Monday, 23 December 2013

Travelogue. Ipoh, Malaysia. Girlfriend’s Wedding.

Weeks gone too fast, i haven't really have the time after the trip for a proper blog update.. Nevertheless, a great Ipoh trip it was, very eventful and the people are nice and fun to be with!

Sri Maju Express Coach Bus- High Decker 21 seaters with personal TV screen & individual entertainment system.
This is so much better than Grassland Express Bus Service!

Feeling fortunate to have them (i-Ling & XiaoYu) throughout the trip!
Prettiest Bride!! Like a PRINCESS!~
Congrats babe and wishing you and your hubby forever so loving, happiness always!

The next day.. they brought us around to taste their local great foodies!
YA CAI JI ...~

Thanks for reading up! =P