Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day trip to Johor Bahru

Made a day trip to Johor Bahru on one of the Saturday, with my best girlfriend and her bro. I always envy them for making frequent trips in and out of JB by their own transport, enjoying good food at low prices, movie marathon as well as shopping. So one day, she asked "Let's took a bus ride in to JB together!" as she had never experience going in by public bus.

Woke up as early as 5:45am, and by the time we reached Yishun.. its already almost 8 in the morning. Meet up with her bro's gf and off to bus to JB!

Rushing at check-points so as to catch the bus was actually crazy but fun! "There's no queue, so we had to prepare to rush up the bus before its full and gone!"

Surprisingly, the journey back home was a smooth one! Thanks to the separate bus lane! No stop, no jam. Everyone sat comfortably in the bus!=)

Wheatgrass drink!

Local bus from KSL mall to City Square mall.. It was late afternoon by then. 
Fell asleep during the journey back, leaning on her shoulder i dint even notice. LOL!

As for shopping goods.. not much things to shop for but still managed to bring back some stuffs. Plenty of facial masks from SASA, 5 pieces of tops + shorts + dresses, a sling bag and some other necessities from Watsons. Contact lenses from Optical shops were found to be very cheap too!

Found this article from Straits Times with a list of cafes to go to, in JB (totally awesome for cafe hopping lovers);