Wednesday, 20 August 2014

[Media Invite] Unwrap The Fun with McDonald's McWrap

Photo taken from McDonald's Singapore Website

Have you recently chance upon McDonald's and notice some refreshingly new items added into their menu?

Earlier this month.. Along with a few others, i had the privilege of unwrapping the fun with a taste of McDonald's new Grilled Chicken McWrap before it is release to the public! This is one of the new item available in McDonald's Menu, permanently starting from 14th August 2014!!

In line with the theme, the tables were nicely decorated with, table mat, cute utensils, whole vegetables, pretty flowers and balloons;

Having Elaine with me that evening, always a good companion.. =)

At the start of the session, Sam gave an introduction of what's new in the menu..
it was all surprises for us because we have no idea of what will it be until that night when she finally mentioned. 

During the session, we had the opportunity to witness the making of the new McWrap!

Adding the ingredients together before wrapping them up in a wonderful wholegrain Tortilla,

and there we have, the Grilled Chicken McWrap,

The all new Mcwrap comes in two different choices served in a convenient hand-held packaging:
Grilled Chicken McWrap and Spicy Chicken McWrap! 

Grilled Chicken McWrap features a tender juicy grilled skinless chicken patty, crisp green lettuce leaves, tomatoes, purple cabbage, crunchy carrots, all drizzled with chargrill sauce and wrapped in a warm wholegrain tortilla.

whereas the Spicy Chicken McWrap features a crispy spicy chicken patty, crisp green lettuce leaves, tomatoes, purple cabbage, crunchy carrots, all drizzled with creamy mayonnaise and wrapped in a warm wholegrain tortilla.

Also comes together under the newly created Delightful menu is the Grilled Chicken Salad. All three are priced from S$5.40!

All the goodness in a wrap!
The portion is quite big, some of us couldn't finish it even though we started out feeling very hungry..
Unwrap it in 3 simple steps,
I personally love the taste and texture of the warm tortilla wrap, because is not thick and is easy to munch on.  =)

Count the calories!
Check out the chart below, nothing in the list of Delight 500 is above 500 kcal!

Alternatively, you can have corn cup instead of the usual fries to make it a meal for a lower calories intake.
That's what my boy did whenever we had McDonald's meal =)

A night at a beautiful park with lovely people, enjoy McWrap together! "I'm Lovin' It!"

In case you wonder which outlet we had our McWrap that tonight, it was held at Ang Mo Kio, Bishan Park, a very lovely place. Never been there before but i definitely find time to go back there again, i was totally mesmerized by its beautiful architecture! (

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