Sunday, 11 August 2013

[Product Review] Ground Coffee x São Tomé Luxury Chocolate by CAFEDIRECT

Like many, i am a coffee lover be it having it served sweet, bitter, hot or cold! Not just because i need them to keep me focus at work.. I just love that interesting, satisfying taste it gives when sipping on a nice cup of coffee and even before it was watered and mixed, i will tend to sniff the aroma of coffee ground! As much as i like coffee, i don't restrict to just one brand.

I like how Cafédirect and its workers believes in working towards environmentally sustainable production, just take a look at the material they choose in packaging. Here's a chart i copied from their web, showing a summary of Cafédirect's sustainable packaging;

I hereby introduce to you the award-winning and most recommended UK hot beverage company,
CAFEDIRECT and their latest creations to suits our local taste-buds:

Ground Full Roast Coffee  &  
 São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate

The Ground Full Roast Coffee is one of their latest blended roast and ground coffee range. Being a strength 4 blend (On a scale of 1 to 5), it has been carefully roasted to create a full-bodied, rounded coffee with velvety caramel overtones, bursting with character.

The smooth Arabica beans (90%) from Latin America and Central America, grounded by the energetic Robusta from Africa (10%) are carefully blended for a full-bodied coffee that’s also silky on the palate. And, as with all of Cafédirect’s products, it is made the small way by expert smallholder growers whose pride and passion deliver the finest taste!

Cafédirect’s Ground Full Roast Coffee is retailing at $8.70 for a 227g pack and is available at Cold storage, FairPrice Finest, Giant, Jasons and Market Place.

I can already smell the aroma of the fine ground coffee just by sniffing near the packaging without opening it! Coffee drinkers who crave a coffee flavour between something fuller than medium roast yet lighter than rich roast will be delighted with this new addition to the Cafédirect range of blends!

 To have a smooth blend, a coffee plunger or a filter is required else your cup of coffee will look like this (still drinkable though);

3-in-1 São Tomé Instant Hot Chocolate – directly from Chocolate Island…

On the other hand, São Tomé, also known as Chocolate Island, is steeped in cocoa farming history and has an unparalleled reputation for growing some of the most prized cocoa beans on earth – the criollo bean. This is due to the islands location on the equator, rich soils, the perfect balance of temperature along with the perfect humidity and forest shade. São Tomé gives a rich yet smooth taste, with only four ingredients and no added nasties you’re guaranteed a truly natural flavour in every cup!  
This fine chocolate powder smell really tasty! It contains no artificial additives, flavouring or colouring, offering 100% natural alternative to instant beverages. And don't worry about having too much of it because each serving contains only 62 kcal! With its fine grade cocoa powder, combined with sugar, skimmed milk and whey powder to give a delicate, velvety beverage with an intense chocolatey aroma.
Cafédirect’s São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate is retailing at $8.85 for a 300g tin and is available at Cold storage, FairPrice Finest, Jasons and Market Place.

Hot Chocolate, as it was named, can also be served chilled! I think its great to have a cup of iced chocolate in the morning before heading out to work, giving a refreshing feel. Just add in cold water and some ice to a 2-3 tablespoons of Cafédirect’s São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder and stir well! 

Other wonderful drinks that can be made are Cold Tiramisu Drink; chocolate milkshake; Coco Loco with ice-cream; and many more! This are great for friends or family gathering at home, with the right ingredients added and a blender, we too, can enjoy a luxury cup of chilled chocolate or mocha (mixing with ground roast coffee) from our most comfortable living space - Home!

For more information, check out Cafédirect’s webpage;