Sunday, 12 October 2014

[Food Tasting] Socks & Pans

Thanks to my brother, i got to know about this local new pizzeria place located in the downtown core of Singapore - Raffles Place. Opened by the friendly both, Marcus Seow and Teng Hui Bing.. they went an adventurous journey in creating pizzas infused with local flavours and pairing them with traditional local Kopi. Hence their cafe name, Socks & Pans!

Socks & Pans serves freshly ground full-bodied local coffee brewed in filter socks, the traditional method commonly seen in coffeeshops, or rather Kopitiams.

The price range were pretty decent, from $2-$3+ a cup and even better with their "2-6pm Kopi Break for 2" promo! I have not try their breakfast set, but i am attracted to their "Butter Sugar Cinnamon Toast" set for ONLY $2.80 which comes with a choice of Coffee or Tea!

"Must try - Homemade Tiramisu; Chicken Wings; fragrant homemade Kaya Toasties; and Butter Sugar Cinnamon Toasts!"

Refreshing Ice Mocha & Ice Milk Tea, but would personally prefer the Ice Mocha to be richer.

Moving over to the food Menu.. Specialises in Pizzas, their items in the Menu range from Sandwiches to Pizzas and Pastas.

Socks & Pans offers freshly handmade thin-crust Pizzas (in-house dough sauces) with mostly Asian-inspired Pizza toppings and using 100% Olive Oil! It's really One-of-a-kind recipes! Examples are the Tom Yum Fish, Asian-Pulled Pork and Hebi Hiam (spicy dried ground Shrimp) with Tofu. Prices starting from $7.80 per slice of pizza and $32 for whole pizzas suitable for three or more people.

Yummy freshly made thin-crust they serve, every Pizza bite is crispy, just like munching on a biscuit. A rich amount of Italian Cheese spread nicely, and carefully picked ingredients that totally compliment one another.

Asian-Pulled Pork (also featured in local magazine 8 Days earlier),


A sweeter touch to the palette would definitely be this Bacon Onion! 
Our personal favourite pizza among the 3 we tried because its really tasty,

My brother also ordered the popular Italian dish, Spaghetti blolognese (S$8.90), pretty well cook with apropriate amount of ingredients,

Overview of Socks & Pans,

The next day, i heated the slices which i brought home and they still taste as good as the night before! The owner says, as they were made fresh and not processed dough, pizzas from Socks & Pans can be reheated over and over again up to 5 times! So happy i can share it with my loved ones at home the very next day!

(Thank you to both Mr. Marcus and Mr.Hui Bing for inviting me over! =) )

Address: Golden Shoe Car Park, 50 Market Street, 01-23
Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm (weekdays), 9am to 5pm (Saturdays), closed on Sundays
Contacts: 6536-3310 or e-mail (Free delivery within the CBD for orders of $30 and above)