Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shifting workplace

Haven't been blogging for quite some time ever since my workplace have shifted. And yes, nhg-hq office which previously located in GMTI building at One Commonwealth, is now at Fusionopolis Link at Nexus@one-north.. where a developing business hub arises. Have been feeling really restless these days after the move, and even though my new work desk is pretty good with a nice view.. i am still trying to adjust to the new environment.. especially, the traveling part to work and back home..

Old work station;

New workplace;
New ladies room;

New work station;
Love the lime green partitions.

Homemade breakfast from boss;

A lot of installation around the office is still on-going..
and the data network in the office since day 1 was barely available. =(
Imagine surviving a day at work with ZERO data connectivity on your mobile phone.. it's killing us!


I have also just submitted my course selection for the first sem in Uni-Sim.
Apparently, not much selection available and many of them were fully taken. So for those planning to take up courses from Uni-Sim.. remember to do the course registration as early as you can to secure your preferred choices. Now, I kinda regretted spending too much time on thinking rather than selecting my preferred courses earlier..

 So, here's what i decided on..
 Good Luck.