Saturday, 25 October 2014

[Food Tasting] Eggs & Berries - Coloured Burgers

Eggs & Berries is one place which i feel happy visiting! Not only do they serve hearty American classics in generous portions, the restaurant uses all natural and fresh ingredients! All dishes are also handmade by a line-up of dedicated chefs. Everything in eggs & berries welcome diners with happy colours, even in the food they serve (will go into details later)! Just look at the whole layout of the newly launched Jurong Point outlet, from their signage to their chairs and their huge menus!

True to the restaurant's moniker, eggs round off the dishes. Diners can have their eggs done in one of four methods: over easy, poached, scrambled or sunny side up!


I love their menu display, everything in one page.. so clear and easy for diners to choose and compare!

I was told their smoothies and ice tea are absolutely nice, so i ordered the Green Mountain Bee (S$6.50). I think $6.50 is awesomely valuable for a huge glass of smoothie like this. Not only the serving size is satisfying, the taste is great too! Lightly sweet and super smooth. This has got to be the best Avocado Smoothie i've ever tasted! Really!

On World Egg Day (10th October), Eggs & Berries introduce The Heavenly Four Juiciest Handmade Burgers - Singapore's first and only build-your-own coloured burger joint (Only available at Jurong Point outlet at the moment)! We have seen black burgers elsewhere but never seen coloured burgers like yellow, green and pink on serving plates! Each of these four unique colours contain all natural flavours bursting with goodness and each with their own health benefits! Friends can now enjoy burgers in a healthier choice. A brillant creation, isnt it?!

Yellow buns - Turmeric Curry burgers helps boost good skin! This has the strongest taste among the rest.

Pink buns - Smoked Paprika & Beetroot burgers helps manage blood pressure!

Black buns - Charcoal Squid Ink burgers aids in detoxification!

Green buns - Spinach Pesto burgers helps nourish our eyes and bones!

These buns will form the roof and base of the burgers. Pair them with one of four handmade gourmet patties and build the juiciest burger there ever exists. All burgers will be served with a side of potato wedges and mixed greens (with sesame dressing).

E&B Beef & Egg burger (S$13.90): Crunchy and caramelised onions rest atop an enticing slab of 14-day dry aged beef. Accompanying it are fresh tomatoes and pickles!

Pork & Sage with Paprika (S$12.90): This offering impresses with a spicy sage and smoked paprika-infused pork patty. The peppery paprika marries with the spiciness of the sage to bring an explosion of flavours.

Provence Herbs Lamb (S$13.90): Their aromatic herb-marinated lamb patty is enlivened by unctuous strips of crispy bacon.

Cajun Spiced Chicken (S$12.90): Their thick chicken patty is punctuated by spicy Cajun seasoning. The sharp taste of the creamy cheddar cheese adds an extra oomph.

With all that mentioned, the Heavenly Four are mammoth towers of goodness! Whichever pairing it will be, the dish turns out well and satisfying for me. A group of us had all four different burgers with four different types of patties, and all of these were swept clean very quickly because the burgers are just too good! Their buns are soft and their thick patties tasted fresh and appetizing along with perfectly cooked eggs and greens! =D

We also had their Truffle & Mushroom Fries (S$9.90) - Seasoned with sea salt, homemade mushroom powder, parmesan cheese and Truffle oil. Super tasty we cleared the entire cone!

This plate below is Eggs & Berries' Aglio Olio King River Prawn (S$19.90) - with wild mushrooms, onions, bacons and melted cheese, topped with poached eggs. Delicious in generous portion but way too spicy for me.

One of Eggs & Berries' signatures, Eggs Benedict Doppio (S$16.90) - comes with 2 poached eggs, english muffins, bacons, honey ham and hash brown! Their poached eggs are well done with runny yolks. Great for brunch!

Pancake and waffle lovers, diners can find different menus featuring in-house soft and moist small pancakes that are served with three types of sauces: Maple Syrup, Chocolate Sauce and Strawberry or Raspberry sauce. The mouth-watering waffles are crispy on the outside and they are served with a scoop of ice-cream (also taste equally good with butter and maple syrup!)

Mango Tango (S$10.90) - Mango, with macadamia nuts and chocolate chips with rainbow sprinkles topped with whipped cream. This is my first time seeing a tower pancakes, very adorable but a little too much cream for me.

With sauce poured onto it!

Over The Rainbow (S$10.50) - Waffles with mixtures of cut fruits, nuts and berries!
Berry refreshing, good to share among a small group!

Mini cakes are also available at the store too! Their Espresso Tiramisu looks very nice to me!

Thank you Eggs & Berries for all the lovely, good food!!

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point 1, #01-32 Singapore 648886.

Contact info: 6790 9195