Saturday, 24 August 2013

[Media Tasting] DOMINOS PIZZA For Everyone!

Hey readers! Dominos Pizza is currently offering a 50% off pizzas deal for all my readers and friends simply by using my unique coupon code " BLG92 " . This promo started on 27th June 2013 and its coming to an end very soon ( Promo code will end on 27th August 2013 ). I must say i really do enjoy eating their pizzas, their onion rings, their drumlets and wings, their chicken crunchies and their lava cake! Really thankful for letting me know about Dominos Pizza and have the chance to try most of their pizzas at a great 50% off !

Just ordered 2 large pizzas and a side from the recently for the fam and myself,
orders came as promised.. in 30 mins.
had one Meatzza on classic hand toss & one Classified Chicken on crunchy thin crust..
feels that Classified Chicken doesn't go well with thin crust,
but their classic hand toss, on the other hand, is Yummy!! =)

( Read my first post on Dominos Pizza here: )

I hope you guys will continue to support me till the promo ends,
and if you have yet to try out their pizzas, this is a great chance to have a taste of it!
( who knows you might love it?! ^^ )