Friday, 13 April 2018


EHA Skincare, located at #03-28 Shaw Centre in Orchard, offers a wide range of facial treatments and carefully curated skin care and makeup products from multiple brands, suitable for those with sensitive skin and lightweight enough for the humid Singapore climate. 

The usual sunscreen and sunblock will require us to reapply every two to four hours as its efficacy halves during this period. However, most of us are guilty of not applying the amount of sunscreen as recommended. This led to allowing harmful UV rays be in contact with our skin.

A new introduction product by EHA SKINCARE, KLENSKIN, is an all-in-one shampoo, face and body wash infused with SPF 30, that even once rinsed off, keeps user protected the whole day through (There is no sticky creams required, so long as you avoid prolonged sun exposure). This is the first and only clinically proven, safety-tested, shower-on Sunscreen that helps guard against UVA and UVB radiation and is also water resistant for 80 minutes.

( Fresh Scent and Fragrance Free )

KLENSKIN's Broad Spectrum SPF utilises the revolutionary QuantaSphere Technology that encapsulates all the active ingredients. It is also enhanced with conditioners and antioxidants so as to leave hair and skin soft, clean and smooth. More effectively, the technology also locks in natural moisture and hydrates with their encapsulated oils.

Our skin and hair are negatively charged, KLENSKIN uses micro technology to encapsulates their active ingredients with a positive charge included in the shell, and then incorporates them in an emulsion which is then attracted, like a magnet to metal, to the skin. 

The Benefits of KLENSKIN ;
+ All active ingredients are encapsulated to minimise absorption into the skin
+ Encapsulated oils leaves skin and hair moisturised
+ Positively charged encapsulates and delivery system is attracted to negatively charged skin during washing and stays on after rinsing and pat drying.
+ Micro-emulsion leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with no greasy or sticky residue
+ KLENSKIN is designed by a Board Certified Dermatologist
+ All testing was done by an independent laboratory
+ Paraben Free formulation
+ No animal testing and made in the USA
+ FDA registered

KLENSKIN is available at both EHA Skincare and EHA Clinic as well as their online retail store at .

Thank you Alethea for asking Rachael and myself along for the media invitation!

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