Sunday, 31 August 2014

[Food Tasting] Saboten, the World's largest tonkatsu chain

With so many Japanese eateries booming, sometimes choosing what to eat becomes quite a headache. Here's one great option you can include in your list; SABOTEN!

Some of you may have already heard its name, for it is voted by HungryGoWhere as Singapore's best tonkatsu restaurant and is known to be the world's largest tonkatsu chain with more than 50 outlets worldwide! Establised in 1966, Saboten emphasises on simple yet elegant food preparations that highlight the unique flavour profiles of their ingredients. Thanks to the team made up of finest chefs and experienced staff, guests get to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisines prepared and served to the highest standards.

An outlet was freshly opened at 313@Somerset level B2 (Relocation from its Parco outlet), with exclusive offerings to its menu and a whole new different concept. An inviting vibe it exudes, the new Saboten outlet has a peaceful feeling permeates the restaurant. A recurring motif you will find is the top view of a cactus, which lends symbolism and inspires the restaurant's name. "Saboten" means "cactus" and the Japanese admire the plant's ability to survive for long period without water. It embodies endurance and its thorns and flowers are the symbol of growth and vitaltity.

To celebrate its opening of this new outlet, Saboten from 313@Somerset outlet added Iberico Loin Katsu, Fried Jumbo Prawn and a few grilled items into their menu, exclusively only at this outlet!

The Iberico Loin Katsu Set (S$28) is Saboten's first and only exclusive creation! Native to the Iberian Peninsula, acorn-fed black Iberian pigs have an ability to store fat insde - not just around - their muscle tissues and thus their meat is wonderfully marbled. The meat is delightfully unctuous and tender in every bite!

A plus point is that the pork contains unsaturated fats, which help to reduce the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol level. So put your worries behind and enjoy this dish of goodness!

The full set;

Next, the Fried Jumbo Prawn Set (S$26), featuring a mammoth, ocean-fresh prawn sprawled on a plate.
This king of Shrimp is enveloped in a crispy exterior that is crunchy to the last bite with superior soft meat inside!

The full set,

All set menus come complete with side dishes: free refills of the light and fluffy Japanese imported rice, miso soup and Saboten's most raved about shredded cabbage. On top of these, diners also get to enjoy a serving of silky smooth chawanmushi, pickles and refreshing Yuzu sorbet respectively. Awesome isn't it?! I think its all worth the price with all the yummy goodness in a set! Their rice especially, is one of the best rice i've ever tasted!

Other than doling out a gamut of special Japanese Katsu, Saboten has also introduced two grilled items for locals to enjoy. The Grilled Chicken Set (S$18) and Grilled Salmon Set (S$21) are hearty offerings and the ingredients are enlivened by a hint of woodsy smoke!

Saboten provides only high-grade ingredients. Every side dish is created to match the quality of their lauded tonkatsu. The insistence to use only premium ingredients translates to the creation of a memorable set meal each and every time;

Rice: Specially imported from Japan, their fluffy rice boasts an enticing aroma and al dente texture.

Pork: Only grain- and baley-fed pigs are used. Hence, explains the reason for their juicy and tender cutlets.

Tonkatsu Sauce: A Saboten's pride and joy. Their sauce is developed by Saboten's very own R&D team with over 10 different types of spices, fruits and vegetables - all simmered to extract the flavours.

Sesame: We grind premium sesame seeds slightly to release their fragrance and in turn they help to brighten the flavour of our sauce.

Breadcrumbs: Saboten's freshly-made breadcrumbs which gives their tonkatsu the crispy yet not cloying oily.

Cabbage: Served Chilled. The crunchiness attests to its fresh quality.

Goma Dressing: Following their very own perfected recipe, they created a dressing that is creamy and velvety, yet still carries the natural aroma of the sesame.

Diners can mix their own sauce in a unique way,

Overall, had an awesome dining experience at Saboten!!
Would definitely love to go back there to dine again!
Had Matcha Ice-cream to end the night..
you can tell from the picture its all chilled with icing bits all over, Not the rich kind but still loving it!

Asked Fif to join me that night, so here's a picture of us!
To Fif: Thank you for making your trip down to join me even with your cramps and all..

Address: Saboten 313@Somerset; 313 Orchard Road #B2-02/03 (S) 238895
Opening hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm
Contact number: 6333 3432