Friday, 11 May 2018

[Food Tasting] Siamese Cat Café

Think about Thai Milk Tea, Green Curry, Tom Yum, Phad Thai, Mango Sticky Rice and Coconut Ice-cream, Siamese Cat Café is one good place to enjoy these all-time favourites Thailand's Cuisine!!

Thanks to my friend, Jessie, for introducing to us about Siamese Cat Café and bringing us over. We had a great dinner together!! 

The outlet at Novena Square is a cosy place with pretty limited space but it does not lack on the variety of choices in their menu. 

I ordered the signature Thai Milk Tea. We can choose the sugar level for the Milk Tea and i went with 50%. It was good! Rich, sweet and icy enough for a warm day in Singapore. 

Their drinks menu also include insta-worthy dreamy coloured drinks such as Butterfly Pea in Purple, Yuzu (soda) in White and Yellow, Gallery Love in Red, Blue Kawaii in Blue, and Galaxy Dream in mixed colours.

Of course, they also have other Thai style Milk Tea, Coffee, and Coco drinks for customers to choose from! And all comes with selection of preferred sizes.

Jessie picked Yuzu (soda) for a cool relieve and Shu Qing picked Avocodo Coco for a more refreshing and rich flavour!

I love how their menu are designed on just one single page so customer can have the idea of what they want to have at a quick glance! 

Butterfly Pea Glass noodle caught our eyes as we have never seen any food in the colour of a Unicorn Purple! The serving comes with seafood and cut tomatoes with abit of chili for that hint of spiciness. Taste good on its own or as an appetiser! The glass noodles was well cooked and sauce was well-balanced. 

Next, we had the Northern Tom Yum Noodle and it was wonderful. The base was especially delicious and is not too spicy but just nice to consume (as i can't take too spicy food). The serving also includes seafood. 

For those who feel that their spiciness is too hot, Mango Salad will be a good add-on for a refreshing taste on your palate. I wish they can put in more peanuts though. 

Another great dish will be this Phad Thai with Prawns. I think this is really a serving value-for-money in their café because of its generous portion. The taste is delicious, the noodles texture is soft and smooth, and its not too dry nor having soak in too much sauce or oil. 

We moved on to trying out their sweet desserts. i think the price range was pretty reasonable for a café and that the serving wasn't small. 

Cookie came to join us for desserts and she picked this Butter Toast with Condensed Milk Milo which was really nice (Milo can't go wrong anyways). Loving the texture of the warm toast!

Coco Yolk, yes this is Coconut Ice-cream with frozen slices of egg yolk. Interesting and yummy!  

Lastly, we shared a serving of their Charcoal Mango Sticky Rice together! Nicely served on a kitty wooden plate with a generous scoop of Coconut Ice-cream. What is unique here is the Charcoal infused Sticky Rice for that smoky and exotic appearance.

For all the summer floats lover out there,  Siamese Cat Café is having fancy promotion this month where customers can redeem a cup holder (float) at S$4 each when they purchase a value meal set! 

For your information, they have currently two outlets in Singapore. Both serving slightly different menus. The one at Suntec are more towards the Thai and Chinese food fusion while the one at Novena Square are Thai cuisines that many people are familiar to. 

Siamese Cat Café :
+ Suntec City #B1-173/174, 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 039593
+ Novena Square #01-68/69, 238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683