Sunday, 24 August 2014

[Food Tasting] FATTY CHOO INTERNATIONAL STEAMBOAT [Update: Please be informed that their operation have ceased!]

Feeling all happy after receiving a text from Jessie, asking me to join her for an afternoon brunch with her good pals. The main intention was also to try out the newly opened Steamboat buffet at West Coast Plaza - Fatty Choo International Steamboat Buffet as introduced by Jas and her partner. It was a total satisfying experience for us and i am more than happy to share it here with you! =)

Weekend Lunch Steamboat Buffet started from 11:30am and ends at 3pm. All of us agreed to meet up at Clementi bus interchange at 11:15am, and took a bus down to West Coast Plaza.

Opened on 2nd June 2014 by one of Singapore's very own celebrity chef, Chef Choo, who was formerly the Executive Chef of Rendezvous Hotel Singapore. Chef Choo, who is best known for his vast experience and exceptional cooking skills, brings over his expertise in creating a sumptuous spread of local dishes. No doubt on the serveral news and magazine articles spotted on the front of the restaurant.

About Chef Choo and his passion in Culinary,
 Features on i-Weekly Magazines,

We had the opportunity to take a group photo with Celebrity Chef Choo,
thank you Chef Choo for being so friendly!

Its not even 12noon yet there were already groups of families there, starting to fill up their stomach!

There were four different types of soup broths in the menu and each table can get to choose two types! We tried all four and i personally like both the Tom Yum and the Japanese Bonito as their flavours are richer. While the Bak Kut Teh soup broth have to be boiled longer in order to have the ingredients infused with the taste. Nevertheless, having Bak Kut Teh is a rare sight in a steamboat restaurant. I guess, Chef Choo wanted to incorporate Singapore's flavour into their soup broth option too! This is something really interesting!
Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito Flakes) will be served if customer ordered the Japanese Bonito soup broth.
Sprinkle a little portion of it at a time to add greater taste to the broth!

While waiting for the four different broth to be ready, i walk around to check out their ingredients.
Ingredients are placed neatly and categorised into vegetables, meatballs, meat, noodles and raw items. When it comes to buffet, I actually like the trays to be small which make the number of trips to refill them higher.. in this case, food will always be served clean and fresh! =)

They offers a wide variety of in-house, freshly handmade meatballs, cheeseballs, sotong/ prawn balls, and fishballs!

There are different types of noodles available - Maggie, Yee Mee and handmade noodles!
And they also provide Salads! I love their Potato Salad!

This restaurant really knows how to satisfy people's palate with their specialities that include one of the yummiest food on earth - Salmon Sashimi on ice, Tiger Prawns on ice and Snow Crab (Served during dinner only);

They also have stations for Rojak and Laksa;


They also serve delicious cooked food too!
At the time of our visit, there were Tempura, Pork Belly, BBQ Fish with Sambal Chili and Bao;
I was surprise when i tasted their Char Siew Bao and got to know that their Bao are specially handmade by them as well!
The outer skin were thin and fluffy while the fillings tasted just right!

Now, let's put all things together and feast in..

Over at one corner, placed a range of different sauces and some of the unique ones can be found here..
such as..

and this - Sesame and Peanut Dip! I tried and am really like its texture and sweet taste, really yummy and appetising!

Moving on to desserts..

Their signature dessert and one of the highly-raved dessert are in these glass cups, Durian Pengat on ice!
Made with highest quality Durian, people who love Durian will definitely go for more than a cup of these sweetened Durian pulp!

Freshly prepared fruits;

Ice-cream section;
Very unique sweet flavours they have, such as the Tutti Fruitty in Rainbow colour, the Lemon Sherbet, the Tropicana, and Green Tea.

I took a bit of every flavour to try! ^ ^
Group photo with the girls, thank you for inviting me over with you all! 
They were all so lovely and nice to dine with! =)
Another Group photo! Thank you Fatty Choo for all these happy food!

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They are also currently having a half-year opening promotion on their buffet price which will last till December 2014. Check out this link:

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