Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Off to Ipoh, Malaysia

This December, i went for my first experience on gelish nail polish, in sparkling pink and silver. Watching how fast drying it turn out really got me amazed! =) And it wasn't as costly as i first thought.. let's just say if its really will last for 3 weeks.. then, it's about $2+ a day.
Today's workload was manageable, i even have time to snack around or go for toilet breaks. Anyway, just done with ironing the creamy chiffon dress and white top and i'm still in the midst of packing my make-up essentials. Here, choosing the right make-up tools is very crucial. Like, there's a lot of things i wanna bring along but yet i wanna go light... Only 3 work days for me this week as i will be joining my dear friend, Tina and her family and friends tomorrow night to attend her wedding ceremony held at Ipoh, Malaysia~ =)

Here's some pictures taken during the sisters' photo-shoot;
Say Cheese~
Loving this jump shot!

If only all of the sisters can travel over together, that will be hell loads of fun! But now, my only traveling partner is i-ling.. We barely know each other but she's already treating me like a sister.. reminding me what we need to pack or bring and planning the meeting time and venue. =)

Just realized i-ling (The girl standing beside me) and me had one photo with the bride.
We paired up together during our sisters' outdoor photo-shoot!
Love Tina's expression in this photo too!~

Alright, I'll have to go back to continue my packing..
and I'm starting to feel excited about seeing the bride,
May we have a safe trip there and back.

Be well.