Saturday, 3 August 2013

[Product Review] Sparkling Wine - by JAILLANCE

Was recently introduced to award-winning Jaillance sparkling wine so here i am, sharing it here ~!

Sold in over 14 different countries with roughly 120,000 walk-in customers per year, Jaillance is France's leading brand of Sparkling wines - Appellation d'Origine Protégée sparkling wines, originates from the Drôme Valley, nestled between Vercors and Provence, and represents the Cave de Die, a cooperative founded in 1950 under the leadership of Henri Bonnet.

 Jaillance 's range of sparkling wines includes (from left to right in above image);  
  (1) Merlot
  (2) Semillon
  (3) Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay
  (4) Chardonnay
  (5) Muscat, Clairette

Late last year, Jaillance launched part of their range here in Singapore, the Sémillon and the Muscat, Clairette retailing at $29.90 and $26.90 respectively at Bottles & Bottles, Cold Storage, Giant, Jasons and MarketPlace.

 Award-winning, elegant-looking bottles with 750ml in size

  The Muscat, Clairette

Fruity flavour with notes of Muscat grapes and Citrus fruit, with 7% alcohol by volume.. The Muscat, Clairette is fruity, full and elegant, sophisticated with hints of white flowers, rose and lychee. It is well-balanced and rounded on the attack with a good mousse. It was said to be an excellent dishes for pairing with barbecues prawn and mango skewers with lemon and sambal, grilled chicken skewers with caramel-based gravy, grilled beef rib with teriyaki sauce, grilled pork spare ribs with honey and soy sauce or pork chops with oyster sauce! Alternatively, as an appetizer, pairing with frozen desserts, fresh fruit flans and cakes!

Muscat, Clairette consists of a harmonious blends of 90% Muscat and 10% Clairette.

Tasted it with my mum and dad, and we like the citrus aroma that blends well with oyster sauce in one of mum's home-cooked dish. Personally prefers this than the Sémillon, maybe because the alcohol level is lower, and its distinctive fruity-rosy aroma is higher.. i guess most ladies will like it too!

The Sémillon

While the Sémillon, on the other hand, 12.5% alcohol by volume, elegantly offers notes of brioche with an aroma of gooseberry, pomelo and hawthorn. This won them the bronze medal at the 2012 Challenge to the Best French Wines and Spirits for Asia for its clarity, intensity, harmony and aftertaste when paired with Asian cuisine. Similar to the Muscat, Clairette, it is well-balanced and rounded on the attack with a good mousse. It was said to be an excellent dishes for pairing with barbecues favourites such as grilled salmon with tomato and sambal, chicken skewers with lemongrass and yoghurt, beef skewers with ginger and soy sauce or tuna skewers with coriander and ginger. Alternatively, as an appetizer, pairing with an aumoniere of prawns in saffron which is very popular in France. 

Sémillon consists of 100% pure Semillion which is most commonly found in high-end white Bordeaux still wines.

Had an enjoyable time at boyf's place for his mum's bdae celebration, and Jallance's Sémillon was served. Jallance's Sémillon sweeten our palate after a heavy steamboat gathering! One of them suggest pairing it with lychee, and it turns out great!

You may find Jaillance's sparkling wines rather acidic as well so a great way to savour them is to pair them with food that are rich in flavours!

With our all-time humid and warm weather, sipping on a glass of sparkling wine during/ after dining gives a cool and refreshing feel. The brut Sémillon and the sweety fruity Muscat, Clairette are both delectable options to bring down tropical temperatures. It would be great to have them at a poolside or a beachfront grill!

Ms Marine Lombardo, Marketing Manager for Jaillance, shares that "The effervescence, acidity and flavour profile of sparkling wines make them ideal matches for a range of cuisines. A cold glass of Jaillance is exceptionally pleasing with the caramelised, charred and smoky flavours at a barbecue."

For more information, check out Jaillance's webpage 

Would love to try their premium range, especially the limited edition - Clairette de Die Cuvée Icône.