft workshop - "All The Colours Of This World" encourages little children to unleash their creativity. What an adorable sight!

I had the opportunity to learn some interesting handmade crafts over at the upcycling workshop station where we were taught in a small group to make our own custom-made tote bag, lip balm and bio-degradable soap.

For handmade soap, drops of flavoured essential oils can be added for nice scent.

Old toy figurines can also be added in for that fun look. The soap was completed within minutes after letting it cool and hardened!

I didn't know lip balm can be created so easily through DIY. Great gift idea for friends!

Re-purpose of old lipstick to add colours into hand-made lip balm.

The colours turned out great!!

Giving old tee shirts a new life, turning them into tote bags was a fun and quick session too!

This top was previously too big for me so i stopped wearing for a long time. Really love how it is now as a tote bag!

While at the event, i was also given the chance to try out new dishes from Ichiban Sushi! In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the company RE&S Group launches a series of Mentaiko Madness menus across its various concept starting in March and for the months to come. ( For limited period only.)

Mentaiko is the gently spicy version of tarako (salted cod roe) and is popular in Japan, to be paired easily with rice, noodle or bread dishes to create an appetizing snack or meal.

An interesting taste and its first Mentaiko Ice-cream creation! This is an exclusive creation of mind-blowingly rich and creamy Mentaiko ice-cream! Available at $3.50 with any set meal ordered from the main menu (or $4.50 ala carte). Experience it at both Ichiban Sushi and Tokyo Eater (NEX) in Sweet, Savoury and a Hint of Spiciness all in a Bite!

For more information, you may check out their website at and Facebook page at .

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